Sanders' revolution must continue

America has felt the Bern. At the strong and courageous leadership of Senator Bernie Sanders, a political revolution has hit the United States of America. The result: the most progressive platform in American history that will lead America forward. In November, the Democratic Party has a strong chance to take control of the U.S. Senate. In that Democratic Senate, Sen. Sanders and Sen. Warren will be at the forefront of turning our platform into bills; these bills will go to the Oval Office where President Trump will veto each and every one upon arrival.

Our 35th president would often say that "we should never get in anything so deep that you have lost all chance of conciliation." While we should never compromise on our core values, we cannot take a chance on a Trump regime by voting against our Democratic nominee. Under a Trump regime, this political revolution would have been for naught.

The spirit of this revolution lives on in each and every one of us—from the community organizer to the first-time candidate to the senator from Vermont. Our progress will continue if we harness that American spirit to come together for the common good and open our hearts to reconciliation.

Kyle Brooks


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