A traffic light needed outside Lafayette?

Leaving the congested parking lot after Lafayette High School's successful Open House this week, we were amazed that it took us about 20 minutes to get from the parking lot to Longhill Road. Why is there not a traffic light at that location? At least twice each day when school is in session and during school-wide events, there is a significant back-up of vehicles attempting to exit Lafayette's parking lot. Both Warhill and Jamestown high schools have stoplights to facilitate traffic flow and, most important, reduce danger. Why is Lafayette High School not given the same safety consideration as our other two W-JCC high schools?

Given that Longhill Road is rather high-speed and that the high school exit is on both a curve and a hill, it seems to invite tragedy not to have something as basic as a traffic light installed there. We urge that the relevant authorities promptly take steps to make this intersection safer.

Robert Welsh and Karen Rose


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