Last Word on an interesting column, May 16

Always interesting

Frank Shatz's World Focus column on Wednesdays continues to treat and impress us with interviews with fellow residents we know by name and their current activity/profession. But thanks to his interest and ability, we get to learn so much more about the person. Gen. Jim Golden is such — who knew of his amazing and impressive career before coming to Williamsburg? Thank you to both gentlemen for the illuminating column.

Business license

Just want to reach out to fellow business owners in James City County. Has anyone else not received their business license invoice for 2018? I have spoken with several JCC business owners that have not received theirs as well. I personally contacted the treasurer’s office and the commissioner’s office and was told the invoice were mailed March 1 and that this was a post-office issue, so they emailed my bill to me plus a delinquent late charge. Has anyone else had this issue this year?

Sales tax increase

The comments in the May 5 Last Word regarding the SB942 sales tax were spot on. First of all, I and probably a lot of citizen taxpayers in the city of Williamsburg, James City and York County will shop elsewhere to avoid the tax, on large purchases in particular. Shop local — Why? It will only cost you more. Secondly, remember who voted for or supported SB942 bill and facilitated it to become law. When it is time to vote, remember Tommy Norment and those members of the Williamsburg City Council, James City and York County Board of Supervisors who supported this tax that has cost you more than it will ever return.

Great performance

Cheers to the Warhill High School students who put on a production of “Tarzan” for their spring musical. I was amazed at the high caliber the students performed at. We wished we could have seen the play a second time. I believe we will see these students on the big screen one day. Way to go Lion’s Roar Theatre Company!

Bike rides

I see Williamsburg Area Bicyclists have all their rides scheduled in the upper portion of the county. Why don’t they go ride on the 50-mile bike path to Richmond that cost $75 million to build instead of out here on the skinniest roads in the upper part of the county where cars are?

Looking for …

I am looking for a mobile car detailer. His name is Rick. I live in Ford’s Colony and he did some work for me and I’m interested in finding him again. If anyone knows his phone number, I’d appreciate it. Thank you.

My name is Bob and my phone number is 757-550-9516. I am a handyman. I work for a landscape company and I do small engine repair. I notice a few people around Toano have written in looking for someone to look at their small engines. I also do concrete work, home improvement, all things like that. I have my own trailer, all my own tools and everything. If anyone around Toano is looking for a handyman and needs some work done, please give me a call. I’ll be more than happy to answer questions before I come out and give you an estimate.

My name’s Floyd Perree, phone number’s 757-550-9516. I’m calling about some jobs that people have listed in LW — an elderly lady in need of someone to come by her house and fix her lawnmower. I’m a small engine mechanic. There was another comment looking for someone to install a sidewalk between a garage privacy fence. Please call and we’ll see if I can help get done what you need.

A couple weeks ago, a mushroom farm in Newport News advertised mushroom compost for sale. I set the article aside, but it was thrown out. I’m not familiar with Newport News that much and I was wondering if anybody knows where the mushroom farm is in Newport News. Please respond to Last Word. Thank you.

Does anyone have the phone number for Jason the Mason, the bricklayer? It was in The Virginia Gazette a couple of months ago. Please leave it in the Gazette. Thank you. Editor’s note: You can reach Jason at 757-358-6289.

Does anyone know if there is a local company/business that can convert slides to digital? There was a fellow named Tom that did this, but I am unable to locate/contact him. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Does anyone know how to sell or where to donate golf clubs and bag?

Just wondering

So, now that the Boy Scouts are going to allow girls into the Scouts, with the Girl Scouts allow boys?

Using resources

In this day and age of trying to conserve and be green, why do I always see people with sprinkler systems watering their lawn just after we got an inch or two of rain? Doesn’t make sense. Just turn your sprinklers off.

Modern slavery

Slavery is a regrettable part of our past; we cannot hide from it. What is the point of arguing today about statutes when slavery exists today? It would be better for those who argue about statues to dedicate time and energy to fighting against modern slavery. The United States Department of Labor has identified at least 139 products from 75 countries that were produced using forced or child labor, including clothing, coffee and carpet. We need to unite, research what we buy and call upon those who organize demonstrations to do the same and share it with all of us.

Road worries

Question is, why on Route 199, between the Windsor Meade Shopping Center down to Route 60, are the lights not synchronized at all. The last few times I’ve come through, every light has turned red in front of me. It just doesn’t make any sense at all. Thank you.

I was so proud today. I was behind two cars. We were at a stoplight and there was a funeral procession, and the cars in front of me just waited. They didn’t try to cut in between the procession. I hadn’t seen that type of honor, respect and reverence in many years. I know the younger generation, those younger than 45, for the most part, don’t know of such etiquette as to not break funeral processions, because I’ve seen it happen so often, where they just cut in front. So I just wanted to say it was just a real nice reminder of how civilization used to be, common courtesy.


It is always a pleasure to recommend a locally owned business. Pete's Heating and Air (757-566-2128) recently installed a Mitsubishi Mini Split system in a lower-level room with uneven temperatures. Danny returned phone calls, arrived on time, installed the unit efficiently and cleaned up all materials. The unit is amazingly quiet and effective and the customer service was exceptional.

I recently attended a luncheon and card party sponsored by the Williamsburg Women’s Club. The event was held at the Women’s Club in Toano. This building was recently redecorated and painted. It is a lovely place to hold an event. If you are interested in renting it, call Connie at 566-4060.

To the person looking for someone to do excellent concrete: Call Allen Lowe with Able Concrete at 757-592-7079. He matches the aggregate with whatever you have. I have had a lot of work done by him and they are very professional. Even our subdivision has had work done by him. They’re reliable, responsible, the prices are right and the job looks terrific.

I’d like to recommend Papa John’s Pizza, especially the one on John Tyler Highway, and Jacob there is superb. I’m a disabled person and I went up there and wanted to get pizza for my husband, who is very ill. Jacob fixed it exactly the way I wanted, which doesn’t always happen. When I went to get it, I was having a struggle getting my car door open and he came out and brought it to me — just handed it to me through the window. Maybe he saw my handicapped plates, I don’t know. He was very, very nice. Thank you.

For lawnmower repair, I highly recommend Joe’s Mobile Engine repair. Hard to find honest repairman, but Joe is. He’s repaired several mowers for my dad and me during the past few years and is reliable and reasonable. You can call him at 757-570-5708 and he will come to you.

Guns and drugs

Unfortunately, the opioid problem is taking on the same pattern as the gun problem. The drugs aren’t the problem; it’s the people. And, unfortunately, people want laws based on 2 percent of the people that are doing wrong, and it infringes on the other 98 percent of us that are doing right. So those of us that need pain pills to function, to control our pain so we are able to function and have a life, we now are the ones that must suffer. So, please use critical thinking when thinking and talking about this. It is always the people. Inanimate objects do not commit crimes or do wrong. Only people can do that.

Dear person who referred to me as a “poor soul”: I did not make the point that motor vehicles were not mentioned in the Second Amendment. My point was there is no specific article or amendment to the U.S. Constitution that protects the right to “keep and operate motor vehicles” as there is “to keep and bear arms.” Also, your point that motor vehicles were not around when the Founding Fathers framed the Constitution is also intellectually deficient. The U.S. Constitution has been amended many times long after the founders were dead and buried. If you really want to regulate guns like motor vehicles, you’ll first need to convince a two-thirds majority of the House and Senate to vote for legislation to repeal the Second Amendment, or two-thirds of the state legislatures to call for a constitutional convention to do the same. Good luck with that.

Thank you

Thank you so much to Matoaka parents for going above and beyond with your teacher appreciation week gifts, from food to car washes to the numerous small gifts from students, you really made us feel the love.

A big praise and thank you to the person for saving the mama goose and her eight or nine babies that were crossing Route 199 on Saturday in front of the Walmart. I saw them and turned around to try and do something, but you beat me to it. Thank you for saving them.

Up in Washington

I am proud of our military son, who has been in South Korea along with other military sons and daughters that have been in South Korea. They have been doing round-the-clock exercises since Trump has been in office, keeping the pressure on North Korea. I am proud of our president for the sanctions against North Korea. We have crushed them and brought them to the table. I am proud that they are releasing the three hostages that they have refused to release — three Americans that they are releasing. Well done, military. Well done, Secretary of State. Well done, President Trump. This is much better than war.

Mark Warner should make Virginia proud by putting country over party. Gina Haspel, as the first woman to head the CIA, has received very strong backing from former top intelligence officials from both parties. It would be unfortunate if Haspel's career and our country's safety were derailed because of politics.

In the May 5 Last Word, three items seemed/are wrong. 1. Regarding Bill Cosby, I thought the writer was going to say Clinton. How is President Trump worse than Clinton? 2. I also think President Trump is not unstable but extremely frustrated with who he has to deal with and what needs correcting. 3. And tax cuts are not the problem. Democrat spending and refusal to negotiate a balanced budget are the problem.

When the audience at the Donald Trump roadshow chants, "No bell, No bell," they are instructing the judges not to ring the gong cutting his comedy act off in mid-sentence.

I have a question for the caller who commented on the Republicans’ calls for an amendment to the Constitution to have a balanced budget: Why do they only sing that tune when they are the minority in Congress? Could it have to do with their lie that the Democrats are the party of "tax and spend," which deflects observation from the truth that they are the party of borrow and spend? When Republicans hold the federal checkbook, they always want to cut taxes for the top 1 percent and cut vital assistance for the lowest among us and borrow to keep the government running. One would hope that 535 "adults" would be able to balance the federal budget without having to codify the action into the Constitution, but as long as congressmen are bought by special interest groups and well paid by them for their services, the American people will get the dirty end of the stick.

Since the president of the United States is acting like he’s running a rogue nation somewhere in the third world, maybe the sane nations of the world need to sanction us until he comes to his senses.

Just when we thought the president of the United States backing out of the Iran nuclear deal was going to be the news story of the week, Stormy Daniel’s lawyer drops a bomb, saying that a Russian oligarch gave Michael Cohen a half a million dollars at that same time that Cohen paid off Stormy Daniels. I don’t think that was convenient; I think that was collusion.

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