Last word on Merrimac Road, Feb 16

Creating more jobs would help people walk away from using government benefits.

Road improvements

Now that the speed bumps are painted on Merrimac Road. It would be nice to have a “No Littering” sign and impose a fine to those who litter. While there, please remove those black plastic markings that make the street look dumpy. Where does York County stand on this?

Leaning on taxpayers 

I keep hearing that the economy is doing so good and jobs are created, but do you know food stamp recipients have risen from 17.2 million in 2000 to 47.8 million in 2012. Isn’t that ridiculous! Costs have soared from 20.7 billion in 2000 to 83.1 billion in 2014. And most of these are work-capable adults between the ages of 18 and 49 and don’t have any children. Now, I’m retired, but my husband is still working. But if I had to, I would work two jobs rather than having to depend upon the government.  And that’s what’s become of this society, is they think, “Oh, the government will take care of me.”  No, it’s not the government, it’s the taxpayers. We’ve got to get people off of food stamps. If they have to take two jobs, that’s fine. I mean, people did that years ago and they got through it. We need to create jobs, many more jobs.

Good words 

I just want to commend the police chief in Poquoson and Virginia Beach area for putting our national motto on the police cars, “In God We Trust,” and not at taxpayers’ expense. Because what he’s doing represents the majority in this country, and we’re very glad to see somebody standing up for what this country was founded on. Thank you very much.

School zone

A note to the driver of the big red Hummer with the Gadsden license plate:  When the flashing yellow lights are on in front of  Norge Elementary, the speed limit is 25, not 45.

Super Bowl commercial

Did you really think showing the murder of 2,606 New Yorkers will entice them to pack up their cars and take a drive down to our beautiful town? By the way, your other two target cities, Philadelphia (40 murdered in Shanksvlle, PA) and D.C. (125 murdered at the Pentagon) were directly affected by the largest terrorist attack in world history as well. Shame!

Looking for ... 

Hi, folks.  Hope you can help me.  Maybe six weeks or so ago, you mentioned an organization that was looking for picture puzzles, I guess regardless of the number of pieces.  I have several to donate if you can advise me of the details.  

La Petite Tearoom is open. It is open five days a week, Wednesday to Sunday, and thank you so much for printing all of the good words. 

Does anyone know of a local company that can make flagstones for the outside of a home?  Not a big job. Please leave your phone number. Thank you.

In response to the person looking for Janine, Becky, Becca, Lisa, Cuffie and Christine: They are now located at Uptown Hair, next to Uptown Nails in the Food Lion Shopping Center at Rt. 199 and Rt. 5, around the corner from their former location.

Tongue in cheek

To the person comparing Sarah Palin to Moe of the Three Stooges: Moe was the smart one, so I don't think that is a good analogy. Thank you.

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