Last Word on wood to share, June 6

Midtown Row

Mr. J. Hertzler, you are not alone regarding the chosen colors for the Midtown commercial building. I agree with you. One would think that being so close to the colonial sector, related colors wouldn’t clash with the rest of Williamsburg. Adding “dimension” with a yellow stripe to a building doesn’t make sense. Thank God brown wasn’t the choice. Look at The Oaks townhouses on south Henry Street or the medical offices next to the Colony Shopping Center on Jamestown Road. Those buildings look so 80s and boring. What part of “colonial” doesn’t the architectural board understand? Look around the area and please choose a fresh color that will enhance the appearance of our beloved town. After all, “colonial” is what Williamsburg is known for.

Wood to share

To the individual who has extra wood to share: As a woodworker, I always have potential for more wood. 757-258-2788.

I am responding to the item in Wednesday's Gazette regarding walnut and cherry boards. I am interested. Please call Dave at 850-814-2133. Thank you.

In response to the "Looking for..." entry in the May 30 Gazette, I would be interested in the wood. Kevin Lafountain, 757-771-0014.

Will the party who was interested in disposing of his wood collection get in touch with me at 860-460-1330.

I do a lot of wood turning as a hobby. I would love to have some of the walnut and cherry. Would prefer in 2- or 3-inch widths. I can be reached on my cell at 703-851-9609. Thanks.

Thanks for the offer in May 30 edition for dried hardwoods. May I have some, please? I am novice woodworker with some projects in mind. I have truck and can haul away at your convenience — any amount. Thanks. Jeff D., cell 757-817-7412.

This comment is in response to the Last Word posting about the walnut and cherry lumber that appeared in the May 30 Virginia Gazette: I’m interested in speaking to the person that offered the lumber. I can be reached by cell phone or text at 215-808-1890. Please ask for Bob.

I would love to give a new home to the cherry and walnut wood that was offered in the Last Word. I have been using reclaimed lumber to make toys, furniture and other projects for years. I can be reached at 757-320-9415. Please ask for Greg, and I can pick it up immediately.

I am interested in the woods, walnut and cherry, posted in the Last Word. My number is 259-6847. Thank you.

My name is Bill and my number is 757-645-5348. Please print that in response to the person who is offering walnut and cherry boards for pick up. Thank you.

This is Kerry at 565-2090 responding to the person who has cherry and walnut boards. Please give me a call, and I’d like to talk to him about that.

In May 30 Last Word, “Looking for,” about some walnut and cherry boards: If you call me at 757-208-0530 — I am interested in that wood if you’d like to get rid of it. Thank you. Talk to you soon.

I’m answering the Last Word. One of your readers has shop wood that he wants to give away. As a father, and grandfather and a great-grandfather, myself and my grandchildren and great-grandchildren would love to have at least some of the wood to put to good use. I am Gary. You can reach me at 757-220-2356. Thank you.

I’m calling about the comment for the walnut and cherry boards that someone put in the Last Word. You can give me a call at 757-229-7184. Thank you.

W&M degree

To suggest that a College of William and Mary diploma will be less valuable because a U.S. senator or former director of the FBI speaks or teaches at the university is so naïve. Further, the academic requirements for enrollment at William and Mary far exceed those of decades past. The average SAT of an admitted student for academic year 2018-19 is 1460. Please stop.

I hope the world is watching. I find it amusing to read from a W&M alum "hoping his W&M degree will still be valid after 2018" with Mark Warner, one of our very best governors and Senator and former FBI Director James Comey allowed to speak. Of course Mr. Comey was fired because he was fortunately not willing to be "loyal" to a president that only wanted to escape the Russia investigation. If you're wondering about "ethics," so far Mr. Mueller has issued more than 100 criminal counts against 19 people and three companies. Of the 19 people, five, including three Trump associates, have pleaded guilty, 13 are Russians accused of meddling in our 2016 Presidential election. I doubt the writer was a W&M alum.

Teacher pay

To the writer complaining about teachers’ pay and having to pay more for their health benefits: Thanks to Obamacare, we all have to pay a lot more for our health benefits. Maybe next time liberal Democrat teachers will vote Republican.

If you take teachers’ annual pay and divide it by the days actually worked, you will find they’re paid comparable to the private sector. Also, remember that teacher’s pay comes from our taxes; in the private sector, it comes from profits.

If teachers want to get paid more, this is what they have to agree to: No early retirement (that means working until you’re 65 like the public sector), no summers off, no spring break, no snow days. Also no tenure — that’s right, you can be fired like the rest of us. Oh and of course, your retirement benefits package will be substantially cut. By the way, last year I received a 2 percent pay raise and it didn’t come out of our taxes.

Birding column

It was shocking to read the vicious personal attack on our knowledgeable and respected ornithologist, Dan Cristol, for informing us of the amendment to HR 4239, which gives industries a free pass to kill flocks of even protected migratory and endangered species with impunity. He did not "cowardly criticize President Trump and his voters for Deepwater Horizon." He merely stated that HR 4239 is Trump/Republican sponsored. The coward is the anonymous caller who proclaimed "Cristol is ignorant of HR 4239." Cristol stuck to his topic of how the bill will affect birds and did not address other harmful provisions that threaten our national parks and surrounding ecosystems, our waters, and wildlife. It even guts the 45-year-old Marine Mammal Protection Act that has been the bulwark of protection for our most iconic ocean species. This bill is widely described as pay-back to fossil fuel industries for their campaign donations, and polls show that a majority of both informed Republican and Democrats oppose many of its provisions, as do oceanic, wildlife, environmental, oceanic and humane organizations.

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