Last Word on Sidecar Santa, Dec. 9

Sidecar Santa

Does anyone have the contact information for the Sidecar Santa? I have some beanies to donate. Editor’s note: Sidecar Santa says you can contact him at, or you can drop the Beanie Babies at Artfully Yours art studio on Jamestown Road.

Looking for …

In response to the person who needs their gutters cleaned out: I'm not a company, but an early retiree who could clean them out for you if it's a single-story house. I have no set fee, but a donation would be appreciated. You can call Billy at 804-517-1629 or email at Many thanks.

Any one giving ukulele lessons?

We are looking for a nice restaurant to go to on Christmas Eve for about 10-15 people. Prefer one with a buffet. Some place in Williamsburg or nearby.

I would like to know how to join the Rotary Club in Williamsburg. If anybody has any information, please let the Last Word know. Thank you.

A man’s ring was found in a bag of donated food to FISH. Please call FISH if it is yours and describe. The number is 220-9379.

My husband and I went to the CW employee’s craft show two weeks ago and bought this wonderful jam in a half pint mason jar. The tag on jar only gave the ingredients list. Does anyone know where we could buy more? We love it.

I have coarse, thick hair and one of the best haircuts I've ever gotten was by someone who cut my hair dry. Do any stylists in Williamsburg use this method?

Where is a local real estate class to learn all about buying a house and all the ins and outs — especially for a beginner? Finding a real estate agent did not teach me all I need to know.

Crossing safely

Many students cross Jamestown Road daily. I realize that pedestrians have the right of way and we need to stop so they can cross, wherever and whenever they want. But can they at least look both ways before they cross the street instead of looking at their phone?

Colonial Williamsburg

Despite all the bad press about Colonial Williamsburg — some justified and some not — I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the amazing fireworks during Grand Illumination and the beautiful lights at the Williamsburg Inn this year. Thank you for your support in the community and Merry Christmas.

My wife asked if I wanted to go to Grand Illumination, and I said, “No.” Until Colonial Williamsburg can recover from the inept leadership of Colin Campbell and Mitchell Reiss, I won’t go there. I was a director at Colonial Williamsburg in the late 2000s and was fired, along with many other directors and character actors who really made Colonial Williamsburg work. This was because Colin Campbell had mismanaged the finances, and that continues today. The only people who can change this is the board of directors, and the chance of them making any waves is very little. If they did, they probably would not be invited to the very expensive and lavish donor events they have each year. Go ahead, President Reiss, build that fence and hire more senior vice presidents. You will continue to lose supporters each year.

Changing history

A reader talks about how removing Civil War monuments is an attempt to revise history, and he has a point about this. On the other hand, though, most of those monuments were put up 50 years after the war by people who wanted to revise history themselves, to glorify the Confederacy. It's not a simple issue of evil liberals trying to discredit history, it's a complicated issue with many different people trying to interpret history to suit their own ends. I'm against removing Civil War statues, but I think it's important that we explain them in context and talk about why they were put up in the first place. Don't hide the war, but also don't hide the attempts in the early 20th century to oppress the people who had been liberated in that war.

Just 15 minutes

I called state Sen. Tommy Norment’s office to schedule an appointment to discuss a legislative issue in the middle of October. I left a message. I made weekly phone calls and/or emails. Eventually, I was told that Norment was busy but to give his legislative aide a bit more time. After six weeks of inaction I received an email that in part stated the following: “... the senator's schedule is challenging especially during this time of year. I do not think that we will be able to find time in his schedule.” Silly me. I thought the senator represented me. I thought that a requested 15 minutes of his time was not too intrusive. Apparently I was wrong. I am not a donor; therefore have no value.

Holiday tip

I want to give my paper person a holiday tip, but they haven't sent out a Christmas card so I will know where to send it. I would like to hear from others and the carriers themselves, to address the problem. Thank you to the paper people for your hard work all year. Editor’s note: The easiest way to get a tip to your carrier is by noting it when you send payment with your bill. Otherwise, you can call customer service and leave a tip. Call 757-220-2224 for the Gazette and 757-247-4800 for Daily Press; you will need a credit card to do this. Carriers receive all money designated for tips.

Taxi service

Regarding the person interested in taxi service at the train station after hours: I have had very good luck with Cardinal Taxi Service (red vehicle). Phone 757-345-5557, ask for Skip. I always arrive late in the day (7 p.m. to 11 p.m.). I think calling early in the day of travel to secure your ride may be the solution. Good luck!

Mail delivery

Mail delivery is at the whim of weather and transportation limitations. Consider that a majority of most mail deliveries are categorized as junk mail. Perhaps rather than waiting by the door for your mail to be delivered, you might consider finding a life. I would much prefer seeing my postal carrier making their rounds and returning home safely each evening than risking life or limb to deliver my weekly deluge of junk mail. Frankly, if your mail is that critically important, I would suggest using one of our commercial carriers to ensure delivery meets your needs.

Grab bag groceries

When I got home from the grocery store, I found the following items all in the same bag: solid gel air freshener, ready-to-eat sushi, frozen broccoli and box of Milk Bones. The Milk Bones box was getting soggy from being next to the frozen broccoli. Obviously, the sushi should not have been next to the gel air freshener. Once I had raw meat in the same bag as a ready-to-eat sub sandwich — that time I took the bag back into the store and got a new sub. It’s not that hard, just use common sense.


Before I retired, I spent most of my time on the road between company jobs. I kept a box of company business cards in my truck. When I passed a panhandler, I would give them a card with instructions to contact an office. Most never showed up. The few that did just wanted a paycheck with no real job responsibility and no expectations of doing any real work if they did take a job offer.

Informed voters

Both parties should submit their version of key legislation, so voters can make informed decisions. Where was the Republican alternative to Affordable Care Act and now where is the Democrats’ tax reform alternative? Incumbents are afraid we might find out what is in the bill before they ram it down our throats. Time for real transparency in government with bipartisan legislation, which is good for all voters.


I had my carpets and area rug cleaned by Peerless Carpet and they did a wonderful job. I highly recommend them. 757-847-6300.

Often, I read of inspirational members of our community who, through business, provide exemplary service and care for residents in Williamsburg. My elderly mother and I were extremely fortunate to retain the services of Arborista Tree Care and the owner, Christie Bohannon Cramer. She and her team performed flawlessly, ensuring the trees received the particular care and pruning required while maintaining a clean and safe work site at all times. I was impressed with her professionalism and the pristine condition of the yard following removal. Christie can be reached at 757-345-8688 to schedule a free estimate.

We recently had the exterior of our house painted by John Beer and his crew from White Eagle Painting. They did a fabulous job. They also power washed our driveway, walkways, patio hardscape and cleaned our windows, all for an exceptionally competitive price. I highly recommend John, who can be reached at 757-784-6578.

I recommend Dan’s Tree Service for anyone that needs trees cut down, no matter what size. They were cutting down a neighbor’s trees and my husband told them about the trees that we were afraid were going to fall on the house. When they finished with the neighbor, they came right here and cut three gigantic pine trees down. Their number is 206-9073.

Cable service

FiOS is a product of Verizon. The only way you can get it is through Verizon. They have their own phone service, and they have computer service through that phone service and they have a wireless service. They use fiber optic cabling instead of regular cabling, and they have to be the one to install. The last time I called was more than two years ago and it was not available in this area. It is available in some parts of Yorktown, but it is not available here and it is definitely a product of Verizon. So that’s why I continue to have Cox.

Just business

I am one of the many Williamsburg residents who rarely, if ever, used Big Lots, JCPenney or Tuesday Morning. Those business closures were simply business decisions. Personally, I seriously doubt we will ever see a Costco or Sam's Club in Williamsburg — we simply lack the population to support those businesses. Verizon stopped expanding their FiOS network in 2014 and has no intention to expand beyond its current footprint, forcing their customers without FiOS to go to cable or to their fixed wireless LTE service Home Fusion.

Health insurance

In 2017, we have approximately 10.3 million people enrolled in Obamacare and 28.3 million that remain uninsured either by choice or necessity. It would appear the individual mandates were a huge failure if the intent was to force folks to sign up for insurance. The taxpayer should see a tremendous savings in cost of collection of fines that should significantly balance any additional heath care costs associated with the uninsured. It’s not as if we are not paying billions to support these folks already.

Prison time

I think blaming Trump is a cop out. The judge knows what he needs to do, and we all have or had opinions about Bowe Bergdahl and we listen to the news. That has nothing to do with what is correct. So often people want to blame someone else when something isn’t done properly. The judge just was wrong. Bergdahl should have been sent to prison, and if it had been 50 years ago, he would have been shot. Don’t blame Trump. The judge needed to do his job; it is totally on him, no one else.

Up in Washington

For years the Republicans chanted there was always more to learn about Benghazi, and now that Gen. Flynn has pleaded guilty their stance on Russia is to "move on, nothing more to see here."

Let us hope that at the end of his jail term, Gen. Flynn will have learned a marketable skill and will know how to turn large rocks into small gravel.

The president said he had to fire Flynn because Flynn lied to the VP and the FBI. And I wondered, who else has lied to the VP and the FBI? Thank you.

General Flynn's prediction of his getting jail time in his speech at the Republican National Convention is about to come true. Let's hope that the tap on the back of the hand in court is an indication that the disgraced general is singing before the grand jury like the soprano in a Verdi opera.

The world’s two biggest myths: The Earth is flat, GOP is the party of fiscal responsibility.

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