Last Word on feeding the needy, Nov. 5

Food pantry

I just came back from Fish after dropping off some food items. The door to the stock room was open and I was shocked to see most of the shelves. I was appalled! How can it be that residents of affluent communities cannot feed the hungry? I plead with you, please feel it in your heart to help out! If you cannot make it to a grocery store to purchase needed food, a monetary donation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, in the names of the entire unfortunate fellow citizen you help. For all you newcomers. Fish is located on 312 Waller Mill Road, Williamsburg.

Rules of the road

This is for the person in the small blue car that passed a stopped school bus on Route 5 in front of the Kensington School sign at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning. What don't you understand about a school bus that has two stop signs sticking out, plus flashing red lights, that has stopped to pick up children? Were you in such a hurry to turn left on Centerville Road? Why did you think all the cars coming toward you had stopped? What if a child had been crossing the road? You were going so fast we didn't have time to write down your license plate. If we had, we would have called the police immediately. Slow down and pay attention!

Superintendent search

So the WJCC School Board has officially begun the search to find the new superintendent for the schools. In thinking of the qualities needed in such a person the traits that come to mind are leadership skills, results-oriented, classroom experience, best-practice instructional knowledge, motivational presence, collaborative approach and budget mindfulness. Seems to me they need to look no further for these qualities than the person currently serving as acting superintendent. Dr. Herron is already here.

For the school superintendent search, how about making common sense a qualification? I agree with the previous statement in that fairness is a huge problem. The physical structures are not nearly equitable, but neither are the staff-to-pupil ratios. We have schools with much larger populations in which no additional administrators, specialists, or support staff have been hired. The class sizes are also much larger. Our superintendent should not be a politician, but one who cares about the experience and opportunities for all our students.

Heartfelt thanks

Just wanted to thank with all of my heart the two joggers who found our dog at Freedom Park on Tuesday. My wife and I were devastated until he was found.

Looking for …

In response to the person looking for someone to do chair caning, go to or call 757-784-7323.

Last week someone wanted to know where to get a handbag strap shortened. Go to a shoe repair shop. I had one shortened at James York Shoe Repair on Merrimac Trail.

FISH on Waller Mill Road will take shoes and slippers.

Looking for an honest, reliable, hard-working individual to rake, blow and remove leaves from our heavily treed lot in the Meadows, with potential for year-round work. Please leave contact information in Last Word. Thanks much!

The Shoe Repair shop in James York Plaza has shortened leather straps for me before on bags.

W&M football

Coach Laycock will know when to retire. He knows he needs to refocus on concentrating on recruiting better defensive front line players. Yes, we know it is tough to get players to W&M, but it is true at most other schools. The game has changed, so teams need better defensive players to counter the fast-paced teams that play today. Let's see if Laycock and his coaches can rise to the challenge.

Where were the students at the last Maine football game on Saturday? Their section was almost empty throughout the whole game. Give thanks to alumni and community support for their attendance. Let's hope the college students show better support for their football team. Thanks to the band, cheerleaders and dance team for their stellar performances.

It has taken four home games at the Zable Stadium for the William and Mary administration to finally open both elevators to the general public. A little late, but certainly better late than never.

Senior housing

In reference to the housing rights article on 29 October, about the area's oldest population struggles to find affordable housing—as Hartley says on page 2A, the most important thing is land to develop on. The county owns more land than the taxpayers need to pay for. We have two camp grounds, one on Jamestown Road and one on Route 5, that are costing taxpayers more money than they earn, as well as a marina, that's another expense. In addition, the county owns many parcels of land throughout that could be used. Let's start using what we already own and quit putting our older population in peril for future profits—if any will ever exist. Thank you.

School name

How about Admiral Richard E. Byrd Elementary, after the polar explorer? It keeps the Byrd name and works with the penguin mascot. It also honors the military, and local history and Native American heritage, since he was descended from John Rolfe and Pocahontas. A 5-way win!

It seems to me that the ideal name for the school would be to name it after that great Virginia governor and enemy of segregation, Linwood Holton.

Since no human is perfect, stop naming public buildings, roads, bridges and parks after people.

Internet service

Reference the Nov. 2 editor's note on internet service. The editor was incorrect in saying that the county does not approve cable TV providers. Cable TV providers have to have a negotiated non-exclusive contract with the county. The county has some oversight over cable TV providers and the county also receives consideration by way of free equipment and public access channels. Conversely, internet service is considered a telecommunication service, which no local government has control over. The customer complained about his internet signal dropping recently. They need to establish a work order with the provider. They will come out and assess the problem and repair the line or replace amplifiers and splitters as necessary.


Kudos and a big thank you to the kind, understanding and knowledgeable gentleman at Holiday Chevrolet. I drove in this morning with the trim at the rear (hatchback portion) of my Honda Insight loose because of an unfortunate encounter with a mailbox. The Holiday Chevrolet man analyzed the situation, and, when he was unable to find clips to refasten the trim, reattached it with strong glue. When I thanked him for his time and effort, he said, "That's what we do." The folks at Holiday Chevrolet really deserve their reputation in the community for professionalism and outstanding customer service.

For any size high quality brick and stone masonry project, I strongly recommend Larry L. Manning. Mr. Manning recently restored our front steps to their original condition and completed a special project to improve drainage in our back yard. Mr. Manning answers calls and emails promptly. He also performs masonry work throughout the winter season. Phone: 757-880-2476.

A huge shout out to E&E Tree Services for cutting down and removing a large, dead pine tree on Landing Circle. Paul Johnson and his crew were extremely professional, hardworking and very respectful of our property, ensuring a spotless cleanup before departing. Their estimate was extremely reasonable and it was a pleasure to work with them. E&E will be the only company we contact for future tree or lawn care services and we highly recommend them. Paul can be reached at 757-634-6309.

Looking for a hair dresser who is great with curly hair and very good colorist? I highly recommend Deb Shell at Salon Around the Corner (253-0748). And, to top it off, she is very reasonably priced and has a great personality.

We moved to Williamsburg about two years ago and found Historic Triangle Dental Care and love everyone there. Dr. Whyte is fantastic and Wendy is a super dental hygienist. At my very first appointment, Amber, the office manager, greeted me by name. There aren't enough superlatives to describe how great the practice is.

We just replaced all of our water lines. Call Ron's Plumbing Heating & AC, 757-851-2054, and ask for Terry. He did a great job and is knowledgeable, resourceful and dependable. The crew was very respectful and hard-working. We would highly recommend Terry for plumbing repair.

I had great help from the lumber department last week when I had a bunch of lumber that needed cutting. Marc was very accommodating in making the cuts and helping to reload my flat. Also, I had assistance outside when loading by one of the service department managers. It's always a good visit to Lowe's with help like this.

Legalizing pot

I've been hearing and reading about all these states that want to legalize marijuana. I have worked with people who were very good and quick with their work and then they would come to work with pot in their body. They were like zombie—they just moved so slowly and didn't even know what they were doing. I also know of someone who was given marijuana to help with his PTSD, and it took over his whole life and he lost his business. It took him years to get out of the mess. I can't agree with making it legal.

Presidential politics

Several of your commenters have claimed that the Clinton Foundation gives only 5% of their funds to charity. I direct these misguided people to They evaluate over 4,000 US charities. The Clinton Foundation has a 4-star rating--their highest--with over 88% of the funds going annually directly to their charities around the world and NONE of it goes to the Clinton Families. Don't you just hate fact checkers?

I can only pray that Trump wins and gets rid of Obamacare in his first 100 days in office. I personally have been financially hurt by Obamacare with my premiums going up 256% in one year. Obamacare was to control the insurance companies; however, the opposite has taken place. Government has no business trying to run our health care system, which was one of the finest in the world.

Because of his inappropriate actions, FBI Director Comey should resign today.

Eight years of economic mediocrity. Eight years of regressive race relations. Eight years of unverified immigration. Eight years of blaming the issues on everyone else. Eight years of saying that those who pay 90% of taxes need to pay more. Eight years of unbridled, escalating health care costs. Eight years of job losses filled by part-time minimum wage jobs. Trump may not be the perfect candidate, but unless you want four more years of the same, vote for Trump on Nov. 8 or vote for Hillary on Nov. 9.

Regarding the elections, the bottom line is that Trump says it as it is. He is the change we really need. The others? Just ol' talk. Same ol'...

A recent comment concerned Trump's temperament. I think one needs to look at Hillary's. From what I have seen, she is more likely to go berserk than is Trump. But then, that deals with her staff and secret service agents, not the nuclear code.

Donald Trump does not stand for the United States for which I was willing to put on a uniform in a war (Vietnam) that I thoroughly opposed.

Democrats keep worrying about Donald Trump having access to the nuclear code; with Hillary, you have to worry about her selling it to someone!

Most of our former presidents, whether judged good or bad by history, tried to unify America. Our current president is such a poor leader that he puts politics before the betterment of America. Over the years, Obama's words have been extremely divisive and continue to be as he spoke in North Carolina this week. Opportunity after opportunity has been lost to expose a problem and promote positive solutions and healing. If you think America is better off under Obama's tenure, and you personally are better off, then go ahead and vote for Hillary.

Look not at the hype but at the actions. Yes, in their private life the Clintons made a fortune but in all of their public life they cared about the people and the nation. Very good for you, me and the country. Trump made a fortune by stealing from his workers, suppliers, stockholders and everyone else from whom he could. No public service at all. Very bad for you, me and the country.

I find both candidates equally unsuitable, so I have decided my vote will go to the one who promises to stop robo calls from time shares, surveys and other services I do not want or would contact them if I did.

Shame on the Gazette for endorsing Hillary Clinton, a proven liar who cares only about accumulating personal power and wealth and wants the US to become a nation run by Socialist/ Communist ideals. The choices for President are unquestionably dismal this year so no endorsement at all would have been the proper thing to do.

Please keep in mind when you go to the polls next Tuesday, that it's not a matter of what she did or what he has done, it's a matter of who is going to be appointed to the Supreme Court. This is important. Please vote Republican.

I don't think people understand that neither Clinton nor Trump is going to change how Washington, D.C., works. Only we, the voters, can do that by putting new people in the House and Senate.

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