Last Word on Taylor Reveley, June 9

Well-done Reveley

Congratulations to College of William and Mary President Taylor Reveley for a decade of success. He will leave the university in good stead. Graduates go on to assume leadership in public life, take important roles in industry and contribute as engaged and active citizens in communities across the globe. The William and Mary of 2018 is so much better than he found it.

Summer Breeze

If anyone is taking a poll, the new venue for Summer Breeze was great.

I am looking at the website for the upcoming Summer Breeze Concert series, and I notice on the website it says, “No outside alcohol.” I am wondering, who’s going to be enforcing that, how are they going to be enforcing it and why? That didn’t seem to be the policy last year. Why the policy change on alcohol?

Tourism sales tax

Yet another assault on the low-income workers, who provide services for the hospitality and retail industry, who were recently given the gift of taxation for marketing the industries that pay less-than-subsistence wages. Now, tourists that demand hotel services no longer pay a tax, but the maid who cleans the room pays an extra sales tax when she buys clothes, toiletries and laundry supplies. This needs to stop. Hospitality workers (where they will live and how they will get to work) are never considered in any economic or transportation plan. Only tourists and students are considered.

NFL anthem

Every active NFL football player has access to the media at practice, pre-game and post-game. Their high visibility in the community provides them a podium to address almost any issue they believe is important, whenever they want. The media is generally very happy to accommodate and listen and provide some type of coverage. But for some, that is not enough. Some players chose to disrespect a flag thousands and thousands of men and women have lost their lives and limbs defending. Television ratings dropped 6 percent last year as a clear response to the public’s view of this unpatriotic gesture. The owners have now defined an “anthem” policy of some sort. Why? Television revenue? Patriotism? Season ticket sales? My guess is the majority will give them the benefit of the doubt. I’m an average Joe who has, except for the Last Word, no real voice or access to the media, but I am thankful for the men and women who have defended the U.S. flag and this opportunity to speak out.

The answer to this question is not as obvious as one might instantly think, and the rationale will be unique for each who ponders it. But the question is provocative and worthy of thought. Who has the greater value to the future of the United States, a soldier or an NFL player? Good luck!

The comment in Wednesday’s Gazette about NFL and the anthem missed the point. In Third World dictatorships, people are told what to do and how to think. Our current president would prefer to be a Third World dictator than a democratically elected leader, so of course, things reflect how he feels about the nation.

Evidentially the writer of the NFL and Anthem squib is unaware of U.S. Code, Title 36, Section 171, which specifically states: During rendition of the national anthem when the flag is displayed, all present except those in uniform should stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. Men not in uniform should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart. Persons in uniform should render the military salute at the first note of the anthem and retain this position until the last note.” The NFL has been remiss in not "penalizing the NFL players in violation" of the U.S. Code and, in my opinion, the NFL should backdate the enforcement with a $100,000 fine PER game.

Looking for …

Does anyone know of a local carpenter who can make a custom base cabinet for a kitchen and doors of solid wood? Please leave a message at 757-887-5010. Do not want a large company.

Does anyone know where good, gentle yoga classes are offered? Please respond to Last Word.

Someone called in looking for Rachel, who used to work at Shear Creations. She is now at “Virtue Salon” at 312 Lightfoot Road, 757-876-2101. Thank you.

For an art appraiser, contact Jack Hamilton of Hamilton’s Rare Books at 220-3000; for a coin appraiser, talk to Guy DeWolf, 229-5544

About that wood

This is Sean Rogers at 232-9575. I am interested in the walnut boards. Please contact me.

My name is Stanley Stone and I’m interested in the wood that someone posted about. My number is 757-880-4930. Thank you.

This is Robert Lynch at 220-5621 and I’d like to know more about the walnut and cherry wood. Thank you.

I am interested in the boards of walnut and cherry. Call me at 570-7728. Thank you so much.

This is Timothy Warren. I’m calling about the walnut and cherry wood. Please give me a call at 757-603-6169. Thank you.

My name is Tim and my number is 757-810-0641 and I’m interested in the walnut that is being given away. Thank you.

This is Bob at 757-378-3842. There’s someone who has walnut and cherry wood to give away—and I would like to talk to them. Thank you.

This is Dale Merriss. I’m responding to the person who has the walnut boards available. My number is 258-5429. Thank you.

Midtown Row

Earth Fare grocery store is going in on Monticello Avenue — I can’t believe the powers that be are allowing this store to have that large sign on the front of their store. Are we going to have flashing lights like they have in New York or Vegas? This is Colonial Virginia, the colonial capital, and we can read small signs. Thank you.

Missing the trees

It is really sad to see these contractors tearing down all these beautiful, mature trees on Ironbound Road, running parallel with Berkeley School. Really sad.

About W&M

The W&M grad worried about the worth of his degree should be more concerned about his decaying reading comprehension skills before attacking Sen. Warner as being part of current government scandals. Warner is investigating Russian attempts at undermining our election results with the help of the Trump campaign staff. The commenter warns the world is watching and it’s noticing the complicit actions of the president’s supporters as he lies his way through the conspiracy du jour. It’s not your W&M degree that is suspect; it’s your thinking.

If you believe Sen. Warner and former FBI Director Comey are the "Deep State," your W&M degree is of no help to you.

This summer, 117 William and Mary law students will complete pro bono work for 103 organizations in 15 states, the District of Columbia, Cambodia, China, the Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Laos, Lithuania, the Netherlands, South Africa and Switzerland.

‘Color of Law’

In a recent reading of "The Color of Law" by Richard Rothstein, I learned that a devastating disadvantage was placed on African-Americans by our federal, state and local governments. Numerous restrictions prevented them from buying homes in middle-class areas. These restrictions were contrary to constitutional law. Most African-Americans did not benefit, like my family did, from the housing and financial boom of increased real estate values, starting in the 1950s. Government restrictions have led to inner-city ghettos, and now to the loss of life, we witness daily on the news. It is tragically late for a solution, though some cities have taken measures to change the status quo, much more needs to be done.

Memorial Day

Cedar Grove Cemetery was well prepared for the Memorial Day weekend. The American flags provided by the DAV were placed on our veterans’ graves by residents of our community, the fire and police departments and the James City Rotary Club. We thank these volunteers, and we especially thank caretaker Bill Brown and his crew for their efforts in making Cedar Grove such a beautiful site. We also appreciated Cliff Guertin’s letter to the editor entitled “Memorial Day honors heroes.” His Saturday letter brought tears to our eyes and it said it all. Thank you, Mr. Guertin. Thank you very much.

Postal Service

Can anybody suggest what to do about the breakdown in postal service in Windsor Forest? I am notified via email each day of the mail, and it’s supposed to be delivered every day, but at least one or two days a week, my mail is not delivered or picked up at all. Mail is lost, including bills, and although I file reports and complaints, I have never heard back anything in response. When our mail does get delivered, it comes late at night. Why can’t the Post Office contract out delivery to an entity like Amazon or Fed Ex that has a demonstrated record and infrastructure that can handle this? This is crazy!


I would like to recommend Khalid of We Fix Computers. He comes quickly and manages to work on the computer and clear up the problem. His number is 757-291-3663. Thank you.

We give Williamsburg Heating and Air Conditioning Inc., 757-220-4357 a five-star rating! They are our go-to guys for our system checkups, and we are always more than satisfied with their work. We had an air conditioner issue recently and they came up with an ingenious temporary fix while they worked on the problem. They do a fantastic job explaining issues and solutions. Once the problem was located, the fix was simple. This company works like a team with open communication with senior staff and owners.

Thank you

Thank you, William and Mary students, for another great year of service in the community. We miss you.

My husband is critically ill and the doctors expected him to lose the battle in a short time. I was in Trader Joe’s on May 29, a little teary-eyed and, on top of everything else, I had lost a section to my car key that rendered it useless. Andrew, a manager, and Caroline searched the store and out in the parking lot and finally found it for me, saving me $150. They also gave me flowers to take to the nurses at the hospital. They exemplify the great concern the store has for its customers. Trader Joe’s continues to amaze me with their caring attitude — I’ve seen it over and over again. Invariably, I’ll see someone handed the flowers, and I know something has happened and touched the heart of people in the store.

Up in Washington

Sad to say, I believe Democrats would rather see President Trump fail in our negotiations with North Korea and face a nuclear showdown then see him brilliantly negotiate a peace through strength. Can’t wait until Trump succeeds and proves the Democrats wrong again.

Question to the May 26 commenter who claims "our country is once again taking its place as the most respected and feared country in the world": What planet are you on? Between the outright lies, spreading disinformation and false conspiracy theories, subverting constitutional norms and shameless self-enrichment, not to mention the complete denial and inaction against a hostile foreign government meddling to undermine our elections, as well as hush money to porn stars, our country has sunk to the depths of disrespect in the world. I will concede, however, that we are likely feared; after all, when a thin-skinned, uninformed, narcissistic head of state possesses nuclear codes, any sane person should have much to fear. Oh, and about that "wimp" characterization: The president's five deferments from duty in Vietnam (bone spurs, wasn't it?) serves as a true meaning of the word "wimp," leaving this writer, and many of my fellow combat veterans of that war, totally disgusted.

You know, there’s a man that’s coming on TV and he’s talking about the taxes going up. It’s my understanding the poor people have been paying and supporting the country for a long time because the good ole boys in Congress are not going to let the rich people support the country. I don’t see any difference — the poor get poorer, the rich get richer. Thanks, Congress!

There is absolutely no reason we should accept the blind faith the core supporters of the president have in him! We should pray for their salvation and work to see to it that they see the error of their ways and seek redemption before it is too late. Those who simply are ignorant in their ways can be brought to the truth, but those who are too stupid to understand the need to be cared for as there is nothing which can be done for them.

Trump might know that if he pardons Manafort or Cohen, they can't plead the fitfh when called before a grand jury to testify against him.

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