Last Word on caring vets, April 12

Reader wants to know when will road work be finished at Monticello and News roads.


I highly recommend Middle Plantation Animal Hospital. It has a wonderful vet. His name is Randall Dunsmore and he’s located at 7316 Merrimac Trail in Williamsburg. The phone number is 345-6566. He takes time with the animals and his staff is wonderful. I think he’s the best vet that I’ve ever met in all the years that I’ve had animals, which is many, many years.

The vet at Anderson Corner, Anderson Corner Veterinary Center, has wonderful veterinarians who are caring and concerned truly about the pets. You need to call them. They are excellent.

Completed road work 

Did I miss the deadline for the finishing of News Road and Monticello?  I thought it was March 2016 or was it 2017? How hard is it to put some blacktop down and remove those cones?  Tax money at its best!  Now I pity the people that have to use Route 199 and get off at the Route 60 exit. It will probably take VDOT two years to redo the exit ramp. Why don't you finish one job before starting another?

Grammar police 

The Bible was not written in English! The writings of the Old Testament were originally written in Hebrew; the collection of writings of the New Testament were originally written in Greek.

The Bible was translated into English in the 12th Century. It was in German, Latin and Greek, translated from biblical Hebrew and biblical Aramaic before England was still a land of warring tribes with a hodgepodge of dialects during the time of the first written New Testament. During the time of the New Testament, the people we know as English would have been ruled by Rome so they would have spoken Latin.  English did not become the widely used language we know now until almost a thousand years after the time of Christ.

I, too, abhor bad grammar or punctuation on public signs, and have been known to bring it to the attention of the offending establishment. I find nothing laughable about doing so. I did laugh at one statement in that paragraph, however--the one that said "There's a reason that the Bible was written in English. It is literally the Word of God!" The first English Bible was a handwritten one made in the 1380s. The first printed English Bible was the Tyndale New Testament, published in 1526. All English Bibles are translations from other languages, notably Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. I have no argument with the statement that the Bible is the Word of God, but it is laughable to think it was originally written in English.

Confirm prescriptions

Check your prescription medication carefully before you leave the pharmacy. A certain drugstore made mistakes twice with my prescriptions. I changed pharmacies. Now, they’ve just made a mistake with my granddaughter’s prescription. Their directions stated, “Put three drops daily in right ear” for an eye medicine! Thank heavens, it wasn’t ear medicine that the day care accidentally put in her eye!  Caveat emptor.  Thank you.

Presidential politics

Hillary Clinton continues to harp on how broken Washington is, when it’s her party that’s run Washington the last how many years?  No more Clintons in the White House, please!

Attention needed

James City County Recreational Center issues.  Why can’t General Services Department see the need to hire a male to clean the locker rooms?  The locker rooms are dirty and have been dirty for a long time. The ladies that work in the daytime cannot clean those locker rooms. It’s not fair to the customers to have to wait for them to close the locker room down to clean it. Somebody needs to look into that. Have a blessed day.

Looking for ... 

I am looking for some place to do paper shredding. It doesn’t matter if it is free or if there is a charge. In desperate need of this.  Also, is there any place that one can go to take their coins to be sorted?  The small machines in the local stores cannot manage this. Thank you very much.

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