Martin's prepping to close Monticello Avenue store

Martin's grocery store on Monticello Avenue will stop stocking its shelves and close its doors in a matter of weeks, 6 p.m. on July 10 to be exact.

A Martin's representative said the store would offer severance packages to the store's 180 employees.

"Our concern, first and foremost is taking care of our associates and treating all of them fairly and with respect. We are taking extra steps to offer enhanced pay and severance benefits to all associates whose positions are eliminated due to this store closure," said Samantha Krepps, Martin's communications manager.

Krepps said the store, located in Monticello Marketplace, would continue to stock their shelves until July 10. The accompanying gas station will also close that day, Krepps said.

The store on Monticello Avenue is one of the nine remaining Martin's the company said will close in the greater Richmond and Williamsburg areas.

The county has received interest from potential grocery stores wanting to move to the store's location, according to county economic development director, Amy Jordan.

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