Warrants: Suspect made meth while police watched property

Jimmy LaRoue
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The Tri-Rivers Drug Task Force had been conducting surveillance on 120 Tambark Lane and had a search warrant in hand when they arrested three people Aug. 9 and found the ingredients to manufacture methamphetamine, according to arrest warrants filed in Williamsburg-James City County General District Court.

Three people — Sean James Copley, Robert Copley Jr. and Byron Wade Davis — were arrested Aug. 9 after the James City County SWAT team and Tri-Rivers Drug Task Force members searched the home.

Officers reported found someone in the home manufacturing meth, while another suspect, who was arrested later that day, had the materials for a meth lab in a duffle bag, according to the warrants.

The warrant for Sean Copley reveal task force agents waited and watched the home for about 90 minutes they saw Sean Copley "manufacturing suspected methamphetamine in a shed on the property."

Davis arrived during the surveillance and was taken into custody as a result of an "all-persons present" search warrant.

A task force agent searched Sean Copley and found a small gray camera case with paraphernalia consistent with meth use, along with prescription pills in a small metal container, according to the warrant for Sean Copley.

Davis fingered Sean Copley as the person who introduced him to meth a few months prior, and that he bought Sudafed for Sean Copley who in return would give meth to Davis, according to the warrants.

Davis told investigators he used meth Sean Copley made about two to three times per week, according to the warrants.

Agents said they found materials consistent with meth making in the shed, the warrant for Sean Copley states.

Sean Copley told a task force agent he was in the process of cooking meth in the shed, which would have yielded one to 1.5 grams, his warrant states. He said he does not sell meth, although five people buy him Sudafed used to make the drug, his warrant says.

"I don't have a ring of people getting high off of me," Sean Copley told an investigator, according to Sean Copley's warrant.

Sean Copley and Davis were charged with possession and manufacture of meth, according to a James City County Police news release.

Robert Copley Jr. is charged with two counts of manufacturing a controlled substance and faces another charge of possession of a controlled substance, according to the release. He was arrested that evening, and agents found a meth lab in a black duffle bag, the warrant for Robert Copley Jr. states.

The SWAT team and the Tri-Rivers Drug Task Force executed the search warrant around 7:10 p.m. Wednesday, according to the news release. At that time, Copley Jr. drove up to the residence and then fled after seeing police officers, the release stated. The car was later located at the Farm Fresh parking lot in Norge, according to the release.

Robert Copley Jr., Sean Copley and Byron Davis are all scheduled to appear in Williamsburg-James City County General District Court 8:30 a.m. Oct. 5.

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