Last Word on Lafayette, March 14

Reader is unhappy with how W-JCC superintendent ranked Lafayette's capital projects.

High schools

Lafayette parents, want to know school superintendent  Dr. Constantino's message regarding equity between WJCC high schools?  The Lafayette gym ranked at the bottom of his list, while his top priority is $159,000 to redesign the door entrance  for Jamestown High School. His answer couldn't be clearer, Lafayette make do; we need to direct funds toward our flagship school instead.  Economic discrimination, pure and simple.   

Looking for ...

Does anyone know where Jennifer Lewis is cutting hair now? She was my favorite hairdresser at Jim De's Hair Salon on Longhill Road and now she is gone. Please help me.  Email

Does anyone know if Dr. Michael Laccheo is still practicing in the Williamsburg area?  He was my rheumatologist, but he left his last practice. Please call 757-220-9579 with any info. Thanks!

Does anyone know of a reliable company who can remove the black stains from the roof of your house?  If so, please leave their name and phone # with the Last Word.  Thanks.

I lost a Tervis cup that someone very special gave to me as a Christmas gift. I don't know where I left it, very possibly at the Rec Center on Longhill Road, but I'm just not sure.  It is a larger Tervis cup with the word "Patriots" written down the side of it, the Patriots emblem on it, and the top is a light gray. I would dearly love to have it back.  If found, please email me at  

Whose economy?

I wish that the next time someone says how good the economy is, they could be asked how they make a living.  I bet it's one of three ways.  They work for the government or an industry that is affiliated with it, get benefits from the government or they are in or close to the 1 percent.  Everyone else is out of luck.


A Last Word contributor invites us to "look at Paris." OK.  Gun deaths in France are less than 3 per 100,000 population. This compares to over 10 per 100,000 in the U.S., which is greater than Mexico. Many, many of our gun deaths (including San Bernadino) involved legally purchased firearms. Sound like a "well regulated" situation to you?  Me neither.

Central office 

Do WJCC central office personnel receive the same percentage of raises that the rank and file receive?  Have any people in the central office gone without raises for years?  Are any of them actually making less than they did before because their wages are stagnant but health care premiums have gone up?  

Presidential politics

Smash mouth tactics.  Personal insults.  Vulgarity at its lowest.  Cruel mimicking.  Bullying at its worst.  The next President of the United States.  God forbid. I find it hard to believe that this coarse, vulgar man who delights in personally degrading anyone who disagrees with him, showering them with insults and threats and using the most belligerent and shameful language can actually become our next President. 

Braxton Court 

When recounting the history of Braxton Court, you failed to mention the role of Bessie Gerst, wife of Lisbon Gerst (who not only did brick work for the College but performed with the Williamsburg Quintet at the Williamsburg Inn).  Beginning in the 1950's, Mrs. Gerst founded and taught the Wee Wisdom school, a kindergarten for African-American children, in the basement of the brick home her husband built in the Court. A few years before her 100th birthday, a group of her "graduates" organized an event to honor her--it was attended by former students who came from far and wide, many of whom had gone on to further their education and pursue professional careers.    


A terrific plumber!  I've relied on John Hubbard and his men over the years and they are always on time and get the job done for a fair price. What's more, they clean up their mess. I just had them complete another great job! Day or night, call him at 804-363-5990.

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