Last Word on supervisors meetings, Jan 11

Alternative education

With the update in the Gazette regarding the New Year and the additional middle school for James City County, I certainly hope that the School Board and administrators add facilities for a separate all-inclusive alternative school environment at the new school that will provide a mechanism to take habitual problem students out of the traditional learning environment and into one that is designed for the education and control of problem students. After volunteering in the school system for the past year, I must applaud current teachers for their efforts to provide a positive platform in the school system, even with the continuing recycling of problem students and the impact the behavioral issues have on the classroom and administrators every day.

JCC Supervisors

The JCC Board of Supervisors recently held their yearly organizational meeting where they elect new chair and vice-chair positions. This year it took a rather hard turn: the decision to start meetings at 5 p.m. and 4 p.m. was made without public input. This issue has previously been broached and defeated because most people work until 5 p.m. and would be unable to attend meetings for commentary. This commentary might be on controversial proposals, it might be budgetary, and it may be general in nature, but their voices need to be heard — our voices need to be heard. I find it odd they did this without public comment or discussion prior to making the decision; the Board attempted this just two years ago and the room was filled with people like me who did not want this change. I implore the Board, do not make this decision in the dark, without public input.

Civil War

It is rather amusing to read the comments like those made by a recent contributor demanding the removal of all vestiges of anything that had to do with the participation of the Confederate States of America in the Civil War. First, they demanded that all Confederate flags be banned from public view, and then very soon afterward they began to demand the removal of all statues that had anything to do with the Confederate side of the conflict. Richmond has already removed some from their streets, which makes one wonder what future parents will tell their children when they are asked just who the Yankees defeated in this war, if the politically correct crowd is successful in having all remnants of things Confederate removed from the public view.

This is in response to Stephen Griesinger's comment on replacing Civil War statues. It's wrong to try and forget any part of American history. I think people should have pride in whatever their backgrounds are and to try and forget or replace is wrong. I think there is room for everybody's heroes in history, and there is a place and an importance for everybody's heroes in history. Thank you.

Pedestrian safety

Why are skate boarders permitted in New Town? They were all over the place Sunday afternoon, including down one of the sidewalks in front of the movie theater and they were definitely a hindrance to pedestrians and some cases, to cars. I think it's a real safety concern. Thank you.

Placing the blame

In American politics today, we both point the finger at the other guy. And ultimately, we're both to blame for things not getting done.

Missing Myrtles

To the people complaining about their homeowners' association removing their crepe myrtles: Isn't there a way for your community to call a special homeowners' meeting to meet with the head of the association at Ford's Colony? Just wondering if there's something in your bylaws that will give you that type of authority.

Looking for ...

Does anyone know where there are cows close to Ford's Colony? They are sometimes heard mooing in the late evening or especially early morning; the sound seems to be coming across the Powhatan Creek that runs through Ford's Colony.

Does anyone have any girls' clothes for one set of twins who are eight years old? Our clothes were stolen from the laundromat on Tuesday night, and I'm looking for some clothes for them to wear to school. Their size is size 7. Any clothes that are gently used or new—anything that can help because they do go to school, in second grade. It would be greatly appreciated. Please give me a call at 757-746-6398. Thank you.

Do you have any recommendations for a workman for lawn drainage problems? Please call 757-532-9882 or print contact information in the Last Word. Thanks.

Looking for a plumber who does work on his own, not with a large company. Reply to Last Word.

Here's an answer

Instead of all this political bickering between the people and the parties and all, let's use the old quote that Harry S Truman used: "I'm from Missouri. Show me." Let's all be from Missouri. Thank you and have a wonderful 2017.

Community loss

On Christmas weekend, the community lost a lovely and gallant lady. Her name was Agnes Sibley. She was a wonderful woman who was of value to our community. She was involved in the Aids support system, she was very active in Hospice House. She was married to Thomas Sibley, West Point graduate/three-star general. I want to say that this beautiful lady will be so greatly missed. She is a role model for our times. Thank you.


I called a local seafood market on a Wednesday to order a half bushel of oysters to pick up Friday. I asked the man what time they opened. He said they should be there by 10:00. I said, "See you at 10:30," and he said, "Fine." I arrived at 10:30. The place was dark inside and locked up. I waited 15 minutes and left. This was a 20-minute drive to get here for the pickup. I found online that they open at 9:00. So, I was fairly close by on Saturday morning and thought I would try again. Well, at 9:20, they were not open. So, I hope you enjoy my oysters that I didn't get. And, after reading complaints online, I see I am not the first to have issues. Guess I need to find a new vendor because I will not waste my time nor gas to give them any of my business.

Free to you

Many books on mountain climbing. Call 258-3048.

Free TV: 20' rounded screen RCA television set and controller and tubular metal cart with wheels. Yours to pick up. Text 757-632-1681 to make arrangements.

Thank you

I'd like to thank the gentleman in the Ironbound Road/Ferris Road neighborhood who was riding around Christmas Day in his Santa Claus suit, ringing his bell and he was giving out envelopes to the kids with Merry Christmas with a $5 bill in them. My children just could not praise him enough. They stay in the house, saying when they grow up they want to be just like him. I just want to let him know he put a good expression in the children in this neighborhood as far as giving is better than receiving. I don't know your name, sir, but I'm going to find out your name and I'm going to thank you personally.

Road signs

You know, VDOT wasted all this money putting these flashing lights on Rochambeau and Airport Road for the people on Rochambeau to be watching for turning vehicles. Well, what about the people that are coming off Airport Road that completely refuse to stop at the stop sign? Why didn't you put some flashing lights or a bigger stop sign or something else that side of the road?

Deaths in Chicago

Yes, it would be nice if I could hear a response from a Democrat on the 775 deaths in Chicago this year—there are more than two a day. What have the Democrats running Chicago and our President have done to help this situation? I'm befuddled to come up with anything. I would love to hear a response on what they're doing, or maybe it's just nothing. Who knew?

Like the Greeks

This is in response to the comment on "one person, one vote" and how the Greeks wanted democracy to work. Our system of government is far from a pure democracy and was purposefully created that way in order to prevent despotism. In Plato's "Republic," he writes the quickest way to despotism is through a pure democracy. The most stark example of this was the aftermath of the French Revolution where mob rule suspended laws at the whim of the majority. This chaos led to Napoleon's dictatorship and the ultimate decline of that nation's significance. Plato knew that in 500 B.C. and it is quite true today. Our Electoral College was set up with this in mind to prevent Philadelphia (at that time) from ruling everything. Our forefathers were extraordinarily astute to foresee this and I, for one, see no good reason to change this well thought-out system. The rules are that the vote of the Electoral College wins the Presidency. Both sides knew this. There is nothing unfair about these election results.

In response to a recent Last Word letter, the Ancient Greeks did not vote as a national referendum. Only some of the city-states were democracies, and in those only 20-30% of the adult population had the right to vote, making them extended oligarchies rather than true democracies. Our democracy is based more on renaissance Switzerland, which had systems similar to the Electoral College.


Kudos to Joy Rosser of Rosser Optical for continuing the level of excellent professional service that her father established years ago. She worked with me on a challenging prescription for progressive lens and made sure that the lens were fitting and my expectations were fully met. Williamsburg is fortunate to have such a talented and caring professional.

If you need professional pressure washing done, I highly recommend All Smiles. Owner William Allen, who can be reached at 804-514-3898, goes out of his way to guarantee 100% satisfaction by doing a great job at a very reasonable price.

I'd like to recommend Diane, owner of Merle Norman, for going above and beyond the call of duty when it came to getting my daughter's ears pierced. She was incredibly responsive and worked with me even when I messed up the initial date of the appointment. She showed up on her day off and pierced my daughter's ears without tears! Thank you, Diane!

U.N. vote

The writer who declared Secretary of State John Kerry a traitor because of our abstention on the UN Security Council's Israeli resolution has it backward. The writer, not Kerry, is the traitor if the writer is an American citizen and believes Kerry and the administration should place the supposed interests of Israel before those of the United States.

Charitable donations

My New Year's resolution is to only donate to charities that use money wisely and effectively. I have serious doubts about those that send gifts (return address labels, cards, note pads and even nickels). Can anyone refer me to a group or organization that critically evaluates and rates both local and national charities and their effectiveness?

Internet service

Having recently moved to the area from overseas, I am surprised that so much of the Williamsburg and nearby James City County area has access only to a single internet provider, and one not particularly highly regarded at that. Is political influence involved? Limited communications infrastructure? Barring such a factor, there would seem to be a commercial opportunity for a provider able to deliver first-class service. Looking for better.

Mother in law

I am surprised that no one corrected the misconception that Marion Robinson, Michelle Obama's mother, is getting meals at taxpayers' expense. Yes, she is living in the White House with her daughter and family. I see this as being no different than when my own mother was living in my home to care for my children. The President and his wife are responsible for paying their own food and essentials, for themselves, family and invited personal guests. They receive a bill at the end of each month for all personal expenses. Also while at it, let's clear up the misconception that Marion Robinson is entitled to a $160,000 lifetime pension. Not true!


Most of the submission to the Last Word regarding the President-elect are from people who voted for and still believe he will keep his promises. Most of his outrageous campaign promises have been modified or pushed aside. He has shown that he is a marketer but also that you can't believe what he says. He says what he needs to make the sale, then does what glorifies him. I predict he won't make the four years; he will be impeached.

As an over-70 Marine veteran who is opposed to the politics of Donald Trump, after he takes office, I intend to turn the flag on my flagpole upside down, and any trespasser who wants to steal the flag or tamper with it in any way, I intend to exercise my Second Amendment rights.

Yes, I just heard that the Clintons are going to attend the inauguration of President, Trump, and I think that's a very good thing for them to do. It shows a lot of character, and I would like to salute them or compliment them on it. It's very nice that they are attending what has to be one of the difficult situations. Thank you.

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