Last Word on W&M protest, Oct. 14

W&M protests

There is no recognized Black Lives Matter student organization at the College of William and Mary, and members of the local Black Lives Matter group have not pursued the “student organization” designation. Therefore, Mr. Reveley should have had the campus police eject those who were disrupting the ACLU lawyer's presentation. The disruptive tactics these people use is the same that Hitler, Lenin and Daesh used to terrorize folks into silence; if they were a campus organization, their behavior would be grounds for expulsion. Wake up, Mr. Reveley.

It was reported Oct. 7 in The Virginia Gazette, page A-1, that William and Mary President Taylor Reveley lamented the protest in a statement, “respectful dialogue, especially in disagreement, is encouraged so that we can listen and learn from views that are different from our own. . . .” What President Reveley needs to do is more than a mere statement of words (politicians’ way) but a powerful statement in action. President, tell your students that they would be expelled from campus if they act in a way that does not conform to the college’s way of “a respectful dialogue.” Re-state your vision that's in your statement, “powerful commitment to free play of ideas. . . ” Then and only then, Mr. Reveley, the disrespect in the students would end.

Protesting does nothing to help the very thing being protested. In fact, it has the opposite affect. Whether it’s the KKK, Black Lives Matter, the NFL players refusing to stand for our National Anthem and numerous others, the practice is useless. Only those already on the side of the protesters agree with them; all others just hate them more. Causing traffic jams, destroying property and being a financial burden for the location of the protest are just few of the negative results.

Chanting and shouting down a public speaker on campus is the intermediary step from civil discourse in the exchange of ideas to stopping such speakers by violence. Hopefully, President Reveley has moved quickly to separate these so-called protesters, who performed this disservice to our Constitution, from the William and Mary student body before he sees some of the beautiful buildings on campus begin to burn or be smashed by these anarchists the next time someone tries to give a public speech on a topic with which they disagree.

It was amusing reading about the Fascist Left attacking each other at William and Mary over how best to deconstruct America. The group BLM admits they oppose free speech while the ACLU lawyers pretend to support free speech. Finally W&M organizers emerged from under their desks and canceled the event, proving there is no free speech at W&M. The later W&M statement on the free play of ideas was nonsense. If thugs attack and disrupt a public meeting, they should be arrested. If W&M takes no action, the thugs rule the campus.

It is very unfortunate that yet again a small group of "protesters" was able to shut down a speaker who espoused views that apparently differed from theirs. I am hardly an ACLU fan, but at least the organization does stand up for freedom of speech for all groups. Once again, Black Lives Matter showed their true colors and philosophy that anyone disagreeing with their views should not be heard. Most of us understand that BLM is primarily a hate group that also condones violence and thankfully does not represent the majority of African-Americans in our communities. Shame on W&M authorities for being weak and not removing the protesters.

I find the actions of the Black Lives Matter chapter at W&M in shutting down the speech of Claire Guthrie Gastanaga of the ACLU deplorable and unacceptable. Who are they to decide what their fellow students hear? The campus should be for a free exchange of speech of all kinds and from all sides. The tepid statement of outgoing President Reveley, calling the incident "unfortunate," needed to be stronger and apologetic to the speaker. I hope that the Board of Visitors, currently in the selection process for Reveley's successor, questions candidates as to how they would handle such an event and disqualifies those whose response was not in the best interest of all W&M students.

A speaker for the ACLU was shouted down by a W&M campus organization, Black Lives Matter. Number one, where was security? And what gives the right for a campus organization to act in this matter? If a fraternity or sorority did this, they would probably be kicked off campus — particularly from a prestigious university like W&M. Let's have open debate and not acts of hooliganism, such as this.

CW museums

Since, from the model, it looks like the current parking lot behind the museums will be eliminated with the expansion, just where are we to park? And don’t tell me to go to the Visitor’s Center and ride the bus, because as a local resident, I won’t do that. Will there be any handicapped parking by the museum? Currently, there are two spaces and a ramp.

Hey, landlords

Hey, landlords and property managers, why don’t you occasionally ride by your properties and compare them to the homes around them? On either side and across the street, well-kept yards, neat driveways and maintained buildings. In the middle, your property where the tenant has abandoned a truck piled high with junk, the driveway is filled with spare tires and old lawn furniture. The unmown yard is filled with broken toys and fallen tree limbs. The windows and doors have peeling paint and rotting jambs. So do us, the homeowners, a favor and tell the tenant to clean up the yard, get rid of the junk, then fix your property up. Either that or both of you get out.

Not ‘silencers’

"Silencers" are actually "suppressors" and they are not illegal to own. Unlike "silencers" in the Hollywood-movie sense, a suppressor reduces the noise of a gun to about as loud as a jackhammer and they still sound like a gun going off. The primary benefit of suppressors is protection from permanent hearing loss. Sound suppressors became a regulated item under the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934, but instead of making them illegal to own, they became subject to a $200 excise tax and Federal registration for U.S. citizens over the age of 21 who are free of a criminal record.

Missing Sunni

What happened to Sunni, the morning radio personality on WMBG? Her show, "Laughter for the Soul," is the best of all the shows. Her infectious laughter and personality, not to mention her knowledge of the lives of the artists, makes her show the most interesting and enjoyable of them all. Sunni is a true professional radio personality and I bet I'm not the only one of her listeners who misses her. Editor’s note: We reached out to our friends at WMBG who had this to say: "Sunni is a talented person and we were fortunate to have her join our team. Every talent needs a little time off to enjoy all that life offers, we hope you will be hearing her voice again soon."

NRA and guns

As a member of the NRA, I feel they need to pick their battles with more thought to winning. I personally am against the bump stock, assault weapons and silencers; however, my views go against the NRA’s. That said, the NRA should be going all out for national reciprocity. As a fully vetted holder of a concealed gun permit, I should have the right to carry in all 50 states. Currently, the gun laws of all 50 states, not to mention cities within the states, are different. The Second Amendment is a Federal Constitutional right; therefore, it should apply to anywhere in the U.S.

Two points on guns: The Second Amendment refers to the right to keep and bear arms, not muskets. In the 18th century, "arms" included, among other things, swords and tomahawks. Today, "arms" covers a vast array of weapons, including many we would not expect a private citizen to keep. The second point is that the intent of the Second Amendment was to assure our citizens would be able to resist a future potential despotic and tyrannical government. The writings of the founders, such as James Madison, Alexander Hamilton and George Mason, make that perfectly clear.

The Supreme Court ruling under District of Columbia vs. Heller (2008) states the Second Amendment protects an individual's right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home. There has never been any Supreme Court ruling that limited the definition of firearms under the Second Amendment to pistols or hunting rifles for the individual.

The NRA has become everyone's favorite bogeyman in any discussions on the Second Amendment. The NRA is simply a lobby group with an estimated membership of 4.5 million. Do they have influence in Congress ? Of course — all lobby groups do — it’s why they exist. Blaming the NRA for gun violence is simply insane. There are many societal factors that enter in to any debate on why we have so much gun violence. If we want to measure who has the most blood on their hands among lobby groups, need anyone look any further than Planned Parenthood Federation of America Inc.?

Uncomfortable movie

Having just sat through the movie "American Made," I decided to ask the question, which instantly says what side of the divide I'm on: do our CIA, et al. really entice, coerce, inveigle people into deeper and deeper dangerous schemes supposedly on behalf of America? The movie was upsetting on many levels — but really, can we trust the honesty, good nature of our government? At all?

Shopping carts

"Think of Others" was upset at those shoppers leaving the self-propelled shopping carts in grocery parking lots. For those who do this, denying other shoppers the use of carts in the store, how did you get from the parking lot to the store? Walk? There are no stores that position these carts in the parking lot. Leave the cart inside and carry your items to your car or, if you have to, ride out to your car, but remember to return the cart to the store. I'm sure someone's waiting to use it.

Looking for …

In response to an inquiry where a reader was asking what to do with the pop tabs from the soda cans (or any can that has a pop top) or where the tops can be taken: They can be dropped off at 1st Advantage FCU at 224 Commons Way in Williamsburg. We would be more than happy to take them off your hands.

I’m responding to the person who’s looking for a vet to take care of their 14-year-old dog. I have had excellent experience with Dr. Sparkman at Noah’s Ark. He takes care of my 17-year-old cat. Thank you.

Lost in area of Merchants Square on Saturday during Occasion for the Arts and praying for return of a yellow metal cross necklace with a rope crisscrossing the middle and 11 clear stones. Belonged to father who passed in 1990. Reward offered. 757-585-7432.

I have a pamphlet on Prolia. Do you have a computer? Be happy to talk with you. 804-694-3951.

Both my wife and I have been on Prolia for several years and have had improvements and no side effects. I am not suggesting that anyone go against his/her doctor’s recommendation based on my, or any other unknown individual’s, comment. If you don’t have full faith in your doctor, I recommend two solutions: find a new doctor in whom you have full faith or you get a second opinion from someone with medical training.

For the person looking for the lady who helps with Medicare decisions for people turning 65: She is Margaret Mondul, a household document organization. She's knowledgeable, takes time to explain the process and is reasonable. She can be reached at 220-9285 or

I have two infant car seats that, I am told, have expired. They are in excellent condition. Does anyone know of a group or business that refurbishes car seats so they are no longer considered "expired"? It just seems such a waste to throw these onto the landfill if they can be made legal. Please respond in Last Word.

Walking safely

I was leaving Wawa excited to eat my roast beef sandwich, when a man on a bike nearly hit me, causing me to drop my roast beef sandwich into a puddle. Unfortunately, I did not have enough cash to get another one, nor do I carry a credit card, as I do not trust banks. So to this I say, watch out, men and women on bikes, us walkers have a right to walk safely.

A thousand words

The picture on the front page of the Saturday Gazette captures a perfect example of a serious problem. Students are learning about job opportunities available to them after graduation. A gentleman is making a presentation to a group, and one of the students is on a cellphone not looking at the presenter. This is rude and should not happen.

Quite a shock

My spouse and I recently celebrated our anniversary by having dinner on the Norfolk waterfront and attending a performance of the multiple Tony Award winning musical play “Book of Mormon.” What a huge mistake. Many of the play’s musical scores contain unbelievably profane, blasphemous and disgusting lyrics that certainly would not be permitted on broadcast television. Just want to warn those who have not already seen this play to save your money.

Thankful for recycling

My in-laws on the other side of the nation don't even have recycling come to their house. I disagree with the other reader, though. I don't think that we need it every week. We are a nuclear family and our bin is just right. Recycling is also good at picking up any extra bags or boxes. If I ever have any extra room in our bin though, you're welcome to it.

Flag etiquette

When flying the American flag at half staff, you should make sure that it’s far enough up the flag pole that the flag doesn’t rest on the roof of the building. That’s disrespectful to the flag.


Kudos to Dominion Power. Yes, they caused electric device damage of varying amounts to those of us in the Kingsmill/Roberts area when their voltage surge occurred recently. But they have owned up to their responsibility, and encouraged claims for repair costs from customers. I submitted mine this week, and the next day they called and told me they are paying it in full. I have no responsibility to defend Dominion, but in this case they are handling it well. I encourage those affected to submit your claim if you haven’t yet.

Shopping center

When I was a child here in the 1950s and ’60s, Merchants Square was referred to as the “business block.” It was our local shopping place and had everything we needed. Then the Williamsburg Shopping Center was built, and that expanded our options for shopping. I am trying to remember when the “business block” became “Merchants Square” and filled up with mostly expensive shops and restaurants slanted to visitors. And now the Williamsburg Shopping Center will be torn down, and the affordable small businesses forced out. No wonder Amazon is doing so well.

Political signs

I live in the Stonehouse District and in checking the sample ballot for my district, Michael Hipple and Joe Swanenberg do not appear on it, yet, there are multiple signs all over my neighborhood for those candidates. Do my neighbors not know they can’t vote for them? Are they just hoping others who live in the district those men want to represent will drive by and see the signs? I am confused.

Puerto Rico

I am embarrassed to be an American after the President's visit to Puerto Rico on Oct. 3. Throwing paper towels into a crowd like someone tossing treats to animals at the zoo, saying that Katrina was a worse disaster then Maria, complaining that Puerto Rico will break the U.S. budget, bragging that the pitiful response to the hurricane has been "great," "wonderful" and pumping himself up. All of his actions demeaned the American citizens devastated by the hurricane.

Here’s something the news media will never tell you about Puerto Rico: The country was bankrupt well before the hurricanes due to political corruption and government mismanagement. Now they’re going to “get well” off of the U.S. Who pays? Three guesses, and the first two don’t count.

Can someone please explain how the U.S. benefits from Puerto Rico? What products does Puerto Rico produce? Do they have valuable natural resources? I say if they want their independence, let them have it. We are being more than generous with our aid to them.

The mayor of San Juan decided it was more important to play politics in her unwarranted attack on FEMA and the Trump Administration’s response to Hurricane Maria. The obvious reason was to divert attention away from her horrendous failures to safeguard the citizens of San Juan. Why did the mayor fail to establish a sufficient number of shelters, why did she fail to establish citywide distribution centers for food, water, fuel and generators for the populace and critical facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes? Where were her street department road crews when the streets needed to be cleared? Where were her support personnel when supplies needed to be transported throughout the city? The mayor lives in a glass house and chose to attack rather than admit her failures.


Another successful project for Brantley Ripley Construction. They just converted our screen porch to a sunroom and it turned out great. Excellent work, pleasant and efficient crew, project came in right on time and at a fair price. We love it and highly recommend Billy Brantley and his company.

Kudos to Zoe’s Family Meals for their fabulous chicken kabobs with two sides (cole slaw and brown rice), which fed our family of seven adults for a birthday celebration. It is wonderfully seasoned, healthy and includes sturdy serving containers, utensils and napkins.

I have had AARP secondary insurance for almost 10 years and they are great. You also receive a Silver Sneakers card, which entitles you to free membership at the Y near Sentara Hospital or at the JCC Rec Center. The Y is all inclusive. JCC requires additional payment for some classes. Good luck.

Fresh-made fare

Regarding kudos to restaurants that make all their food from scratch: I worked at a restaurant where a customer told me they hadn’t had such good beef stew since that which their Mother made. Truth is, it had come right out of a big can.

About elephants

PBS did a nature program on taking tusks from elephants. It’s phenomenal how many elephants in the wild are killed for their tusks. They’re practically endangered because of it. I figure having an elephant in a zoo is preserving it; nobody’s killing the elephant for its tusks. You’re feeding it, you’re housing it, you’re taking care of it. They like to do tasks; they’re like horses and dogs. You can ride an elephant; you can ride a horse. So I see zoos as very humane and elephants that are in the wild are in danger.

Job advice

Would you like to be an excellent waiter in a restaurant, making large tips? If so, always treat each customer with respect and dignity. Always be kind and considerate. Always serve them what they ordered so they can enjoy their meal. You will be in great demand because you will know how to make each customer happy.

I believe if you operate a business in Williamsburg, the best way to make your customers happy is to first make your employees happy. The best way to make your employees happy is to get their feedback. Managers need to remember that they sometimes need to change their minds to get the best results. Managers sometimes cause the business to fail because they want their way all the time.

Up in Washington

A bill has been submitted to the House that our Congressional representatives should support as co-sponsors. The text of HR 669 is straightforward: “To prohibit the conduct of a first-use nuclear strike absent a declaration of war by Congress.” If we agree that first use of nuclear weapons is morally wrong, then this bill is one that every American can support. The bill further makes clear that the power to declare war belongs to Congress, not the President. Urge your Congressional representative to support this bill.

It is interesting that a person who had four or five draft deferments seems so intent on getting our young fighting men and women back into a war.

Congressional offices are taxpayer-funded incumbent reelection operations. Congress typically works three days a week; the rest of the time (our time) is spent begging for money. No challenger with a regular job (other than a politician) can spend two years panhandling for donations. Time for a change.

This nation suffered more mass shootings /terrorist attacks under Obama than any other president in this nation’s history — obviously, these mass shooting were a direct result of Obama's continuous barrage of vitriolic speech. Appears it was Obama that let that evil genie out of the bottle, not President Trump.

Las Vegas. Are you really serious? Somebody actually blamed President Trump for the shooting. The writer said, "Trump's vitriolic speech would result in someone flipping" . . . O-M-G!

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