Last Word on great pancakes, Feb. 4

Pancake supper

Thursday, I was driving on Richmond Road when I saw a sign that read "Pancake Supper Tonight" in front of Astronomical Pancake House. As I like pancakes and am new to the area, I thought I would give it a try. It turns out there was a women's organization called Soroptimist that helps educate women locally and globally and they were sponsoring the supper as a fundraiser. I was the lucky one to learn of such a great cause and enjoy the best pancakes and sausage ever. Thanks for the groups' hard work and the Pancake House for being such a great supporter in the community. I know where I will be going after church on Sundays.

Health insurance

The only people not complaining about the cost of health insurance are those not directly affected by it. Obamacare is, and hopefully soon to be was, just another entitlement program, with nongovernment working people paying for it.

That's no mistake. Obamacare is just another form of welfare, which is paid for with our taxes. It's no surprise that Obama's legacy is a nightmare for the working class who pay for it.

CW layoffs

After hearing how the layoffs were done at CW by persons going to work to find their jobs had been "eliminated" and to go home. Even persons who have been there more than 20 years. Something is wrong with this picture. Morale is so low at CW. Something needs to be done about the president and board of trustees who would do something like this, while they still have their high-income jobs!

The construction of a reflecting pool at the Williamsburg Inn is an excellent idea. It will provide laid-off and displaced employees a place to gather and reflect on their present situation.

Looking for …

To the woman who posted about Girl Scout cookies: Our daughter would love to help her but there was no contact info. Secondly, the woman who posted about French lessons, there's no voicemail so can you please email me at

To the person looking for where to dispose of Sure-Click needles: Check with your county trash removal service. They can tell you how to dispose of them safely and responsibly.

Our bathroom vent fan needs upgrading and the roof vent needs expanding. Can anyone suggest someone who does this kind of work?

Does anyone know somebody who could install a frameless shower door on a shower? Thank you so much.

Cesar's Restaurant: Does anyone know why it closed so quickly? And when and if it's going to reopen? Thank you.

Recently, there was an article in the newspaper about guided tours to help identify trees that we see in the wintertime without their leaves on. I was very interested and set it aside as I had company, and it disappeared. Does anyone know who I should contact in regard to that tour? I'd love to do it. Thank you.

Does anyone have a walker with wheels? Please call 757-532-9882. Thank you.

Can anyone tell me the name of the gentleman at Kiskiak Golf course who tipped the whole staff? He said he shot a 40 on a cold blustery rainy Sunday for nine holes and proceeded to tip everyone on our staff. No one ever got a chance to say thank you to Mr. 40. Thank you.

Better jobs

Here is the answer to a better wage: Obtain a college education or go to a trade school. Just because you want or need to earn more, doesn't mean you deserve more. I give my money to charities that help animals, as they can't help themselves.

Civil War Club

The Williamsburg Civil War Roundtable welcomes all to its meetings. Annual membership is $30 per person or $35 per family. We meet the fourth Tuesday of each month (September through May). Visit us at for more information, membership application and to sign up for email newsletters and meeting announcements.


Just received an outstanding grooming for our big hairy dog at the new grooming salon at 6929 Richmond Road. The Grooming Divas, 757-969-9411. Prices are very reasonable.


I've heard it said that young people feel they won't do as well in life as their parents. Is it really any wonder why they may feel this way? They just watched an election in which current recipients of Social Security and Medicare overwhelmingly voted for conservative candidates, candidates who had dedicated themselves to reducing these programs for future recipients, including their own children. The victors of the Greatest Generation saved these programs and passed them down to their children, you know, the losers of the only war in American history and that sad sack generation once again let the rest of us down.

Healthy smiles

Support the eighth annual Give Kids A Smile event in Williamsburg. Help our local dental community provide care for children in need on from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. March 11 at the Norge Office Park, 7151 Richmond Road, Suite 305. We are looking for dentists, hygienists, dental assistants and administrative staff. To volunteer, call April Ozmore at 757-206-1096 or email This event provides free dental care for all Medicaid eligible children up to age 18 and children from low-income families who do not have dental insurance. Contact Priscilla or Amy at 757-476-6372 to schedule an appointment.

Snow stories

In a Jan. 25 comment, a James City County resident who is originally from "snowy northern New Jersey" expressed indignation over the slow and inadequate removal of snow from many of the roads in our community following a recent storm. In case our adoptive neighbor of 17 years has not yet figured it out, it doesn't snow a whole lot around here which, incidentally, might be one of the reasons he came to Virginia in the first place. So what if two inches of snow close our school system for days on end? I'd rather be stuck at home in VA waiting for the snow to melt than being stuck on the NJ turnpike.

Electric carts

I'm calling about people that use electric carts in supermarkets. If you're going to use an electric cart, please be kind enough to return it and have someone plug it in so another handicapped person can use it. Don't leave it in the parking lot.

State police pay

Raising the Virginia State Police hiring rate by $6,000 does not solve the problem. The new recruit would be earning more than the last couple of recruiting classes. The need is for a comprehensive review of the entire salary structure and probable increases for existing troopers. The present approach exacerbates the problem.

Nod to science

The internet was invented so that scientists could communicate. The World Wide Web, through which most of us use the internet, was invented so that scientists at CERN could communicate more efficiently. These innovations from publicly funded initiatives have allowed the generation of billions upon billions of dollars in private wealth and have given all of us easy access to information. In many, many other ways, science has given a great deal to each of us. Now it's time to stand up for science, by resisting the ill-advised attempt to squash the actions of the nation's scientists. Call your representatives. Tell them to urge the federal government to maintain progress and prosperity by letting the scientists be scientists.

Jefferson and the press

Mr. Jefferson did not always speak kindly of the press. "Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. The real extent of this state of misinformation is known only to those who are in situations to confront facts within their knowledge with the lies of the day." — Thomas Jefferson to John Norvell, 1807.

Contrary to Ms. Bellows insinuation that the Trump administration does not respect the First Amendment, the Trump administration has stated just the opposite. What Ms. Bellows does not understand and appreciate is how reviled the mainstream media is by the general public. The Trump administration is only reflecting the attitude the majority of Americans feel. Fact: From a recent Gallup poll they state, "Americans' trust and confidence in the mass media 'to report the news fully, accurately and fairly' has dropped to its lowest level in Gallup polling history, with 32 percent saying they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media. This is down 8 percentage points from last year." Ms. Bellows' profession barely ranks higher than Congress, congratulations.

Kudos to Peggy Bellows for her editorial on Jan. 28. Her defense of a free press is timely and crucial, as Trump and his lackeys have already tried to discredit the basis of Americans' freedom. Thomas Jefferson's quotation at the end of her essay said it best. Read the whole essay for a second time if not the first and remember the editor's warning before it is too late.

The media is reviled and Trump is pointing that out to an oblivious press. First Amendment rights come with First Amendment responsibilities. Instead of shedding tears for the media, I suggest Ms. Bellow take some constructive criticism and perhaps get her colleagues to "listen."

New building

When is construction actually going to start on the New Blayton Building? The building is worn out due to its age. I would like to attend the ground-breaking ceremony.

Blowing leaves

Regarding leaf blowers in the winter: The leaves are not all gone. The leaves blow over from other people's yards and there's many yards that have gum balls falling from sweet gum trees that have to be removed. That's why the blowers are being used in the winter months, to try to keep the yard clean.

In response to the leaf blowers being too noisy, I would love to hear more on my street. Since the last snow, the street is still covered with sand from the poor job of plowing. I have blown it off the road in front of my house and several neighbors' houses, but most people leave it to track inside garages on car tires and in houses on their shoes (I take mine off). It's a long street and I can't do it all any more. The sand will not wash off so please blow it away, people! The winds have blown leaves back on the yards so cleanup is necessary. Ear plugs fit in the ear as well as over them and they are necessary also.


Another great reason to live in Williamsburg is the annual all-student performance of the Sinfonicron Light Opera at William and Mary. This year's presentation was Gilbert and Sullivan's "The Sorcerer." On a gloomy January afternoon, with so much turmoil in the world, it was relaxing and enjoyable to listen to the orchestra, the voices of the students and laugh at the antics of the characters. Thank you! Well done!

Hipple and GOP

The GOP-Hipple controversy: The Republicans are busy assembling the circular firing squad.

Missing myrtles

To the bellyachers who prefer to "tweet" (via the Last Word) their gripes about our Ford's Colony crape myrtles to the world at large rather than using a rational approach: Take a little of that spare time you seem to have and read the comprehensive message sent out last Friday from the Homeowners' Association regarding the research undertaken and the steps being taken to improve our landscape. Don't get email? Then stop by Community Services and review the detailed reports. Or attend a meeting of the Board of Directors. Or better yet, volunteer to join in the planning process itself. Get off your duff and act. The people who are trying to make things happen have enough to do without having to contend with your petty sniping and misinformed ranting.

Hidden disabilities

To the person who left the comment about being disabled: I agree with you that people can't judge a book by its cover. When I tell people all that I'm going through (I'm disabled as well), one of the first things they say is, "But you look so good." And my husband says, to my defense, "Well, at least she should look good. Thank goodness that she can look good because she doesn't feel well and she's not doing well." Yes, people are just clueless about hidden disabilities. So I'm glad to say something in the Last Word. Hopefully, that person will read it and keep their mouth shut.

March on

To the women who are ashamed of the women who marched all around the country: I marched in D.C. I am a 63-year-old grandma. I will continue to march until we have equality for all. In fact, I am stunned that I still have to protest for this.

Hard at work

Well, I didn't think it was possible to beat a VDOT job, but I see that James City Service Authority, in front of a local store this morning, had probably 12 people and eight trucks and they're working in a hole about 4 feet square. So, didn't think it was possible to beat VDOT, but they did!

Build a wall

You're probably wondering, who were those crazy people in Congress that voted for the wall in 2006. Who were they? Those lunatics! Why, no decent Democrat would have voted for that wall between Mexico and the USA, that, by the way, has already been approved so it doesn't have to go through Congress. Who voted for it? Let's see … along with the Republicans, Biden voted yes. Clinton voted yes. Obama voted yes. And 66 Democrats in the House voted yes. Enough said on that subject! And it was approved and signed into law.

Balancing power

Is there anyone else out there who by now is deeply concerned that the Republican Party is heading into a suicidal demise? Under President Trump, whose lack of restraint and obsessive egocentrism — witness the rambling discourse at the CIA which included keeping or once more seeking an opportunity to get Iraq's oil — surely must be a cause of concern for all Republicans. This is a time for the party in power to be self-critical rather than being uncritical cheerleaders, if only to avoid the disintegration of a once proud conservative party. Liberal critics and demonstrations abound, but where are the voices of reason among Republicans, expressing dissent about the excesses of their President? Have we not learned that being a blind, "true believer" follower usually leads to disaster?

Regarding the boycott by Democratic members of Congress during the inauguration: I agree they should not have done that. But, in my view, it's part of a much bigger issue. I believe it was much worse for Sen. McConnell to state that he would do everything he could to make President Obama a one-term president and ensure the Republicans in Congress do all they could to block nearly everything he proposed. If a Democrat proposes something, Republicans automatically oppose it —and vice versa. Many Republican and Democratic members of Congress need to be voted out and replaced by people who want to work together for the good of the country and not solely for the good of their party.

President Trump

We're glad that President Trump is working hard to restore jobs for Americans. We should also remember why we lost jobs to Mexico and other countries. Simply put, too many union demands for more money — car manufacturers and other business owners couldn't afford to stay in the U.S. As Trump brings jobs back, we hope he watches what the unions ask for. We're not surprised the media is not pointing this out to the public that the unions are waiting for the jobs to come back.

More than 65 million voters rejected Donald Trump on Election Day. There is an excellent website with guidance on how to remind Congress that they work for all of us. It is

Trump said he would release his tax returns as soon as a routine audit was complete. Now he says he will never release them. The lies keep on coming. His poll numbers keep on falling. Good thing is the Tea Party can refuse his entire agenda without fear from the weakest president in history.

After reading a recent Last Word, I felt I had to give my thoughts on our new president, to balance out all the naysayers. First, he is keeping his campaign promises as quickly as possible. Second, I feel relieved that the people have been stopped for 90 days for coming into America from terrorist/Muslim stronghold countries. Third, his choices for the Cabinet are all very qualified, mature people. Four, I want the wall built to stop the Mexican drug trade. Fifth, I'm very glad that a pro-life Supreme Court justice has been named. Thank you very much.

The President wants to raise the cost of living for most people who live in the United States by, for example: cutting taxes for the rich and raising the cost of getting a loan to buy a house. Also, the proposed 20 percent tax on imports from Mexico, which is being presented as a way to force Mexico to pay for the proposed "beautiful, amazing, wonderful wall" across our shared border with Mexico, would mean that ordinary folks living in the U.S. who buy fruits and vegetables from Mexico, would pay the extra 20 percent. This would essentially be yet another regressive tax (like Virginia's abominable tax on groceries).

I'm an American citizen. I have freedom of speech. I'm a Vietnam veteran with a Purple Heart, a Bronze Star and a Silver Star. If I were in the military when Donald Trump became president, I would have gone AWOL because it makes no sense for this man, who has no military service and doesn't know what it feels like to be in a foreign country and go through the hardship that you go through and do what he's doing. I hope you print this 'cause it seems to be that you stand up to this man and stop thinking this man is God. 'Cause this man sure ain't God. Need to stand up to him and teach him and get him out of there before he has World War III. Thank you.

President Trump did this immigration ban by executive order and he gets attacked for it. In 201l, President Obama did the exact same thing and it was OK or liberal then. Explain to me, someone. Thanks.

A new isolationist norm for our country. We elected President Trump, the apprentice who's key strategy is to create controversy and chaos. As you can tell from his first actions, we should expect shock and awe. He will make short-term decisions, not considering impacts and then adjust. Those of us unemployed or underpaid who voted for him will feel great about the actions he's taking the first year. Watch and be awed. Within a short number of years, we will see China and Russia taking our place as the world leaders. Food, gas, everyday product costs and percentage of low-paying jobs will increase. On the other hand, we will feel awesome we are putting America First and alienating the rest of the world.

The Republicans claimed it took Obama two weeks to become the worst President in the history of our country. Trump took that as a challenge; it took him eight days to create confusion, chaos, usurp the order of Congress and violate the Constitution. Trump is the best at everything, just ask him.

Just pointing out to all the people saying that this president is doing what he campaigned on. Well, he campaigned on many things: He also said he was going to release his tax returns but now will not. He said he would divest his businesses and he has not and does not intend to. The executive orders are coming out so fast that people are frenzied. The majority of the country is not in agreement with deregulation, moving forward on the pipeline, the Muslim ban disguised as "keeping us safe." At the same time trying to bring the most unqualified people into his cabinet who haven't been properly vetted. He is still deligitimizing the press, and he is pushing the divide even deeper. The people need to stay vocal and keep up the march so we don't lose all our freedoms.

This is a response to the letter praising the Trump family unit and its commitment to the Lord. I would like to remind him that Trump has been married three times and that his first divorce was attributed to his having a mistress. His children have three different mothers. His current wife is 30 years younger than he is. Somehow, I think the Obama family more closely reflects the image of the family as it is preached in my church.


We deplorables did not misunderstand Trump's promises. He is moving rapidly on what he said, and he is meeting our expectations. Thank you!

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