Last Word, on making a connection Jan 3

A connection

A recent Last Word comment was from a Ninth Infantry Division soldier who was in Vietnam in 1967-68. I also was in Vietnam with the Ninth Infantry Division and apparently in the same camp and at a similar period as the writer. If the writer is interested in sharing pictures and stories of the Ninth Infantry Division during that period in Vietnam, my contact information is with The Virginia Gazette. Thanks.

Thank you

Thank you to the nice lady who carried my groceries to the car when she saw I was struggling with getting them out of the cart at Trader Joe’s on Dec. 27. It was greatly appreciated. It does your heart good to see this done for someone else and I shall in turn try to pay it forward. Happy New Year to all, and hope we have a blessed year 2018.

That warm feeling

Special spots in my personal Pantheon has been reserved for the people who perfected heated car seats.


To The Last Word commentator about redistricting: Yes, let’s have an adult, intellectual conversation about redistricting. Too bad our W-JCC School Board didn’t. They rejected a taxpayer funded study that proved school inequality, voted for more disparity, refused to answer calls and emails from constituents and shut down orderly discussion a week early. That’s neither fair, nor democratic, nor an example of a School Board working for all of us.

Customer service?

Do you know the definition of a scatterbrain? I thought I did until today. I went for lunch in a restaurant and my waiter wrote down what I wanted to eat in an order pad five items. When my waiter returned, only two items were placed before me. I asked my waiter where were the other three. The answer I received was, “Oh, I forgot.”

Colonial Williamsburg

A "Tip of the Hat" to Colonial Williamsburg for the excellent job in painting the houses and fences in the restored area. Super job. It looks so much better. Thank you so much, as I know it was expensive but long overdue.

Christmas Town crowds

Since the first season of Christmas Town at Busch Gardens, we have bought season passes for the event. Each year more lights have been added, and it was always an exciting event which we attended about 10 evenings per season. The last two years it has not been a fun event for us because of the big crowds. The park has tried to even out attendance by offering cheaper tickets on certain days, but the lines for the shows are so long, even at the first shows of the day. My husband walks with a cane and can’t stand in a long line. At the Abbystone Theater there is a handicapped entrance to one side, but if you are let in there with a disabled pass there are no chairs to sit in to wait. Benches along the paths are full. They have waiting lists to get a wheelchair. We only went once this year — on a week day at 3 p.m. By 7 p.m. we were ready to leave.

No to rezoning

We are writing to express our objection to the proposed Holly Hills Villas Rezoning Request that will be heard Jan. 17 in Williamsburg. We reside in the adjacent property, Holly Hills Carriage Homes, and feel the proposed apartment development will negatively impact our neighborhood in terms of appearance, density and traffic patterns. We respectfully ask that anyone living in the surrounding communities investigate how these new apartments may affect your areas, particularly when the leaves are not on the trees.

Looking for …

Would somebody please tell me where Old City Barbecue is? I would love to go there, except there have been two ads with no address or phone number. So please, put the address or phone number in. Thank you very much and have a blessed year. Editor’s note: a quick online search places Old City Barbecue at 700 York St. in Williamsburg, 757-378-5125.

Where is the best place to sell gold bracelets, etc.? Who buys old pins, platinum and diamonds?

Dr. Paula Wozniak is at 941-5600, 263 McLaws Circle, Suite 105, Williamsburg.

In response to the person looking for a hairdresser who is good at styling thin or thinning hair: I recommend Karen at Shear Creations in McLaws Circle — telephone number 757-229-3200.

The person seeking a stylist who is adept at dealing with thinning hair should call Linda Marie at 757-784-0066. She has been my stylist for more than 10 years and she is terrific.

Can anyone recommend a groomer for a Persian cat? We have a yellow adult Persian cat whose fur gets very tangled, especially in his hind quarters. We used to have a groomer who came to the house, but she didn't work out. I will take him to the groomer if I can find a good one in the Williamsburg area. Please call 757-707-3703 if you have someone.

For the person looking for someone who can repair warped and damaged furniture: I recommend Furniture Clinic and Restoration Services on Ironbound Road. They did an amazing job repairing two of my prized pieces of furniture, similarly damaged.

Flying the flag

I would ask that the American flags at our local schools be lighted at night or taken down at the end of the school day. Flying our flag at night, in darkness, is not who we are.

Tax plan

I support the corporate tax cut as long as the corporations that claim the cut document how they have created jobs and increased wages for their lowest-paid employees. However, Congress does not have the courage to demand this.

The commenter who stated that with the passage of the new tax bill, the "takers" had been reduced from 49 percent to 1 percent is correct. The "takers" are the Wall Street billionaires who will be rolling in cash because of the new law.

The vice president of Boeing in charge of communications said thank you to President Trump for this bill. “We’re going to be investing in our employees; we’re going to be expanding.” So now we’ve heard from AT&T and Boeing, and there are many other companies that are saying, “Hallelujah!” It’s about time to reverse the garbage that went on with the previous administration. Wonder why you didn’t have growth: Regulations and taxes.

Years ago, if a bill benefited you, a senator would refrain from voting on that bill. Fourteen GOP senators voted on the tax cut that enriched them. Throw them out.

To answer the commenter’s question as to why Democrats opposed the recent tax bill: 1) Mitch McConnell refused to even hold hearings on a Supreme Court vacancy for nine months, 2) they were expressly excluded from writing the bill, 3) the bill hammers the tax payers in blue states, 4) the parts which are for the working class expire in three years, and 5) the next phase of the Republicans assault on the working class will be trying to erase their $1.5 trillion deficit by cutting out the safety net the old, young and infirm depend upon to survive. Only an idiot helps someone who actively tells you he doesn't want your help nor cares how you think.

Well, now that we’re all going to get bigger tax returns, I want to know if the Democrats will rip theirs up in protest or spend it — my guess is the latter.

After the wave to throw out Republicans in New Jersey, Virginia and Alabama, the GOP sees the writing on the wall. This tax cut was a pay forward to rich donors who will give million-dollar lobby jobs to the GOP that are thrown out next year.

A test, part 2

If your wife asks you to go to Walmart on Christmas Eve and you go, that is unconditional love.


I dropped my phone and broke the screen on evening of Dec. 23. All my friends said it was hopeless. I drove by several tech shops in Williamsburg, but none opened before 10:30/11 a.m. So I drove over to Staples. There was hardly anyone there, so both the tech and the manager greeted me and assured me it was probably fixable, showed me the replacement screen that he had on hand, and told me if it didn't work I would owe them nothing. The tech replaced the screen in 15 minutes. Then he rang the repair up and gave me an unadvertised promotion. Such incredible integrity and skill! Thank you to a marvelous staff.

Thank you to the readers of the Last Word for recommendations. I contacted Shawn of Streamline Roofing. He explained the different products out there and provided details of the job his company and products would do. Kevin supervised the roofing crew, which did a great job removing and installing the roof. Shawn had Sam from Master's Touch do detailed finish work on the interior of replaced sky lights. Sam then worked on replacing a lot of bad fascia wood on the exterior. Previously in late summer, I had Jon Butcher Inc. replace the HVAC system. Lots of great work with good customer service by all.

Four months ago, I took my 14-year-old Husky-Chow Mix to Jolly Pond Veterinary Hospital because he had problems breathing. Three weeks ago I had to take my 11-1/2-year-old Boxer-Lab Mix there too because his back legs couldn't support him anymore. I have to thank Dr. Hill and Dr. Ruth Gussmann for taking such good care of both of them in their last moments and throughout their lives. I also want to thank all the wonderful staff members for their compassion and for the special sympathy cards that I will treasure. And, thank you to Williamsburg Pet Loss Crematory for their compassion and special care of both my boys. They are missed.

Train of thought

I really wish commenters would stop pontificating about what the Bible states — if that’s your belief, please keep it to yourself. That said, how does the writer who wrote in on panhandlers end up with their view on concealed carry? I can’t see the connection. Once again, you should be afraid of the criminal who illegally carries a gun, and what you prefer really doesn’t matter to the rest of us good citizens.


Someone wrote into the Last Word asking, “Why are first and second generation Americans against illegals? Why do we want to support legal immigration?” And the answer was, “It’s the law.” That is correct. When you come in, you obey the laws of the United States and you file correctly. You love the United States and you love the laws. I was taught by my parents, never break the law. The law is important. It is what makes freedom possible. This is a wonderful country. Our Constitution is very special and our laws keep order.

Up in Washington

While Trump was getting five deferments, Robert Mueller was crossing a field being shot at by the Viet Cong to save the wounded, for which he received the Purple Heart and Bronze Star. He is afraid of Fox News like chained barking dogs.

How is it that the administration gets away with saying that the people spoke in 2016, so the issue of charges of sexual harassment are no longer relevant? Trump lost the popular vote by more than 2.9 million — so the people did speak and they said no. It was the Electoral College that said yes. Thanks.

To the writer who stated that President Trump “is destroying America” with his words: That was already done by Obama’s eight years of fiscal irresponsibility. Actions speak louder than words.

The FBI thwarted an ISIS-inspired terrorist attack in a busy market area of San Francisco and not even a "job well done" from Trump. Pathetic.

The pro Russian/Trump propaganda on Fox News is so terrifying. I will never go into a restaurant or place of business that has it on their TV.

Fox’s 24/7 attack on the FBI is 10 times more unpatriotic than a handful of football players taking a knee before a dumb game.

When I hear those on the extreme right speaking on television of "purging the FBI," I think of Stalin's Soviet Union or of Mao's China where millions were sent to labor camps or worse. This is the kind of talk expected from brutal third world governments, not from the former leading democracy in the world.

As we enter the new year, I would to express my sincere thanks to the many Trump supporters that have written to the last word. You have provided me with outstanding entertainment and too many laughs to count. Your blind faith is to be commended

Odd. Didn't see Trump taking credit for the S&P 500 going up a whopping zero the last two weeks of the year. The worst Santa Claus rally since the first gulf war.

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