Planning Commission recommends short-term rental application for Cypress Point home

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The James City County Planning Commission voted to recommend an application to allow the operation of a short-term rental in the Cypress Point subdivision Wednesday.

The special-use permit application proposes permission to rent out an entire 3-bedroom mobile home as a tourist home, a designation in the county zoning ordinance for “a dwelling where lodging or lodging and meals are provided for compensation for up to five rooms which are open to transients,” according to the staff report.

The 900-square-foot mobile home, located at 5026 River Drive, features a shingle roof and sits on Diascund Creek. Previously the owner rented the home as a residential property.

The Planning Commission voted 5-1 to recommend the application. The application now goes to the Board of Supervisors for final approval. The board is scheduled to hold a public hearing on the application and then vote on it Aug. 13.

Commission member Danny Schmidt wasn’t present at the meeting. Commission member Tim O’Connor voted against approval.

O’Connor asked whether the unit carried a Department of Housing and Urban Development inspection certification. The applicant said she wasn’t familiar with such an inspection.

“I ask that question because if we are a tourist destination and we’re inviting tourists in, then I think we have an obligation to ensure everything is to the highest standard that it can be,” O’Connor said.

The short-term rental will allow guests to stay on the property for no less than two days but no longer than two weeks. The proposal would allow the entire home to be open to rental. The request includes no changes to the size or the footprint of the existing home.

No one spoke during the public hearing that preceded the commission’s vote.

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