Time for Americans to get political

Our ship of state is off course; our country has never been so maligned as it has been by President Obama and Hillary Clinton's despicable handling of foreign affairs.

Recently, a U.N. contingency and hospitals were bombed in the Middle East chaos—just the tip of the iceberg. Because of their policies, we have a refugee disaster worse than that of World War II. Instead of a powerfully controlled "safe zone" in Syria, we have countries deluged with families driven from their homes; additionally, we can never "vet" enough refugees to provide safe transitions for these homeless people.

The President spoke to the United Nations and never stated to the world the gravity of North Korea's egregious threats of nuclear dalliances, chess games, perfidy and outrageous behavior. He had the perfect arena and audience, yet he neglected to call out Korea's leader for shooting missiles, which have come within 260 miles of Japan. In all of our history, we have never seen such a feckless president and such a cowardly Congress.

Americans, get involved! Speak out! Isn't it time for concerned citizens to take back our country? Get political!

Lynne A. Gregg

James City County

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