Last Word on Veterans Day, Nov. 14

There are many worthy educators whose names would be great for our schools.

 Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day.  I enjoyed Jim Icenhour's article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch about the help that has been organized for homeless vets and all the good work that is being done for them. Thank you and more power to Mr. Icenhour and the Virginia Board of Veterans Services that he chairs.

School names

Thanks to the person who wrote the article in the paper, in the Last Word, about naming our schools. She’s exactly right. We had so many wonderful, dedicated teachers at Matthew Whaley. We are certainly so, so proud of every single one of them. There are some wonderful names—Jeanne Etheridge, of course; Mildred Matier, Eunice Hall, Mr. Ray Free and Mr. George Hicks. A school would be honored, and we would be honored to have a school named after one of our teachers from Matthew Whaley. Thank you.



In reply to the comment in the November 9 Last Word for TV service:  I used Cox for 17 years until their costs kept going up.  Now I have Direct TV and it is the best move I could have made. Big annual savings, more programs and excellent quality. Contact me at  Yes, I still use Cox for my internet. I use AT&T for telephone.

After the election

Rational, optimistic high schoolers have to stand by and listen to misinformed vitriol from certain students. They should try to educate themselves from multiple, fair sources and respect everyone. When certain classmates spout things like Trump won’t let women get ahead, or he’s KKK, or Mike Pence is going to electro-shock gays, etc., you want them to be better informed, but you can’t talk to them. Our teachers maintaining calm and teaching basic civics is a good start. How about Hillary’s words: When they go low, we go high? Stronger together? We owe him an open mind and the chance to lead?

 The theme of an oft repeated Clinton campaign ad of Hillary Clinton was that the children are watching and listening.  That’s true and what do they see and hear?  Riots, traffic disruption, property destruction and shouted vile obscenities by Clinton’s backers!

How did Trump win ? The answer might be the $889 million dollars the Koch brothers spent on promoting down ticket Republican candidates. Search Google or Youtube for Koch brothers and learn about the influence these men have on our " democracy."  Decide for yourselves if they are a positive or negative force for America's future. Search Google for Wake County Schools and Koch brothers to learn who they really are and how far they will go to control the American agenda. They are not working to "Make America Great Again," but rather to continue to make America as dependent as possible on the fossil fuel industry that they control. If Trump truly wants to reinvigorate America, he will need to challenge the Koch Brothers’ fossil fuel lobby. America cannot wait another election cycle to begin transitioning to clean energy!

So, what exactly do the recent protesters/rioters expect to accomplish? Do they expect the election decision to be overturned? Subversive behavior must be dealt with by an immediate and appropriate response from law enforcement; however, with our current corrupt Justice Department, I doubt that will happen. One has to wonder, if Hillary were elected would Trump supporters have taken to the streets and behaved like the liberal Democrats are doing now?

This is the second time in 16 years that the winner of the popular vote for the presidency of the United States has not become president. It’s time to eliminate the Electoral College, because if you watched this past campaign, the vast majority of the American voters were ignored by the campaigners working at the extreme ends of the electorate. They repeatedly went to the same six states and never went to states in the middle of the country, such as Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska or Oklahoma. By eliminating the Electoral College, candidates will have to pull towards the center because they’ll have to appeal to every voter in the United States, not just the voters in the six states that have the largest number of electoral votes.

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