Last Word on a wish list, Nov. 29

Santa list

I was thinking I should give my grandson a DVD of the wonderful play, “1776.” Then I thought it would be better to give it to his school. But then, that school is in another state, so what if people see a Santa list from their neighborhood schools and everyone who wishes can give a Christmas or holiday gift to the school? I think it's a helpful, hopeful, practical gift that would show our children, their teachers and the School Board how much we care and value our children and our schools. I might still send the DVD to my grandson's school, but I think it will include a letter about Santa’s need for a list.


The maps included in the 2016 and most recent FutureThink enrollment projections indicate decreases in school age population for the entire Jamestown High School district, with the exception of areas that would seem to contribute toward increasing socioeconomic diversity. It would appear the high school redistricting exercise is based on faulty assumptions, as both the problems of overcrowding and lack of socioeconomic diversity relative to the other schools will rectify themselves in short order.

Road worries

James City County Board of Supervisors and the Williamsburg City Council: It’s time. After nearly hitting two bicyclists this morning (it’s about 6 o’clock) and almost running over a jogger — no lights, no reflectors, no nothing — it’s time to make an ordinance that if you’re out after dark you either have a flashlight or reflectors on your body so other people can see you.

More conservation

All well and good that Williamsburg Public Works Department saved local taxpayers by recycling staff vehicles’ oil and tires, but the article didn’t mention how they recycle these. What is confusing is how Williamsburg officials define “conservation” with recycling when many city parking street lights are on all day and night, especially at the Williamsburg Regional Library and Williamsburg Post Office. Some lights in the parking lot are on all day. What is confounding is the side street beside the greater Williamsburg Tourist building — there’s a sidewalk light on day and night. A lot more conservation could be done.

A note to the person who threw away what appears to be a washing machine beside Fenton Mill Road in York County: James City County Transfer Station doesn’t charge you because they recycle them. Next time, take your trash to the transfer station.

Looking for …

Looking for moving boxes. Please call 564-1165. Thank you.

Looking for anyone who might have attended the Institute of European Studies in Paris, France, around 1963. Please respond to Thank you in advance.

Looking for recommendations for an appliance repairman, specifically refrigerator repair. Thank you.

I’m trying to reach the young man who, last year, was advertising that he’d like to do some yard work for Christmas money for his family. If you are the one who put the notice in, please give me a call. My number is 757-817-5718. Thank you.

For the person seeking a grief support group: Consider the Hospice House and Support Care of Williamsburg Walking/Social Bereavement Group. We walk Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings. We often share meals. We read books together and sometimes take trips together. We know how to listen and how to let newcomers just be silent. We are good people who know the experience of grief and some of us are still deeply in it. Hospice House also offers a formal Grief Support Group. The next one starts up Jan. 9. For more information about either program, contact Hospice House at 253-1220.

Keep moving

Do you realize that if you move your car from the gas pump before you pay for your gas, there’s no way for the cashier to know how much you owe. If you are paying for your gas inside, you must stay at the gas pump so you can pay for that gas. Otherwise, if the next person pulls up and starts pumping gas, there’s no record of the gas you bought. After many years of driving, I don’t understand why that’s not understood. Now, if you pay by credit card or debit or whatever, then, yes, you can move your car and you should move your car.

Missing birds

I wrote in to ask about where my birds were. Yes, migration is a factor, but this year they just plain disappeared, all of them. I contacted the Audubon Society and they said they were hearing word from all along the East Coast and that their theory is the odd weather patterns in late summer and early fall have something to do with this. I have seen an occasional bird in the past week or so. The good news is there are a variety of returning birds. Whereas they used to drain a feeder in two days, now one feeder is about a 1/2-inch down. I'll take it. By the way, I do have friends who haven't seen a single change, but overall, there seem to be more without birds. It's a first for me and that's what makes it remarkable.

What next?

Fences, parking meters, red and yellow high-rises — all of the joy has been sucked out of our town.

Thank you

Last week, my tire pressure light came on and I discovered a nail in one of my tires. After going to three automotive repair shops and being told they couldn't fix it or couldn't fix it today, I headed home wondering if I would have a flat tire the next morning. I noticed a new business on Richmond Road, Discount Tires. I was met in the parking lot by the manager, Derek, who told me they were just getting their final inspection and weren't even open for business yet. I understood and said OK, but mentioned this was the fourth place I had tried to have my tire repaired. Derek told me to wait a minute and went into the store. When he came back out, he told me they would plug my tire at no charge and have me out in 20 minutes. And they did. He also told me, when I needed new tires, they would beat any price. I will go there when I need tires because of their outstanding customer service and the kindness of helping me. Thank you!

We sincerely thank Autumn Mora of the Green Springs Pet Resort and Dr. Britt Cohen, plus his staff from Godspeed Animal Care, for their quick actions which resulted in saving the life of our Bernese Mountain Dog “Guinness.” G-man collapsed at the resort with a life-threatening illness, but was rushed to Godspeed and treated immediately. Outcome: He will make a full recovery. We appreciate having such wonderful, caring professionals in our community; they are making a huge difference.

Thoughtful columns

I am responding to the commentary by Joseph Filko in Saturday’s paper. I thought it was a very good commentary. I wonder if people ever stop to think that blacks, by far, are not the only people that have been slaves. I’m saying that as a black person and slavery was not good, but in reality, the first slaves were Jews, and there’s still slavery today. Unfortunately, certain people in our country have continued to try to push that we are victims because we, at one time, were slaves. There is no one alive today that is a slave or knows someone that was a slave and, by picking at that old, old wound it has made race relations worse.

The John Shulson review of the opera “Girl of the Golden West” was compelling. His colorful description of the staging, set and singers was amusing and powerful. Oh, how we wish we'd been in those available seats. Thank you, Mr. Shulson, your reviews add so much to the rich cultural life we have here.


Henrico County has, in the median of high traffic intersections, signs that say, “Please do not give money to persons in the median,” and then it has the phone number to call so they can get assistance. Maybe Williamsburg and James City County ought to think about doing that.

To the concerned citizen who is deeply offended by a panhandler and his old dog: We simply cannot allow this outrageous activity in Williamsburg, especially around this festive time of year. I was not aware that a hamburger and a bag of french fries at a local fast food joint came under the category of a “big meal.” Then on top of it, he was able to “lounge” in such luxury. I know this dangerous character, and I even saw him giving his dog a bite. I want to thank Ebenezer for his tireless work keeping our streets safe. He is right. We have work houses for the poor, and your “taxes” help support these people. If these panhandlers would rather die than go where they should, then let them get on with it and decrease the surplus population. I work near the train station. I have seen this same person the reader referred to, “hiding” under some boxes near the railroad tracks, alone, with that old dog. Have a blessed Christmas.

United we stand

Do you remember the saying, “United we stand, divided we fall”? Today, America has become a divided nation. It appears to me that most Americans do not believe we need to put our trust in God. I believe if Americans do not repent of their evil ways, we are doomed as a nation.


ATIR is by far the best nail salon in Williamsburg. Right from the start, you are treated as a customer, not a number. The staff is very skilled in nail care. Obviously, they have been very well trained, making me feel secure with the different procedures and with high hygiene standards. Unlike some other places, at ATIR, I am not rushed to get to the next person and employees don't walk around in flip flops.

We moved to Williamsburg four years ago and researched to identify a new dentist. We were very fortunate to select Dr. Steve Stensland and his exceptional staff at the Stensland Dental Studio. Whitney has been our dental hygienist the past four years and she is extremely professional, thorough and courteous. We have been fortunate to have chosen this dental team and have recommended them to other members of our extended family, as well as neighbors and friends.


To the person who "owns a couple of guns" and "hates the NRA," the 5 million NRA members are people from various backgrounds who do our own research and due diligence, we know the difference between lies, facts and deception. If you really understand what the gun control groups want to achieve from their own statements, you would know their end goals and realize pro-gun organizations such as Gun Owners of America, the Virginia Citizens Defense League, the NRA and others work diligently for gun owners and the Second Amendment. We members are not deceived by "lies."

Tax plans

It’s obvious from the tax bill that the president’s definition of “middle class” is people making more than a million dollars a year. Anybody else is lower class and is expected to be the ones paying for his middle-class tax breaks.

In five years, 50 percent of Americans will get a tax hike, but the Trump's billion dollar tax cut will remain permanent. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what it can do for the Trumps.

The person complaining about 13 million folks getting a tax increase with one of the proposed tax bills should be a bit more honest and a bit less hysterical. If you do a little math, you will quickly realize that 13 million people is less than 5 percent of the U.S. population.

Taxi service

In a town that relies on tourism, how in the world does the city not stay aware of the taxi service at the train/bus depot? A Last Word item reported no taxis on hand for a late morning arrival. Depot employees, do you notice and check with taxi companies? City government, don't you have someone who checks on such basic business issues? Taxi companies, can't you please make sure your drivers are covering incoming trains and buses? Or have lighted signs in several places alerting travelers of your contact info? Can train conductors alert passengers to check ahead for needed taxis? Really, let’s get this tourist destination organized. Williamsburg is lucky to have train service and we better make sure it's seamless.

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