Some sensible solutions to gun violence

This letter is in reply to the recent letter from Bill Church regarding his interpretation of the Second Amendment.

Mr. Church's declaration that most NRA members are not in favor of background checks is false. More than 80 percent of Americans want automatic background checks on all gun purchases, and that includes a majority of NRA members. He mentions the terrible killing by guns in some of our cities. Many of those "illegal" guns come straight from Virginia. Our Republican General Assembly, which is in the pocket of the NRA, has never let a bill to close the gun show loophole get out of committee for a vote. Senator Tommy Norment promised a group of us years ago that he would support the bill, but never did. We do not want to banish all guns, do away with the second amendment, or stop anyone who is qualified to own a gun, so please stop accusing us of that.

Mr. Church said the "left" is supporting Hillary Clinton because she will do away with the Second Amendment. He seems to not know that she could not do that as President.

The NRA is not the organization that taught my son 40 years ago how to fire a rifle and handle a weapon. It has been corrupted, and now stands only for obstruction to a sensible solution that might help save some lives.

Ann L. Hunt

James City County

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