Grand Illumination provides memories for all

Grand Illumination onlookers came from near and far to celebrate Colonial Williamsburg and its past.

Thousands packed Duke of Gloucester Street on Sunday night to view the fireworks, hear the fife and drums and glance at holiday decorations.

Steven Herndon, 43, of Fredericksburg, said he enjoys the atmosphere surrounding Grand Illumination.

“I think for us it’s the ease of people, everybody’s so nice down here,” Herndon said. “Just the colonial spirit, a little bit of a history lesson at that, the auction and the events. Things are just a lot more laid back around here. … You’re in a crowd, but you don’t feel crowded. It’s a good start to the holiday season. Everyone’s in a joyous, festive mood.”

Cleveland native, Kathy Kuhn, was joined by four friends, all of whom had been to Colonial Williamsburg but never experienced Grand Illumination.

“My friends and I have been coming here for 32 years. We’ve missed some years here and there but we wanted to see this,” Kuhn said.

The thing Kuhn and her friends were anticipating the most? The fireworks.

“We’re looking forward to this, this is why we came to Williamsburg,” Kuhn said.

Another couple came from down south to experience the holiday magic and said the trip was well worth it.

“We came on a bus tour from Kentucky. We were anxious to see Colonial Williamsburg and celebrate the Christmas season,” said Paula Frase.

Jimmy LaRoue contributed to this story.

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