Last Word on birds, Nov. 22

Thank you

I am sure we speak for many when we say we will give thanks this Thursday for those fire fighters, police, EMTs, paramedics, hospital staff and others that will work on Thursday so that the rest of us may enjoy our Thanksgiving in peace and safety.

Birds are back!

The birds are finally coming back to my feeder. As soon as it turned colder, they came back. While on the subject, I would like to respond to the person who asked if we had ever heard of bird migration. Yes, we have, but we were talking about all of the birds suddenly disappearing, even the ones who stay year round.

Colonial Williamsburg

I would like to know who at Colonial Williamsburg thought it was a good idea to have Patriots at Play (the children's area behind the Randolph House) closed the day after Thanksgiving, one of the busiest family weekends of the year? Possibly the same person who thought having no staff at the jail, an original building with an important story to tell, and carriages racing around town is a good idea. Unfortunately, Colonial Williamsburg has lost its common sense, maybe because in the pursuit of the almighty dollar, perhaps to try to be different, but I think the common sense is gone because the people who used to make these decisions are gone and no one is in charge. Common sense would tell you that you could pay for several interpreters for the amount that was spent on the patchwork grass and curbs on Duke of Gloucester Street. Bring back common sense to the historic area.

Small kindness

This is in response to the person who paid for a police officer's meal and wondered if he could accept it: I did the same thing a few months ago and she not only accepted it, she followed me to Walmart and thanked me. So I think they can accept a kindness like that. She said it really made her day, but she doesn't know how much it made my day. You never know how much a small kindness will mean to someone, so do a little kindness for someone every day. You will never know how much it means to someone.

Useful test

I believe we can improve the living conditions in an old folks’ home if we would require each employee to take an EQ test to find out if they have the empathy to be kind and helpful. The residents should be protected seven days a week, with enough employees to provide for the comfort, safety and welfare of everyone. The residents should always have the assurance that they are receiving the services they were promised.

Looking for …

Is there a gynecologist in town who is accepting new patients? I’ve called several and the wait time is two to three months. I would like to see one sooner. Thank you. Please respond to the Last Word.

Plastic bag recycling: Any James City County garbage transfer station takes plastic bags, dry cleaning covers and similar plastic at no charge.

To recycle plastic and paper bags, and newspapers and other wrapping paper: Please consider donating these to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, located in the Colony Square Shopping Center where Fresh Market used to be. It is about two blocks south of Route 199 on the right of Jamestown Road, just past the Shell station. While at ReStore, if you have not been there before, look around. There are many good, used items (except clothing), as well as some new items, with many bargains to be had. Also, if you have good condition items to donate, please consider donating to the ReStore. Items can also be picked up. Call 757-603-6895.

Dance Band jokes

Lay off of Ford's Colony Dance Band and their jokes. They're a Lawrence-Welk style variety act with an impresario leading the singing, dancing and humor. It's good, clean fun and I love it almost as much as I loved the original years ago. "Tiny bubbles ... make me feel fine ..." Thank you!

Taxi service

What has happened to taxi service at the Amtrak station? There used to be taxis lined up waiting for passengers. We have arrived twice at 11:15 a.m. and were told by two companies that they had no available taxis. Is this because it wasn't during the morning or evening rush? Can anyone recommend a reliable service? We love taking the train, but worry that we have no way to get to our home from the station.

History lessons

The “history lessons” argument supporting keeping Confederate statues in a recent Last Word ignores the near-universal heritage of African Americans, who were enslaved by the millions in the South and later subjected to brutal oppression under Jim Crow. Our democracy is based on equality under the law, and public entities should not prominently display symbols, including statues, that undermine that concept and alienate an entire segment of the population. Move the statues to private land owned by whatever group you like, but don’t keep them on public land.


Once again, a mass shooting in Texas by a mentally disturbed violent person using illegal firearms to commit the crime. Nothing to do with Republicans or the NRA, though there should be some questions on why family and neighbors did not report the violent behavior of the man to law enforcement before he perpetrated the crime, or that this person was in possession of illegal weapons and shooting them at night. Blaming weapons for killing is like blaming a spoon for obesity.

Wittman voted to block the House floor debate on legislation that would establish the committee for gun violence prevention comprised of six Republicans and six Democrats. This committee would probe the causes of mass shootings, explore the means of keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers and the mentally ill and tighten background checks on firearm purchases. Wittman is in the NRA's back pocket (A rating) and he refuses to even allow his colleagues to discuss anything to do with gun violence or gun control. But he did offer his thoughts and prayers for those killed in the recent mass shootings. The people of the First District deserve better.

Sam’s Club

The JC Penney building at the Marquis Shopping Center is being auctioned off Nov. 28. Why can’t this area get a Sam’s Club? What happened to the Sam’s Club that was supposed to be coming there? Sam’s Club, please pay attention. The Williamsburg area needs you.

Health insurance

Why is it that the commonwealth of Virginia does not allow people on Social Security Disability/ Medicare to get a Medigap plan?


If anyone is in need of a new mattress set, I highly, highly recommend the Original Mattress Factory, which is located across from Lowe’s on Rochambeau. Tom helped us, and he was absolutely wonderful. They were delivered on time and the people were very careful. I can’t say enough. It was the easiest sale of a mattress that we’ve ever had, and we’ve bought many over the years.

Highly recommend Emanuel Adams of Organizing Guys (252-259-3859) for help with cleaning out, downsizing and small moving projects. I am a senior citizen and have used him several times and will again.

Kudos to Denise Malecki, a very caring and competent dental hygienist for Dr. Eric Boxx, who is a gentle and very professional dentist. Dr. Boxx is part of the superb dental team of Blaney, Lachine, Boxx and Wendell, located at 1118-A Professional Drive in Williamsburg. Call 229-5570 to get the very best in dental care.

I highly recommend Dr. Bruce Mayer as a top family/personal physician. I was tired of having to wait weeks for doctor appointments, not receiving calls back on test results, doctors who don't listen. Dr. Mayer (757-566-2045) is a responsible, kind, reliable Williamsburg general practitioner who is experienced and genuinely cares. He follows up with his patients, discusses options and remembers. He also has a warm way to encourage his patients toward the healthiest path. I'm grateful that I don't have to go out of town for a top clinician and friendly demeanor.

I would like to take the time to recommend the dental office of Dr. Lachine and partners. I hate going to the dentist, but the professionalism and kindness from the staff and Dr. Lachine was just amazing. Their front desk person, Donna, can answer any questions and I never have an issue with my insurance thanks to her. I also really enjoyed their hygienist, Shea. She was thorough, gentle and very funny. One of the best cleanings I've ever had.


I hope someone has an answer, because this old dog hasn't been able to sleep past 4:30 a.m. since the time change.

Holiday mail

I’m calling to see if anyone knows what the problem with the postal service is. Christmas is not even here yet, and we receive mail in the Colonial Heritage area after 8 p.m. I know somebody has to be last, but that’s pretty late and, on one recent night, nobody delivered the mail at all. That was Wednesday evening, and they brought it first thing Thursday morning —-about 9 a.m. they delivered mail and then they came again at about 5 this afternoon. So I’m scared of what’s going to happen at Christmastime when the mail gets heavy. Just looking for any explanation anybody might have. Thank you.

Prison time

The last person you would want in the foxhole with you is Judge Col. Nance, who didn’t send Bowe Bergdahl to prison. Desertion while in combat is the most despicable thing that a soldier can do to his fellow soldiers. It’s apparent that liberals have even invaded our military.

Tax plans

The reduction in the corporate tax makes sense — the objective is to create a robust economy that will be a driver for the creation of more jobs. That can only occur if our companies and corporations are competitive globally. The more domestic jobs created, the more employers compete with higher wages and benefits for new employees from a dwindling pool of labor resources. We accelerate the process even further if we regain control of our borders and aggressively remove those here illegally from the labor pool.

Someone recently purchased a Da Vinci painting for $450 million. The GOP says give them a tax cut.

I hope all older middle-class taxpayers are paying attention to the tax “cut” bill versions proposed by the Senate and House. Our president promised we would all have the biggest tax cut in history, favoring the middle-class. Now it’s apparent only the very rich will benefit. McConnell and Ryan admitted it won’t reduce taxes for everyone in the middle class. Retired people in particular will suffer. Even if you believe in the “trickle down” fairy tale, retired people won’t see increased wages, since they aren’t working. Deductions for mortgages, state and local tax, health care and charities are all on the table to be removed or reduced. If that’s so, I will surely be paying higher taxes if this goes through. Probably, you will, too. Let’s be sure our two local congressmen, Wittman and Taylor, don’t let us down by voting for this. If they do, we must surely say goodbye to them in the next election.

Up in Washington

I would like to know when espionage was reduced to meddling and treason was reduced to collusion?

Two months ago, President Trump called on all nations to cut off trade with North Korea; specifically, he wanted China to cut off trade with North Korea. About 90 percent of what North Korea sells they sell to China, and all of its oil goes to China. That was two months ago. So, what happened? Kim Jong-un has not tested a rocket in those two months. He is being crippled. He cannot sell anything. The banks in China, as of January, will cut off any financial dealings and freeze the accounts of North Korea. Success.

So much for the President’s bromance with Putin. On Nov. 16, the Russians vetoed a U.N. proposition to ban chemical weapons.

How ironic, that when Trump was giving his speech on Nov. 15 about all his accomplishments on his recent Asian trip and touting the ascension of American power and the worldwide respect we now have under his watch, the leaders/representatives of the rest of the world were in Bonn to discuss the Paris Climate accord. The rest of the world will tackle climate change without the U.S., but they sure could use our help. America's standing in the world is the lowest it has been since its founding. We can only thank Trump for that.

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