Last Word on changes downtown, Aug. 11

Changes downtown

I totally agree with the reader’s comment in the July 14 issue concerning changes downtown. I’ve been saying the exact same thing for a long time. Visitors came to see our charming town, to get away from the hubbub. What’s the draw to our town now? More grocery stores, tire stores, more buildings, more traffic, more people? I don’t think so. I understand development is needed, but I think city planners need to take a hard second look at what they’re allowing to happen here.

Saving water

Regarding water supplies in James City County: If James City County would provide rain barrels at a discounted price for everybody, they might save a little bit of money and save a great resource of water. Second, if homeowner associations would make it mandatory to not have their home sprinklers going off in the rain when it’s not necessary, that would also save our greatest resource. Use your head.

Looking for …

I would like recommendations for someone who can repair a porcelain doll. Please reply in the Last Word or by email to

In response to the person asking about the My Pillow: We tried them and sent them back. Enough said.

This is in response to the person asking about My Pillow. I gave one to our son-in-law for Christmas, and he loves it. That item is often on sale at Christmas time.

I would like to donate some prescription eyeglasses to any charity in the Williamsburg area. I understandthe Lions Club will take them, but I do not know how to contact them. If anybody can help, please let us know via the Last Word. Thanks very much.

Is there a women’s group out there with a full range of activities, such as lunches, get-together dinners, movies, Bunco, service/charity work, field trips (local field trips), evening activities, book club? I’m new to the area and haven’t really met anybody. Please respond if there’s anybody out there, and maybe we could get something together if there isn’t something already available. Thank you.

To the person looking for a stylist for highlights and a cut: Call Jim at Jim De's. He is great at both. Won't find better in Williamsburg. 757-220-1994, 3356 Ironbound Road

Power lines

A power company can gather electricity 27 miles out into the ocean, but they can’t bury a cable from Jamestown to Surry. Go figure.

Campus voting

I don’t know what all the fuss is about. The campus of the College of William and Mary is in the heart of the Matoaka Precinct, Precinct 2, which votes right across the street from campus at Williamsburg United Methodist Church, 500 Jamestown Road. And for most of those who live off campus, the other precinct in town is the Stryker Precinct, Precinct 1, which votes at the Williamsburg Community Building, 401 N. Boundary St., across from the city library. Both precincts are easy walks from campus.

Well done!

Congratulations to Williamsburg on rallying past Dinwiddie National to win the Boys Invitational Baseball Tournament in Colonial Heights recently.

Retired in Williamsburg

To the New England “know-it-all” who volunteered to give Fred Siegel a roundabout tutorial in “your northeastern states”: When you do, please do us all a big favor and stay there.

To the person who commented about giving Virginians a tour of their northeastern state to show us how roundabouts really work, I say, "Don't judge a Virginia driver by the license plates on his car.” What state plate do you have on yours?


I am surprised that a previous writer was appalled that a law enforcement officer endorsed a Supreme Court nominee. Law enforcement officers and agencies usually have taken a stand and endorsed any number of candidates for elected or appointed office, from president to local elected judges. Nothing wrong with it and frankly, I support knowing where our law enforcement community stands on a candidate for any office.

No-feeding zone

Today I saw a man feeding bread to about 15 Canada geese right in front of the Food Lion at Williamsburg Crossing. Not only is bread not a good food for them, but it just encourages them to hang around and poop where people are walking into the grocery store — highly unsanitary. There are also geese in the area around Riverside Doctor’s Hospital, often walking in the parking lot.


I believe a previous commenter is correct when they said the panhandler on Monticello Avenue has chosen panhandling as his profession. Unfortunately, his black dog doesn’t have a choice. That dog had to endure the heat all last summer, the cold all winter, and now this summer’s extreme heat. All while tied to the pole in the middle of a busy thoroughfare. What a shame.

Car registration

The correct website to renew without a third party and their fees is The yellow card that we received is from a third party.

The comment in the Last Word concerning the DMV is very helpful. People should not use that system. Call the DMV office directly and they will help you. This is nothing but a scam.

Voting rights

Only eligible voters should be voting. Why does the League of Women Voters not support the use of a valid picture ID to insure only legal citizens vote and why would we not want to know how many citizens take the Census? Hope the League gets on board with ensuring that only citizens vote and knowing how many citizens are legally in the country.

Trump recently suggested that only citizens should be allowed to vote. The American Revolution occurred and the United States was founded on the principal of "no taxation without representation." Therefore, taxpayers should be eligible to vote whether they are citizens or not.

Free to you

Five steel roof panels, 38 inches by 12 feet. Must pick up. Lightfoot area. Please call 815-404-1600.

More color

We have grayed America. It is so “in” in every interior design, it is out. A nice color, but please let us find another neutral. It has saturated all furnishings. Ten years ago it was new and special. Now we see it everywhere. The masses are drowning in it. Shopping for a redo of our old house, I can find nothing else. Designers, it is time for a change. Help.

First Night badges

A few weeks ago I posted here that I have badges for First Night Williamsburg, and was looking for a home for them where they might be appreciated. I received a reply from a fellow member of the Williamsburg Historical Society who suggested the special collections department of the Swem Library at W&M. To my delight, they accepted them and that part of Williamsburg’s history will be saved. I have badges from the first one in 1994 through 2015, but sadly I do not have badges for the last two years, 2016 and 2017. If any Last Word reader happens to have either or both of the badges for those years and is willing to donate them so that the library will have the entire set, please call me at 229-3851.


The U.S. has lost millions of high-paying manufacturing and high tech jobs as manufacturers were forced to move overseas to remain competitive in a global market. Our trading partners restricted U.S. access to their market by placing barriers to trade through implementation of high tariffs, duties, import quotas, licensing and other fees. Implementation of tariffs by the U.S. is a response to unfair trade practices by our trading partners. The offer on the table — the U.S. will remove all barriers to free and open trade if our trading partners do the same—sounds fair.

Any farmer who opposed the auto bailout and voted for Trump should not get a government handout.

It is time to do some math to determine what the new import tariffs are doing for us. It is pointed out that they will pay down the national debt of $21 trillion. At 25 percent on $84 billion of imports, that comes out to $21 billion per year. That is one-tenth of one percent of debt. That is not getting there. Also, the debt has grown $1.6 trillion under our president. We the consumers are paying the tariffs. Finally, the tariffs are reducing competitiveness and costing jobs.

Affordable housing

Most of the low-paying service jobs in Williamsburg/James City County are demanded by the upper economic class that will not pay a living wage to their servants. Those jobs do not require college and the associated loan debt, but are essential to support the lifestyle of the elite. Those jobs also are essential for the city and county administrations' plan to ramp up tourism and retail industries that rely heavily on jobs that pay less than a living wage for the area. Our colonial ancestors understood that they needed their servants close. How many hospitality/retail workers with jobs in Williamsburg/James City County actually live here, given the over-priced rents in the area? Disgraceful.


I have lived in Williamsburg for 16 years and have had pedicures and gel manicures in seven different salons in this city. Nicole Tran is by far the best nail tech in town and has opened her own salon, Nails by Nicole, at the shopping center at the corner of John Tyler Hwy and Ironbound. You can call 757-345-5620 and make an appointment with Nicole. You will be very pleased with her work.

I have been using Grass Roots for 12 years. My lawn used to be the envy of the street until my neighbors switched to Grass Roots. Now my lawn is just another beautiful lawn amongst several. Grass Roots LLC, Phone: 757-890-5300. They perform a chemical analysis of your soil before beginning treatment. They also offer a great fall aeration and seeding package. They are quick to respond to your phone call or concerns. I am sure you will be pleased with their service.

If you need a moving company, we highly recommend Door to Door. Their phone number is 757-634-0114. We recently had them move us from Richmond to Williamsburg. The office staff is so friendly and works with you to provide everything you need. The moving crew is incredibly fast and careful and very concerned about your furniture. And the prices are very reasonable. Thank you.

Birding column

Both Trump "enablers" (Mr. Cristol's terminology) and also Obama/Clinton enablers are invited to comment upon the proposed changes to the Endangered Species Act regulations because the changes could impact both private property rights and infrastructure development. Go to by Sept. 24.

Mr. Cristol's pejorative assertion that "Just months ago, our president ordered the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to cease following the law regarding incidental killing of birds" is refuted by the Solicitor of the United States Department of Interior's legal opinion as stated in M-37050 dated Dec. 22, 2017. There is a legal difference between direct and affirmative purposeful actions and incidental (i.e., accidental) killing of birds. Bird collisions caused by building glass, motor vehicles, power lines, wind turbines or communication towers and deaths caused by pet cats, etc. should not be a cause for prosecution with sentences of six months in jail and $15,000 for each bird killed.

Thank you

Both my husband and I were diagnosed with cancer in the fall of 2015. It has been quite a journey and sadly, my husband recently passed away. If it weren't for the love and support of my family and my community — especially in Ford's Colony — I don't know what I would have done. I have been humbled by the kindness of neighbors, friends and acquaintances. Whether it was prayers, a ride, a meal, taking me or my husband to the ER, sitting with me during chemo, kind words — I could go on and on. I have been truly blessed. There are angels everywhere, and I thank them all from the bottom of my heart.

A special thank you to the Celebrate Yorktown Committee for hosting a terrific summer concert on Aug. 5. The LCV Project/Lou Vangieri performed for a great crowd at the Grace Episcopal Church Churchyard in Yorktown. Lou is such an outstanding acoustic guitarist/instrumentalist! What a wonderful performance! Thank you, CYC, for bringing the LCV Project to the summer concert series. Be sure to check out this free concert series Sunday evenings from 5-6:30 p.m. during August.

Up in Washington

Trump, who had to refund $25 million to 6,000 people who he bilked through Trump University, had the audacity to attack LeBron James, who put up $25 million for a school for at-risk children. Real class act.

The real endangered species President Trump is trying to save is the working U.S. taxpayer. Increasing jobs and opportunities were completely ignored by past administrations. Now the Democratic Socialist Party (free this and free that) wants to continue to ruin this country.

Swamp creatures — the elites and incumbents from both parties — are all part of the D.C. swamp. Those of us who put “American First” over a failed two-party system need to drain the swamp. Time to vote out incumbents (Wittman, Kaine, Warner) and send them packing.

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