Jamestowne Society donates more than $150,000 to ongoing archaeology at Historic Jamestowne

The Jamestowne Society has provided more than $150,000 for ongoing archaeology in and around the 1907 Memorial Church at Historic Jamestowne.

The Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation has been able to dig at Jamestown’s 1907 Memorial Church thanks to contributions from the society, which draws its membership from descendants of the colony’s earliest settlers, according to a Historic Jamestowne news release.

Archaeologists have searched for physical evidence of a church built by colonists in 1617 at the site. It was at that church Governor George Yeardley convened the first meeting of a representative legislature in English North America in 1619, according to the release.

“Jamestown is America’s birthplace. We are proud to support this fascinating archaeological project which tells the story of our nation’s first settlers. This long-term partnership is important to our members whose ancestors shaped the earliest days of our nation,” Executive Director of the Jamestowne Society Bonnie Hofmeyer said in the release.

The excavation of the church site began in 2016. Since then, archaeologists have made discoveries that shed further light on the layout and construction of the 1617 church beneath the 1907 church. A number of churches have occupied the site over the years. Historic Jamestowne intends to build new exhibitions to allow visitors to view the archeologists’ work and discoveries, the release states.

“This groundbreaking archaeological work and research would not be possible without the ongoing support and generosity of the Jamestowne Society,” Jamestown Rediscovery Foundation President and Chief Officer James Horn said in the release.

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