Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation hires designers for new Settlement exhibit

Jimmy LaRoue
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The Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation has hired the same team of designers for the $8.6 million second phase of the Jamestown Settlement redesign as it did for the highly successful American Revolution Museum at Yorktown.

The foundation, which operates the two museums, is hoping to achieve the same success in the new Jamestown Settlement exhibit area as it did with the updates to the rebranded Yorktown museum.

The foundation has hired Cortina Productions, which produced the interactive exhibits at the Yorktown museum, and it has brought back Gallagher and Associates, which does interior design for museums and worked on the first phase of redesign at Jamestown Settlement as well as the updates to the museum in Yorktown.

Dr. Bly Straube, who has worked at Historic Jamestowne, will help curate the historic Jamestown stories.

“We’ve got a plan of what that new gallery and the stories that it will tell, particularly with emphasis on the 1619 commemoration,” said Peter Armstrong, senior director of museum operations and education at the Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation.

Though the two museums tell different stories, Armstrong wanted them to have a similar feel.

Similar to the Siege Theater at the Yorktown museum, Jamestown Settlement will get its own immersive theater, telling the story of Bacon’s Rebellion.

And like the Yorktown museum’s Liberty Tree, in which people can define what liberty means to them, Jamestown Settlement will have a Legacy Wall, in which visitors can interact with the museum by leaving thoughts on what the Jamestown story means to them.

Armstrong said the major parts of the work for phase two will be completed by summer 2019. Much of the physical work will begin in the latter part of 2018, though Armstrong said a small amount of prep work for phase two would begin later this year.

The first phase of work to Jamestown Settlement’s galleries was a $2 million project, which included interactive gallery exhibits about the Powhatan Indians, as well as English and Angolan cultures coming together in Virginia during the 1600s.

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