Last Word on a welcome breeze, Aug. 18

Welcome breeze

The Summer Breeze Concert Series has been fabulous this year. We have made quite a few of the shows this summer and we are so glad we did. Thanks so much for a great series and a grand venue. Fantastic opportunity to unwind, meet friends and enjoy great music. Thrilled you have extended the season!

Changes downtown

A downtown business association? So a Chamber of Commerce isn’t considered a business association? The Merchants Square Association isn’t considered a business association? The city Economic Development office isn’t considered the basis or active part of a business association? Well, sure, let’s have the same individuals form yet another association of themselves and then their time can be spent at yet more meetings? Meanwhile, businesses disappear with nary a word or news comment, city money is given to a pizza place yards from a disappeared pizza place? Hello, common sense doesn’t live here.

Mayor Freiling of Williamsburg astutely cautions resident expectations on the planning process for Tourism Development Fund proceeds, and he is to be applauded. "We don't have any money yet." Will the strategy and focus markedly change if the actual dollars turn out to be $200,000 instead of the estimated $2.4 million? Maybe the planning process should be delayed until there is more information — like how much money is really going to be generated.

I strongly disagree with the recommendations of the Downtown Vibrancy Study to replace the Colonial Williamsburg pasture at Peacock Hill, and the P6 parking lot with townhouse and commercial structures. The pasture provides an important visual and functional separator between CW and the "real world," critical to giving visitors the sense that they have reached a historic village. Often, families stop and visit with the horses and oxen, reinforcing their impression that this is a special place. If the P6 parking lot is turned into a housing block, where will potential business patrons park? Why isn't housing proposed for empty land near the intersections of Francis and Nassau? Or Armistead and Scotland? At least those locations won't ruin the first impressions of visitors to our village. Thanks.

Looking for ...

Lost: Wallet in the Target/Greensprings area. If found, please contact 757-345-3235. Thank you.

Does anybody know of someone who would come to your home to service a Husqvarna riding lawn mower? Thank you.

In case you have been searching for Stephanie, I found her. Stephanie has been cutting my family’s hair for many years and I highly recommend her. She does a fantastic job and her prices are very reasonable. She recently opened her own salon, part of Sola Studios on Main Street in New Town. Her number is 757-869-5839.

In reference to the individual looking for Amber Curtis: She is now working at Mel’s Beauty & Barbering on Richmond Road.

Is there anyone that can show me how to make YouTube videos? I really want to learn how to do it. Please call me at 757-784-2124. Thanks.

I was wondering if anyone knew of anyone that had fig trees. I am interested in buying some figs when it’s fig season. If you would email me at, I would love to hear from you. Thank you.

To the person inquiring about a medical pedicurist, call Bonnie Strongman at 757-771-2867. She has wonderful credentials and makes home visits.

For the person looking for where to donate eyeglasses: They can donate them to Target Optical on Monticello Avenue, and they will be forwarded to the Lions Club. Thank you.

I’m with the Williamsburg Host Lions Club. Yes, we do collect eyeglasses. We have a number of places where they can be dropped off. Probably the most convenient, however, and the most prolific is the Good Will Store on Richmond Road. I personally go by there about once a week and pick up all they have collected. Thank you very much. You also can drop them at Nelsen Funeral Home, Bikes Unlimited on Monticello, Holiday Cadillac Oldsmobile or Eastern Eye on John Tyler Highway. Thank you so much.

Looking for Deb Shell, a hairdresser, who worked for Salon Around the Corner. Would love information to contact her.

In response to the woman looking for other women for social outings, I am interested in the same. 757-345-5998. Thank you.

Where can I find information about the new Jamestown Youth Choir? I heard a couple of their older singers in a local performance last week and my child is interested in joining.

I have an old Parker fountain pen from the 1960s that uses ink cartridges. Does anyone know of a place in the Williamsburg area where I can take it to be professionally cleaned? Thanks in advance and please respond to the Last Word.

Can anyone recommend someone who can tutor/help a senior in Microsoft Word in the Williamsburg area? Willing to pay fair price. Please call 804-698-0257. Thanks!

I have a rather substantial injury to my foot which has made it difficult to bear the weight of walking. The only way I have been able to continue to get to work has been with the use of an orthopedic boot. Does anyone have a knee scooter which is no longer of use? I desperately need a better way to stay off my foot so it will heal. I am single and must keep working. If you have a knee scooter to donate or to sell for a low price, please call 757-814-0235. Thank you.

Where in Williamsburg could one purchase classy drapery rods, like the ones shown in decorating magazines? Thanks.

Looking for my lost set of keys. It is a big set with lots of keys on it. It was lost somewhere in Williamsburg, not sure where. If found, please call 804-240-2471. Thank you so much.

In response to the question about My Pillow: I ordered one and was extremely pleased. I purchased additional pillows for family members and am now considering purchasing the mattress cover by My Pillow.

Very 18th century

The Last Word item about volunteering at Colonial Williamsburg asked why applications aren't online if tickets can be purchased online. I would just note that Colonial Williamsburg will gladly take your credit card online to purchase tickets, but last time we went there, we still needed to go to the Visitor Center to pick up the tickets. They did not have a "print at home" or "show on your phone" option like the rest of the world. Not at all surprised that they are still in the dark ages when it comes to volunteer applications.

Just wanted to commend the current administration of Colonial Williamsburg. It has literally been decades since I have seen Colonial Williamsburg look so inviting — surprising what some TLC, a coat of paint, grass seed, repaired walkways, flower gardens and smiling employees do for the place. Congratulations!

Several years ago I was invited by a Williamsburg friend to attend a storytelling event in Colonial Williamsburg. It was held under a tent, for a fee, which included wine. Stories were not historical, but entertaining. Is anything like this still available?

Good morning!

This morning, I was awakened by my radio as a young girl recited the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by a beautiful rendition of our “Star Spangled Banner.” For a moment, I forgot all the meanness and pain that our country is experiencing. Wake up, America, before it’s too late. God bless America. Thank you.

Kimball Theater

Fans of the Kimball would love to hear from CW what their plan is for the theater when the college lease expires. Update us, please, Mr. Reiss.

Cosby’s degree

This is in response to the College of William and Mary taking away Bill Cosby’s honorary degree: Let the man have his degree. The public has taken away everything — his dignity and everything else. Let him have his honorary degree. I’m quite sure if the board at William and Mary opened their closet doors, they would have skeletons to fall out, too, and they would need to be offered the door. Thank you.

WM basketball

Will someone please explain to me what is going on concerning William and Mary basketball season ticket holders who are grandfathered? Rumors are circulating about an additional $500 fee in addition to our season tickets! What’s going on? Please explain. And remember, if it were not for the locals, the senior citizens and alumni that attend the William and Mary basketball games, the hall would be empty, although we do appreciate the group of students who do come to support the Tribe. Thank you.

Getting groceries

Since Farm Fresh closed, Williamsburg needs a new Amazon pick up store. The closest one is Whole Foods in Newport News.

To all the people making snide remarks about how long it's taking Publix to open: If you noticed the construction equipment that is working, you would realize they are completely changing the interior and exterior. Ripping up floors, changing HVAC, installing power lines and huge generators and generally changing everything to fit what Publix wants. Patience, grasshopper, you will be rewarded!


About the homeless man and dog: I've heard people say, "They don't want help." I think sometimes they don't believe help is for them. Their experiences teach them that in order to survive, they can't trust or believe that their lives can be different. Unless you’ve been in their shoes, please don’t judge.

Someone should teach that lazy person with the dog a lesson he’ll not soon forget. The animal cruelty laws in Williamsburg need to be changed ASAP. Panhandlers using dogs to get sympathy needs to be illegal.

I was in the traffic lane near the man with the poor black dog. The man was far away from the dog that was under the umbrella right where heavy traffic turns. I told the man to take the dog home (he lives somewhere) and that it's cruel in 93 degree temperatures. He just kept walking and ignored me. Just down the road there was a traffic accident. It's a dangerous, congested area and panhandling should not be allowed at these medians. I came home and emailed PETA about the dog's situation and it is certainly cruel to the animal. They take up to 24 hours to answer but I hope they can help. Someone needs to enact a law against panhandling. I'll sign a petition. I felt like protesting with a sign saying not to give the man money. I would need a permit and the man doesn't. Please don't give money to panhandlers!

I’m a little tired of hearing about the panhandling and the guy with his dog on Monticello. Last week, I was approached at the intersection of Mooretown Road and the entrance to Lowe’s. There were at least four or five people at the intersection with buckets, looking for donations — running in and out of traffic, trying to get donations for something. Why is the panhandler any different than they are, if they can stand on the corner of major intersections, soliciting donations for whatever cause they’re about?

Miracle drug

If the drug industry had just discovered aspirin recently rather than a century ago, it would cost hundreds of dollars a pill rather than pennies because of the broad range of things it treats.

Save the recipes

Still miss the delicious salads, quiches and chocolate treats at Mad About Chocolate! Hope the recipes are staying in Williamsburg to be provided by a current local bakery/cafe? A new one? We need our Des Saulier created treats!

Free to you

I have fabric to donate. Various materials, types, texture, yardage, color. Please respond to the Last Word.

More trees, please

I was surprised and disappointed to see the new 100 percent solid black asphalt covering the parking lot in front of Earth Fare and the other updated stores on Monticello. Not a tree in sight. It's not too late to add a few islands with trees and landscaping. How can we continue to ignore the warnings about asphalting our planet? Can't the city require the businesses to do this? Thanks for listening.

Dressing for dinner

Are there any restaurants in the area that reserve the right to a dress code? Sometimes it is embarrassing to take out-of-town guests to places where people wear hats, tank tops and flip flops. When you are wearing a tank top, you are exposing your armpits. Who wants to see that? May I suggest having a sign that says, “Please remove your hat. No tank tops, no flip flops, no T-shirts.” After all, if you can afford a decent dinner, surely you can afford decent clothes instead of the ones worn while cleaning the house. That’s what it looks like when we go out to eat. Please, business owners, reserve the right to require people to dress appropriately and turn them away if they don’t want to comply.

A deep breath

Up tight over national politics? Take a break. Listen to Henry's Mid Morning Mash on 740 AM or 97.7 FM. Enjoyable music and lite (very lite) humor. Keep on, Henry!

Believe it or not

One of my three TV sets has been acting strangely. For several months, regardless of the channel selected when I turn it off, the next time I turn it on it always displays MSNBC. Starting yesterday, it has lost audio on only two channels: Fox News and Fox Business News. Today it began emitting a series of four or five chirps about once every hour. Has my household been infiltrated by a left-leaning TV set?


Give Lori at Designs by Dolores, 757-585-7760, the opportunity to offer great competitive pricing and excellent personalized service. She can help you with your selections and her contractors have been wonderful to work with.

A terrific new bakery, Justified Bakeshop, is located at 204 Armistead Ave. in the Triangle. I chatted with the baker, who told me the bakery uses as many local ingredients as possible. The scones are light, fluffy and delicious, and the coffee is excellent. The ice cream sandwiches are unique — two big cookies surround the ice cream. The short walk from Merchants Square is worth every step and if you drive, there are a lot of parking spaces. The offerings are so delicious that they do justify the calories.

I want to give a shout out for the great power wash job on my house and the paint job on my deck. My house looked like new. They also perform gutter clean out. Price was reasonable and work was completed in good time. I suggest you call Brian (nice guy) and see what he can do for you. His phone is 757-868-0420.

I just purchased a new vehicle and was looking for a good place to get it washed. I tried Autobell on Second Street and was greeted by a very friendly young man named David. He greeted me with a smile and helped me choose which wash was best for me. He came to let me know my car was finished, escorted me back to my vehicle, and opened my car door for me. Before I left, he asked me if I was pleased with my Autobell experience and wished me a great day. This young man made me feel like he truly appreciated my business. I am now an Autobell customer for life. Thank you to this young man for treating people the way we all should treat each other.

KYU Tailors and Shoe Repair does sensational work. Both my wife and I have our clothes tailored there by Ms. Kyu while her husband takes care of repairing shoes. Both are terrific craftsmen. They have recently moved due to construction and most of their customers have found KYU Tailors in their new location adjacent to Movie Tavern and next to Five Guys in the High Street area. Do yourself a favor if you need dependable and high-quality tailoring.

Road worries

Probably the first person who will be involved in an accident at the proposed roundabout at Monticello/Lafayette and Richmond roads will be some tourist from up North, because you know how they drive around here. They don’t have a clue where they want to go, and at the last minute, they’ll just make a maneuver like a squirrel. That idea of a roundabout is about the stupidest idea. What’s wrong with a traffic light?

There have been a few questions on why VDOT signs giving directions to stores and attractions were not being addressed by cleaning and overgrown vegetation. VDOT, like so many other state agencies, has cut back on employees and has outsourced a number of jobs to subcontractors. I was told VDOT used to have more than 30 employees to handle maintenance in the area and now they have 10. VDOT operates on priorities and evidently the maintenance of these signs does not have a high priority. All the companies that have logos or a facsimile on state rights of way pay a fee. For the small blue signs, the charge is more than $300 per year. Not sure what the large signs cost. Stay tuned; snow is coming.

ID cards

Showing your driver’s license before voting is a joke. It shows that you can drive a car, it does not imply citizenship or a right to vote. There are only two documents that prove U.S. citizenship and they are a U.S. passport and a certified birth certificate. For a number of years, politicians debated the concept of a national ID card, which would only be issued to U.S. citizens, but they scrambled when accused of “big brother” watching. Many countries issue their citizens such cards. Is it time to revisit this concept?

Affordable housing

To the comment about affordable housing: The person made it sound like all service industry jobs are essentially slave labor. They classified anyone who pays for these services as the "elite." So, here I am in my middle class neighborhood, working at a mid-level job and my HOA contracts these service industry landscapers to take care of the property so that must mean I, too, am an elitist. Wow. Then to top it off, the commenter said we are supposed to provide higher wages or subsidized housing for the "servants" so they can be live close to better serve us elitists. Amazing.

I’ll say it again. If you can’t afford to live in the area where you work, you commute as I did for 30 years. Yes, I guess I’m in “the upper economic class,” as you call it, but that’s what you earn when you get an education and work hard.

Mail delivery

There is a problem with mail delivery on Lake Powell Road on the days when the regular mail carrier is off and the substitute is working. The substitutes are not familiar with the route and put the mail in the wrong mailboxes every week. It has been going on for a number of months. We have called the post office and reported this and were told that the supervisor would address the issue with the substitute that morning. We then did not receive any mail delivery on that day, Aug. 9. The postmaster was out of the office, so we could not speak with them regarding the problem. This is a serious problem and needs to be addressed immediately.

Full of energy

That “frail, older woman” walks about 15 miles a day and I think she’s doing great! I don’t think she needs any help from anyone! You go, Girl!

Thank you

I want to thank Officer Marc Marchand and his fellow officers in the James City Police Department. They helped me during my recent tragedy. The officers treated me like family. I ask everyone to show respect and understanding to each and every officer. They protect us!

I often see comments from readers thanking totally unknown people who took care of their grocery bill or dinner. I wonder if these recipients are aware that this gesture is called “Pay It Forward,” and it has been around for a long time. Basically, you’re supposed to do the same to someone else. It is nice to know that acts of kindness still exists in Williamsburg and in this world.

I would like to say thank you to the honest person or persons who turned in my daughter’s purse to Guest Services at Kohl’s at the Marquis Center on Aug. 12. There are still good and honest people in this world, and we are so very grateful.

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