Middle school funding vote misguided

The Virginia Gazette

This is outrageous that the vote on the financing of the James Blair Project has been moved to April 12, before the joint meeting that was to take place April 22, between the School Board, the Board of Supervisors and City Council. The voting on the funding was to occur in May. ( Will that useless meeting of April 22 still be taking place?)

Clearly this project is being pushed through, and I as a tax paying citizen of James City County, am beyond outraged at this obvious underhanded tactic.

I am opposed, as are many others, to the re-purposing of James Blair Middle School, as it makes no sense, on any level. The only person I see this ridiculous, supposedly innovative, experimental, open walled expensive monstrosity benefiting is Superintendent Constantino. We need a fourth middle school in the near future, but not this one.

Yes I am rightly justified in my outrage. Also, what a shame the very people whose input should be of the utmost importance, regarding this new school, The educators themselves, have been, and are, afraid to voice an opinion, as are the parents. There has been no vetting. Very chilling effect around this school administration, for sure.

Barbara Henry

James City County

Editor's note: the April 22 meeting is an annual meeting held among the county, city and school district to discuss the budget as well as other topics.

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