Last Word on snow days, Jan. 13

Snow days

Five days without school for less than a foot of snow? Plus two weekend days between? Absolutely embarrassing. We have a serious infrastructure issue. Maybe the lawyers and high-profile school superintendent can be cut and the savings applied to plows and sand spreaders.

I went shopping Monday. The icy, un-sanded parking lots were extremely slippery. How ironic it was that store entrances had numerous signs warning that wet floors could be slippery. No warnings about the much more slippery ice, however.

I would like to say thank you to the kind, elderly man who stopped last Thursday morning to help me. My car was stuck in the snow at the light on Route 5 and Williamsburg Crossing Shopping Center. Despite the cold, he attempted to use a shovel to dig me out, but to no avail. Then he volunteered to go back home and get a chain to pull me out. My kind sir, I just wanted you to know that I appreciate everything you tried to do. When you left, two other individuals pushed me out of the snow. I will continue to pay your kindness forward.

W-JCC Schools are closed again Jan. 5, six full days after the snow stopped. I was on many roads today in JCC and they are fine and clear. The temperature is above freezing and will be all night. Our kids need to be in school, not sitting home bored. What is the school system thinking? Ridiculous.

Sincere recognition, compliments and appreciation to VDOT for an outstanding job on the roads this storm and during the very unusual stretch of frigid temperatures for southeastern Virginia. Thank you. (USPS: none for you.)

Thank you to the kind lady who stopped to give my son a jump at 1:30 a.m. Friday. He had to get to work and the car battery would not start and he was not able to push it to the street. You are a brave, courageous and a compassionate woman. Not many people would stop at that time in the morning to help a stranger. But not only did you stop, but you followed him to where the car was and helped him jump the battery. You went above and beyond and I pray that the blessing you extended to my son will return to you.

Though I do not live in an area that had power outages during the recent storm, I'd like to give kudos to Dominion Power. From the news reports, they were prepared before the storm, including bringing extra crews in. As soon as it was safe repair personnel were climbing poles, removing tree limbs and repairing lines. All this with winds sometimes greater than 30 mph, snow and freezing temps. Reports indicate very fast time in restoring power to the thousands in need during extreme conditions.

Every year the taxpayers contribute $18 billion in subsidies to the U.S. Postal Service to keep the doors open, printing stamps and a generous fully-funded pension plan. I also know the price of the first-class stamps are going up again Jan. 21. In my area, mail delivery is getting later in the day and sometimes not at all. During the recent snow, no deliveries; however, I did receive my newspapers. Maybe we should contract out postal responsibilities to the local news carriers and save billions in the process. Then we could say “… nor heat nor gloom of night stays these ‘news carriers’ from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

I am deeply grateful for Wes White and his two buddies — sorry but I didn’t get their names. I am an elderly widow in Powhatan Crossing subdivision. They showed up without being asked and shoveled my walk and driveway and refused any pay. May God abundantly bless them and their families. Many thanks.

Can anyone provide a rational explanation on why we have not received our mail for at least three days? I can see why there was no delivery on Thursday, but I can not rationalize no delivery for Friday and particularly Saturday. Our newspaper was not delivered on either Thursday or Friday, but came Saturday. Why is the world going out of it's way to become service avoidance?

I am a resident of Claiborne. Friday afternoon, I witnessed a man named Mike shoveling my driveway. I was just going out to remove the heavy snow from my car and my neighbors car. This man looked like Santa: tall, bearded and quite strong. Not only was he clearing my drive, he had done perhaps a dozen others. I offered money but he said no. As I was going in I suggested he stop shoveling, but he said he would continue until dark. It was 2 p.m. Not sure his source of energy, but his source of being a very kind and considerate neighbor is a blessing for me and many other residents of Claiborne. Bless you dear neighbor.

I’d like to thank Christine Lindsey for doing an outstanding job of delivering the paper in this miserable weather that we’ve just had.

I am not a USPS employee or related to one. Here is my take on the recent snowstorm: UPS and Fedex basically cherry-pick the boxes to deliver. They do not have to open, insert mail and close thousands of mailbox lids, nor do they have to deliver to 100 percent of addresses. They also do not have to reach over or climb over snow piled up to 3-4 feet in front of the mail boxes. For those complaining, next Christmas have UPS or Fedex deliver your Christmas cards.


Why couldn't congress pull together a nice package that would give tax breaks to companies who pay for or build USA infrastructure that is actually needed? Not those popular roads to no- where, but actually replace falling down bridges, roadways and such — you know, like a Marshall plan for USA.

Little things

UVA Basketball Coach Tony Bennett's success is based on his emphasis on the "little things," and has built his successful program on five pillars: humility, unity, passion, thankfulness and servanthood. We wonder how many other high school and college coaches can be quoted on what they are emphasizing in their programs. In particular, basketball is a game where players must learn to not be selfish and depend on their teammates to play well every game.

Climate change

Global Warming is real. Sixteen of the past 17 years have been the warmest on record. Ironically, we are getting this frigid weather because of warming in the Arctic, ice melting in the Barents-Kara seas. This causes the Polar Vortex, a pocket of frigid air surrounding the Arctic, to split and stretch and dip south. That brings us this weather.

There is no global warming. The other thing is that I’m glad we pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement. China — if you’re so worried about pollution — who wants pollution? China doesn’t have to do anything for 12 years. India doesn’t have to do anything for 12 years.

Looking for …

We have a 1-year-old Husqvarna lawn tractor that needs annual maintenance and blade sharpening. Is there a lawn mower person in James City County that can come to our house to work on it?

Does anyone know if Tidewater Interiors is still in business in Newport News? They used to have a store here in Williamsburg.

I was looking for information about the guy at the Williamsburg Farmers Market who does knife sharpening. I think he lives in Gloucester. If anyone has contact information for him, while the market is not running, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Fair warning

I had heard that there are coyotes in the area. I did spot one today. Do not let your little dogs out by themselves at night because they can pick them up so easily.

Illegal Immigrants

Democrats voted for Secure Fence Act of 2006, called for construction of 700 miles of fencing and enhanced surveillance technology with the support of 26 Democratic senators, including party leaders Sen. Schumer and then-Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Without a fence, Illegals come in taking our citizens jobs and using taxpayer services. So why have Democrats changed?

Open in January

Some out-of-town friends wanted to visit Colonial Williamsburg in January and I told them the only thing open was going to be the art museums. I thought there was going to be a general shutdown like last year. So I was surprised when I got my copy of the CW magazine “Trends & Tradition” and saw the editor’s comments that there wasn’t going to be a shutdown. At least some trade shops and exhibition buildings are open, along with taverns. I do not recall any announcement of this in local news media. If it’s a secret, how does CW expect to get winter visitors?

Family engagement

Regarding a recent comment about family engagement in Williamsburg-James City County Schools: I also have been a parent in this school system and have seen a lack of family engagement and initiative and a lack of any new initiatives to bring families into the school system. I think this is an area that can be looked into to increase family participation, family consideration and considering the needs of families in the education of their children. Thank you.


I think a scatterbrain is a person who is deficient in common sense: They know how to do a job, but lack the skill to do it the right way every time. They are easily manipulated and will believe anything without the facts. They have a difficult time learning from their mistakes because they think they are smarter than they are.

Lonely ‘only’

Why do people routinely separate the adverb "only" from the word it modifies? Rarely is it used to modify a verb in a sentence, but I seldom find it placed anywhere than before the verb. For example: A man does not only play golf on Friday; he plays golf only on Friday. The first phrase says he does nothing on Friday but play golf. Does that mean he does not eat or drink on Friday? Granted, American English is a living language and its grammar will change over time, but when the changes communicate an unintended meaning they degrade the language.

At the movies

I took my grandsons to see “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” The screen flashed that the “main feature” would be starting momentarily. About 19 minutes later the main feature started after seven previews. Every preview showed some kind of extreme violence: cars crashing, people being shot, explosions. Don’t they make movies where people are having fun and not being killed or mutilated?

Up in Washington

CNN’s 24/7 attack on President Trump is 20 times more unpatriotic than even someone that agrees with taking a knee by ungrateful sport players. Furthermore, I will never patronize a business that only has on CNN, with its fake news.

Trump said the Iranian people should be able to protest and express their views. This from the man who wants football players fired for expressing their views.

To the person who wrote about being "tired" of President Trump. Are you tired of the booming economy? Are you tired of the extraordinary rise in the stock market? How about tax cuts? Guess you are tired of that too. He is not leaving office. He was fairly elected by people like me who believe in the greatness of America. He is our president, and we like him very much.

Instead of nit-picking every tweet and word that comes from President Trump, the Democrats will be better served developing a candidate to beat Trump in 2020. Do they want eight years of this president or do they want a different direction? A strong Democrat is needed.

A shutdown affects the nonessential parts of government. Things such as the post office, military, air traffic control, Social Security and others deemed vital to the country's security and economy will continue to function. Just think, now the government is doing what the Constitution intended and taxpayers want to pay for.

The dictionary definition of "fake news” is false, incorrect, often intentionally wrong news items. Donald Trump's definition and use of "fake news" is any news that does not favor or support him, regardless of its truthfulness. Beware, as this is the stuff of dictators who work to discredit and eventually terminate freedom of speech and the press. Except for Fox, which he considers unbiased, Trump considers virtually all other media outlets to be fake news, even though they report facts.

I’m really getting tired of people who call our president and anyone who agrees with him a racist and other names. Hopefully, those who call others derogatory names will remember the saying, “It takes one to know one.” Racism and ignorance go both ways.

Mindless verbal reflexes are not a sign of strength, rather mental weakness. Trump's recent statement that he could do anything he wanted with the DOJ should frighten Republicans as well as Dems and independents. As one of the latter, I must work nonstop to help the Dems take control of Congress to impeach Trump expeditiously.

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