Last Word collisions with deer, Sept. 30

Coverage of First Baptist's Freedom Bell has been wonderful, inspiring.


Have you ever seen a severely injured fawn lying in pain beside the road? Did you know that three deer—two fawns and a doe—have been struck in the last couple of weeks by cars on South Henry between College Park and Richmond Hill?  Drivers are speeding and not looking. Numerous neighbors in this area have stories about walking out in the street to slow cars down when fawns are crossing.  Solutions?  Put up street markers marking deer crossings.  Change the speed limit on South Henry all the way from College Park to 25 mph so that the area where the killings are the highest is more protected.  Enforce the law in this area. I know many people are concerned with the deer eating their plantings, but surely there is a more humane way to deal with this problem than hitting deer with cars.  

Freedom Bell coverage

I’m calling about the articles that you’ve been doing about the Freedom Bell here in Williamsburg and the dedication they had in Washington. I’m so pleased about the articles that you’ve been writing. I’m keeping all of them to put in a scrapbook for my grandchildren and my great-grandchildren, as I am a long-time resident of Williamsburg, and my ancestors were freed here. I am so pleased and so happy. Not able to get out to all these social functions that’s going on, but I’m keeping track of them through news and TV, and I thank you so very much.

Looking for ...

Single mom of two in need of a tablet or portable laptop for going back to school.  I’m currently a full-time mom and going back to school to be a medical assistant . That requires a laptop or portable computer. If anyone has one that they’re willing to donate, please give me a call, 757-849-8530.

Is there anyone in the Williamsburg area who can convert an old railroad lantern into a hanging light fixture? 220-1369.

I am in search of a professional gas fireplace craftsman to do routine tune-up for residential installation; previous craftsman no longer available. Anyone having knowledge of one, please post his/her name, phone number and/or email address.

Funding federal programs

To the person who mentioned that the food stamp program is not running out of money but Social Security is—that’s because the powers in Washington, DC, are taking the money from Social Security to pay for the food stamp programs in addition to other social programs!  A classic case of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Exhibit prompts memories

I had the opportunity to attend “The Making Waves Exhibit” at the Williamsburg Art Gallery in Colonial Williamsburg on September 2008. And I really liked how well it was organized, featuring a pianist, finger food and beverages, a nice host and artists. The walls were displaying beautiful paintings with vivid or monochrome colors from oil to watercolor. When I stopped and observed several paintings that had boats, sailboats, fishermen, rock, sand, pelicans, blue sky and green sea, I was reminded of a nice memory from childhood. Also, there was a magnificent sculpture of flying ducks carved in wood that was illuminated with white lights in different directions. Those ducks reminded me of ducks flying in “V” formation over the James River in the parkway. It was a nice feeling to be there and see how paintings and sculptures could move me in such way to bring back memories or inspire me to paint something.

Great evening, great concert

I recently attended a free concert at the Williamsburg Library Theater -- what a wonderful performance was offered by Lou Vangieri, The LCV Project. He performed a wide variety of solo acoustic guitar instrumentals, including songs from his new album (10 More Songs). It is so wonderful to have a top notch guitarist living and performing in Williamsburg. Add the Williamsburg Library Theater to his terrific sound and you've got something special (nice job with the video backdrop during the concert honoring the National Parks 100 Year Celebration).  Thanks, Williamsburg Library Theater, for inviting Mr. Vangieri back each year.  It's a very special concert in our town!  For more information on his act, visit his website at (lots of great music at the site).

Teacher pay, qualifications

Before teachers get any more raises, they should all be required to take Teacher SOLs.  Each and every teacher should be required to take an extensive test to prove that they can actually teach their grade level.  I have met many teachers who cannot spell, or do basic math, or fill out a form, or speak proper English.  For every hard-working and dedicated and intelligent teacher, there is a disinterested and inefficient teacher that could not pass a high school exam or SOL.  Just because they graduated from college and received a certification does not mean that they are able to teach our children.

An FBI investigation. Really?

The FBI is gathering information about an incident involving Brad Pitt and his family aboard a private flight last week. The FBI, no less. Investigating whether Brad Pitt had too much to drink and yelled at one of his kids. Which is wrong—he yelled at him and he got drunk. And the FBI investigated. No wonder the terrorists could get though and cause problems.  The FBI.  Really?  How about catching some more terrorists?

Forget martial law

To the person talking about invoking martial law:  Do they understand that by doing that they also give Barack Obama the right to stay in office until he would decide to undeclare martial law? That would not be a very good political decision to do. It would just wreak havoc on this country to have this President in indefinitely. So—yeah, you really need to think about things like that. You know, people just need to follow the law and they need to arrest the people that are not following the law, period. You know, it shouldn’t have to be anything special. We’re so afraid politically, correct wise, not to arrest people who need to be arrested. Thank you.

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