Clinton not fit for presidency

How many times does Hillary Clinton have to lie before democrats acknowledge she's totally unacceptable to lead our country? If the FBI and Justice Department used the same criteria they did for others, who exhibited far less criminal behavior, Clinton should have been indicted and convicted.

Trust is an essential leadership characteristic and she has none.

Her Benghazi lies cost the lives of four courageous Americans. Her lies to their families was repugnant.

Her lies about turning over all her e-mails from a private server have been debunked. Her obfuscation about courting foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation smells of 'pay to play' and it's not over yet.

Name one thing she achieved as Secretary of State. Her lack of trust would further damage our foreign relations and her support of trade agreements damage our economy.

Regrettably, she represents a third term of Obama and goes even further left.

Yes, Trump is no prize. His bombast, lack of decorum, careless responses to serious challenges, projects concern.

However, his contempt for the Washington 'establishment', its lack of leadership and any meaningful accomplishments makes him the better of two highly questionable candidates.

Brexit taught us their citizens opposed unelected bureaucrats in Brussels overriding British law and forcing unlimited immigration. Illegal immigration is a hot button issue here, as is objections to unelected agency bureaucrats enforcing regulations and usurping congressional responsibility.

Like him or not, Trump will address these issues and a far better choice to be the next president.

Michael Kirby

James City County

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