Jamestown High School Scholastic Bowl team wins at State Championship


Jamestown High School's Scholastic Bowl team won first place in class four at the 21st State Championship sponsored by the Virginia High School League.

Scholastic Bowl, also known as Quiz Bowl, is a quiz format competition that covers subjects from history to science to pop culture. Two teams of five players compete against each other answering questions.

There are two kinds of rounds during each game. The first has students answer questions by using a buzzer. Much like a game show, the first person to press the buzzer gets to answer. In the second, teams are given a question to answer, and only if they get it wrong is it given to the other team to solve.

The state championship was held on Feb. 24 at William and Mary. There were 24 teams from across the state in six different classes competing.

Jamestown’s Scholastic Bowl team was in the state championship for the second straight year. During the first round, a Jamestown student was able to answer a question before the moderator was done asking it.

“How did you know that question?” the moderator asked.

“It was at states last year,” the student said with a grin.

Chris Eames, a coach for the Jamestown Scholastic Bowl team, said the students on the team can quote questions from previous tournaments, and even what round the questions were asked in.

Jamestown won all three rounds with a total of 795 points. Ryan Gross, Jamestown’s other Scholastic Bowl team coach, said he was very proud of the students.

“They really do work hard,” said Gross. “We (the coaches) keep getting congratulated and what we keep saying is it is (the students). We are there to support them in any way, but they are the ones putting in the hard work.”

Katia Savelyeva, a senior at Jamestown, said the team prepares by having practices once a week and reading online articles about different subjects such as science and literature.

The members of Jamestown High School’s Scholastic Bowl team are Kieran Barré, David Bass, Zach Clevinger, Issac Criddle, Finn Hulse, Joseph Kang, Leo Murphy, Katia Savelyeva, Pierson Shamaiengar, Jeffery Shi, Jessica Shi and Lisa Small.

The 2018 High School National Championship Tournament, sponsored by LetterOne, will be held May 25-27 in Atlanta. This championship is unaffiliated with VHSL, but winning a state championship would qualify a team for nationals.

Members of the team seemed confident they’ll be returning to states in 2019.

“Yeah, we’ll win again next year,” said Bass.

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