Last Word on cartooning, Jan. 4

Looking for …

For the person looking for professional nail care, the only place I recommend is Atir, phone number 757-258-1008. They know that the cuticle should never be cut. How do I know? Because I was trained by Revlon in London. They will help restore your nails.

If you know of a dentist who understands the care and special needs of senior citizens, please let me know at Thanks.

Williamsburg Charity Group is in need of living room and bedroom furniture and a table and chair for a kitchen for a senior who just had her house remodeled. Please contact me, Jennifer Mason, at 757-506-4274.

Retired in Williamsburg

Those who complained about the Fred Siegel "Retired in Williamsburg" cartoon saying, "Some Republicans may be wealthy when they join government but most Democrats are wealthy when they leave government" as having no factual support should read the book "Throw Them All Out" by Peter Schweizer. "How Politicians and their friends get rich off insider stock tips, land deals,and cronyism that would send the rest of us to prison." Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and several other prominent Democrats along with a few Republicans are well documented as having made millions while in government.

Cheer the cheerleaders

I would like to give great recognition to the William and Mary cheerleaders. They have voluntarily attended all of the men's and women's basketball games throughout their winter break. What a credit to their character and their devotion to their fellow athletic teams. This cheering team has obviously come so far in the last couple of years. What a pleasure to witness their athletic performances. It's almost as entertaining as watching the game. Their head coach is so enthusiastic and obviously talented. Go, Tribe, Go!

Thank you

Thank you, Madeline Vann, for shifting the discussion of child pornography into its proper context. Your letter to the editor published Dec. 28 was spot-on.

Lower the volume

Regarding "Lower the volume" at the William and Mary women's basketball game with St. Francis on Tuesday night: Complaining about noise at a basketball game seems senseless. It does not seem as though noise and music at a basketball game is torture.

I could not agree more with the comment concerning the unbearable volume of the so-called music and William and Mary women's basketball game, and very same is true for their men's games. I also attend Jamestown High School basketball games and the volume is hard to take. Plus no one, young or old, can understand a word that is being sung.

Sanctuary cities

I'm hoping that after Trump builds the wall on the Mexican border he will then build additional walls around all those sanctuary cities to keep the criminals and liberals in.

Empty stores

I noticed the Bead Tender closed in New Town recently, add in Z Pizza, Dudley's Bistro, and I hear one additional store is going out in February on that block and you've got four vacancies in less than six months. I walk that area and note that nine stores have closed in the last calendar year there; that seems a bit excessive. I see Pho is new, and Life is Good took a half space from Doncaster, but that's it. The time has come to say no to any other commercial development in the area. I also note that the new Harris Teeter space only has one tenant. The old Mall had more tenants.

Accepting Medicare

The Sentara Rehab Services for physical therapy does accept Medicare. Medicare will accept just so many sessions, and they work that out with you. They are excellent in dealing with their patients, and they are very good.

Christmas cheer

Limiting the turkey/ham distribution for Colonial Williamsburg employees and completely removing retirees from this distribution is only one of many reasons the inappropriate person is in the leadership role of Colonial Williamsburg. He and his team of consultants have removed the heart and soul of CW while spending any and all monies for unnecessary gates, bridges, reflecting ponds and the list continues. Watch out, Northern Ireland!

What a shame that a person who purports to be a Christian would say that all gifts should only be given to those who are in need or less fortunate and to make everyone feel guilty for giving gifts on Christmas to loved ones who may be indeed fortunate to have food and shelter. Talk about Bah-Humbug. If we follow that line of thinking, then birthdays, anniversaries, or any other celebrations that usually involve gift giving among friends and family, should be stopped as well. I don't think I would want to be in that family.

Gold and Jim were real good friends with my daughter. They loved my daughter. When my daughter passed away—they were with me before and after. They've been really good friends. They made my Christmas today by bringing me some poinsettias and candy as I don't see my grandchildren. They are just really special people, and I've tried to pay it forward since I've been a kid. I helped people learn how to drive — always did older people favors in my neighborhood up in Ohio. I'm not used to somebody doing for me. I really appreciate their kindness. Thank you.

Not always right

To the person that's saying that someone who enters an old folks' home is always right: If you're saying a nursing home, well, they're not always right. #1, A nursing home is a medical facility and there are regulations that have to be followed, legal regulations, and there are medical issues that have to be dealt with and sometimes people that are aged don't make wise decisions. And they're making decisions based on emotions versus what medically needs to be done. So, even though the patient/customer should be treated definitely with respect, they're not always right and, you know, people that work there—the employees—have to take all that into account.

White House care

Boy, how mean can we be? Now we are picking on Michelle Obama's mother. The gripe is that she is costing America money by living and breathing in the White House. Mrs. Robinson is not free loading, as the caller suggests. She has earned every penny she might possibly have cost the country. She has relieved many burdens the First Lady might have had caring for her family, her pre-teen and then teenage daughters, thus leaving Mrs. Obama free to do the great things she has done for America and Americans. Michelle Obama has been a great First Lady. Even conservative Republicans admit that. Now we must wait and see what kind of First Lady her successor will be.

U.N. resolution

In regards to the UN resolution, I have to say that John Kerry is a traitor to the United States. He does not grab the full picture of what's going on in the Middle East. Thank you.

Electoral College

In response to the comment on the Electoral College in a recent Gazette: The Electoral College is a broken system. When 81,000 sheep farmers in Montana have the same voting power as the million plus people who live in Southeast Virginia, one man/one vote is a myth. And besides, the winner of the Electoral College got nearly 3,000,000 fewer votes than the winner of the popular vote.

I was born in Virginia, educated in Virginia, and live in Virginia, and have voted the Democratic ticket for many years. I am not a northerner, but I respect every American citizen to have an opinion on who should lead the executive branch. The Electoral College should go—the president is president of everyone, not the states.

To correct the apparent native who complained that "Virginia, now, has gone for the Democrats completely because of how many northerners moved to Virginia. Virginians don't vote for Democrats." I am a proud member of the permanent northern occupation of Virginia. Not all of us vote for Democrats. But we who do will continue to make that better choice to make Virginia better, while Republicans nostalgic for the dark parts of its past keep trying to make Virginia old Virginia again, circa 1861.

All American citizens old enough to vote need to know that their vote, no matter in which state they reside, has the same value, be it Texas or Utah. We are all citizens of the same country, hopefully seeking equal treatment for all citizens, including their vote.

With reference to the comment in Wednesday's Gazette that Virginians don't vote for Democrats, where have you been? My family members are all born and bred Virginians who can trace roots back to the Revolutionary War. We are not "come-heres" from the North. We all voted Democratic in this election. The last time I checked, we have two Democratic senators and a Democratic governor. Are you suggesting that only "northerners" put them in office?

Unreliable source

Syria's Assad is not a reliable source for an opinion as to who or how the DNC was hacked. The caller who said Assad was his source for his opinion needs to do a serious job of fact checking before making such farfetched claims.

Stop the bashing

The person who gave us a lecture on speaking out against right wing opinions must be joking. In the history of our country, I can't think of any party or era that treated any president worse than the conservative right treated President Obama over the past eight years. It is surreal that this person actually believes that it was okay to do what they did and now expects liberals to sit back quietly and watch what is now going to happen in Washington. George W. Bush, with all his faults, was never treated so badly, and it is likely that Trump will not be trashed the way Obama was. I hate to say it, but I'm afraid that our country is infested with a lot of disillusioned people who are in for a big disappointment.


This is a thank you note to those who voted for the president-elect, from the millionaires and billionaires who are being appointed to the president-elect's cabinet. We billionaire secretaries will have to sell all our investments which pose potential conflicts of interest, which will amount to billions of dollars for many of us. The good news is that these sales will be tax free to us and we'll save hundreds of millions of dollars, thank you very much! For instance, when Henry Paulson was appointed Treasury Secretary in a past administration, he sold his half billion dollar stock holding in his previous employer, Goldman Sachs, at a tax savings to him of $200,000,000! Wow!

There's one thing different than Donald Trump and the other politicians. Donald Trump is already rich. Other presidential candidates and presidents—they entered the White House not so rich but they came out rich. That's a difference, and Democrats and whoever who don't believe in Trump can't figure it out. He's already rich, folks.

Well, Hillary Clinton stated that Trump supporters had all kinds of phobias, which is defined as an irrational fear; well, it's become apparent that Clinton supporters have Trumpa-phobia. Oh and if you were a non-Trump supporter and have seen your 401-K increase, I think you should send him a thank you note.

To the people who are so excited with Mr. Trump's being elected president, I suggest that you would do well to read the Daily Press editorial of Dec. 27. It should give you reason to stop and hopefully think that maybe your wish could be a more difficult future for all of America than you can even imagine.

There will be no press conferences with President Trump because his handlers are afraid to let him answer questions on his own.

Politics as usual

I see that the first piece of business of the new Republican controlled Congress is to geld the ethics committee. So much for "draining the swamp."

Democrats, Republicans — Both are symptoms of the same disease: Politics as usual. Things are never going to get better as long as these two parties are allowed to dominate American politics and don't kid yourself, things are bad. Our children are not safe, our pocketbooks are in debt to the tune of trillions of dollars, and the cost of living has made virtually nothing affordable for us. None of the serious problems that we have are going to be solved until there is real change and an outside third party is put in the White House.

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