Williamsburg Inn changes approved: Pool, terrace tweaks coming

Once considered one of the top hotels in the world, the Williamsburg Inn is now due for some changes.

Both Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have stayed at the Inn before. The Mobil Travel Guide — now called the Forbes Travel Guide — downgraded the hotel from five stars to four stars in 1998.

At an Architectural Review Board meeting Tuesday, representatives from Colonial Williamsburg presented what they think is apt for the future of the Inn. Those tweaks include adding a pool to the front and changes to the social terrace and queen’s terrace, both of which are in the back.

Robert Underwood, the Vice President of Operations for Colonial Williamsburg, was very upfront what Colonial Williamsburg wants out of the process.

“It is intended to try and make it more family-oriented, but we are trying to get our five star rating back,” said Underwood said.

Board member Andrew Edwards appreciated that what Colonial Williamsburg considered doing to the Inn seems to maintain the originality of the Inn.

 “I like that the building is untouched,” he said. “Part of the mystique of the Williamsburg Inn are some of its simple elements.”

In this case, the board has final say on what changes the Inn can make —  they’ll either approve the proposed changes or send Colonial Williamsburg back to the drawing board with its plans.

In other situations, review could go from the board to the Planning Commission who then could pass it up to the City Council. That process is usually reserved for projects that involve larger, more sweeping changes.

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