Last Word on the new group home, Sept. 13


Transfer station

I see you’re doing modifications to the Jolly Pond transfer station. I hope one of the modifications is going to be to lower the area where you dump things. It used to be years ago, you were below tail-gate height to unload things. Then they came up with this bright idea to raise it way up where you had to pick things way up to get them into the dumpster. Whoever came up with the latest design should be shot. Hopefully, they’ll go back to the old way, which was much more user-friendly.

Group home

As a mental health professional, I'm concerned about the potentially inflammatory article published by the Gazette Sept. 7 regarding one Williamsburg administrator's views on a proposed group home within the city. The article presents the administrator's “fears” regarding a population of clients which the group homes clearly state they do not serve. These unsubstantiated allegations, that seem to infer that the group home will be housing dangerous individuals, serve only to incite more fear and increase stigma for mental health clients who are working to reintegrate successfully into communities and who face misunderstanding and discrimination constantly based upon their illnesses. I am disappointed that the Gazette did not wait to gain more factual information on the proposed clients to be served and nature of the group home and instead presented a distorted view of the situation based only upon hearsay and one individual's views.

Honor rolls

I would like to know if it’s possible to get the honor rolls for York County schools.  I see it’s in there for Williamsburg/James City County schools, but I do not ever see anything in here about the York County schools. In particular, in the Williamsburg area, like the Bruton High School, Queens Lake, Magruder.  I’d like to know if it’s possible to get those honor roll students mentioned because they work very hard and they deserve a little recognition. Thank you and goodbye.  Editor's note: We will do our best to include them this school year.

Looking for ...

Can anyone provide the name of a firm or lawyer who will work to expunge nole prosequi misdemeanor charges that will follow through with what you paid them to do?

If anyone finds a small, green Fossil change purse, please email me at I am very interested in getting it returned if it is found because it has keys in it that are important to me. Thank you.

Hickley's release

I would like to know how in the heck can they let John Hinckley be released to a 90-year-old mother. A 90-year-old person can barely take care of themselves.  How in the world is she going to take care of that man, her son, and watch what  he’s doing and see what he’s doing and tell him what to do until someone finds her in the house or something with that nut, or somebody in the neighborhood or somebody in Williamsburg?  How can Williamsburg let him come here and stay when he shot all those people and he is crazy?  

I would like to know if John Hinckley was a black man and shot the President and other people and would the judge release him to his family—more or less a mother that’s 90 years old. Would he be able to go back to his neighborhood or to where he lives and live happily ever after, saying he can’t have contact with social media. Who’s going to watch him and make sure he doesn’t do that? There’s nobody could do that. A 90-year-old woman cannot do that, and the judge that did this, they need his head examined.

Keeping track of family

What is wrong with family members that get upset when there’s a family gathering or a family picnic or a family reunion or anything to do with the family and they weren’t notified?  When they never contact their family members or go around their family members or associate with their family members, how in the heck is the family member going to know who they are, whose they are, where they are, where they live and what name they have? If you don’t associate with anyone in your family members, to let them know that you are a part of this family and you want to be a part of this family, how are you going to be contacted?  People cannot go all over the telephone book, Facebook and everywhere else to find people that they haven’t seen in two, three, four, five years or don’t even talk to. Get with it, family. Associate with your family people and that will not happen.

A little help, please

A local pool had a party on Labor Day.  They had put all the pool furniture away because of the storm on the Saturday before.  However, when we went to the party, the furniture was still put away.  My older middle aged mother was told if she wanted a chair or table that she had to retrieve it herself.  It would have been good customer service for a lifeguard to have retrieved the chair for her.  Thank goodness for the pool’s insurance that I was there to get the chair for her even though I have a back issue and shouldn’t lift anything too heavy. However, what would have happened to me or the pool’s insurance payment if my knee gave out while lifting the lounge chair off the stack if I injured myself?

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