Farmer will use firecrackers to drive away Canadian geese from Mainland Farm

JAMES CITY - In a scenario tailor-made for an AFLAC duck commercial, James City County has given permission for a farmer to use firecrackers to drive off Canadian geese at Mainland Farm.

In a press release issued Friday morning, the county notes that the geese are damaging the recently planted wheat crop. The farmer who leases the land will use firecrackers during daylight hours to frighten the geese and other waterfowl. The explosives will be deployed beginning Friday.

The noise is expected to affect surrounding neighborhoods, including The Pointe at Jamestown, Jamestown Hundred, St. George's Hundred, Fieldcrest, Drummond Fields, Berkeley's Green, Jamestown 1607 and Foxfield.

Beginning Dec. 22, licensed hunters affiliated with the farmer will begin a controlled hunt for remaining geese, which is in accordance with the waterfowl hunting season managed by the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. The hunt, held Dec. 22-24 and Dec. 29-31, is not open to the public.

The hunt will also affect the Virginia Capital Trail. Portions located near Mainland Farm will be closed during the days the hunts take place, with volunteers monitoring the entrances to the trail. The Greensprings Interpretive Trail is not affected.

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