Last Word, Oct. 30: Enough Steelers!

Why can't local TV show more competitive NFL games instead of the Steelers every week?

New chairs

Now that a very generous couple has anonymously donated $50 million to the College of William & Mary, I’m hoping that a bit of this windfall might be spent to replace classroom chairs.  Many of them are broken and all of them are filthy.  Any visitor to a typical classroom would be appalled.

Enough Steelers

It is very irritating that the local CBS affiliate more often than not televises the Steelers when there are games of more significance.  Case in point: Steelers against a team that has won one game and going nowhere is televised locally as opposed to the Patriots and Jets; the Patriots the hottest team in football and the Jets, up and coming and a bitter rival of the Patriots.

Seniors beware

To those senior citizens interested in living in independent or assisted living communities, be careful and thorough in investigating the community. There are many in our area. Some questions to ask are, When was the community built? Ask about the care and maintenance of its buildings and the utilities—the air conditioner, the water heater, the  furnace. Are there any mold problems? Ask also about the response time to residents’ issues. Ask about the availability of administrative staff. Do you see them walking throughout or are they mostly in their offices? How many workers are there working in the community? Is there a fee increase yearly? And will you feel comfortable there—is it clean, is it healthy? Remember, these are businesses. Some are for profit; they do have stockholders. Some are nonprofits. So listen carefully and ask questions.


To the two callers searching for a handyman to reinstall a storm door and repair siding.  My neighbor introduced us to a terrific handyman and we have used him several times and will not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.  His name is Tim Cromis and he is very reliable, neat, tidy and meticulous about his work.  His telephone number is 757-880-8394. 

Do not call

I have signed up for the "do not call" listing.  I live alone with a couple of dogs who, while they can open the refrigerator, cannot use the telephone.  I am getting repeated sales calls which open by telling me that it is a return call for a back brace which I never solicited.  How do I stop the calls and sick the government on the caller?

Road work

Yeah, there’s an easy explanation why the Ironbound/Monticello intersection work has taken so long. It’s called VDOT. Simple four-letter word.

Clinton hearings 

Well, I see the evening news on Channel 3 did not show the important parts of the hearings today with Hillary Clinton. I spent my whole day watching, which with most of the people can’t do, so I know they left out new information, which was bad news for Hillary. Proof was given; proof was ignored. Makes me sick. Please do not believe these deceivers. She needs to tell the truth. It was proved today that she did not. Thank you.

Stupid is doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting different results. Stupid is the current investigations of the occurrences in Benghazi, Libya.

Looking for ... 

I lost a boat cushion on Richmond Road between Miller Mart and Croaker Road. It is light tan with blue stripes, piping along the edge. It is irreplaceable. If someone found this and picked it up, could they please call 645-7508?  Substantial reward offered. Thank you.

Bad drivers 

If you think drivers in Williamsburg are bad, you need to go to Baltimore. They’re downright suicidal up there.

CW compensation

I just read in The Virginia Gazette Colonial Williamsburg compensation for their top 14 employees, and I see where the president makes $700,000 plus a year, which amounts to over $16,000 a week. I’d just like to know how does he feel when he gets up in the morning to brush his teeth and looks in the mirror, knowing that they have employees out there that make just a dollar over minimum wage and some of them don’t even make $10 an hour that have been there 15 years. It seems like Colonial Williamsburg’s board need to really rethink these employees that have given their hearts and souls to Colonial Williamsburg and the guests that come every year. You got repeated guests that always take their hats off to employees of Colonial Williamsburg, but foundation itself does not compensate them like they should be compensated. Thank you.

Better off?

Do you Obama people really think our country is better off since Obama has been president?  He’s had seven years now to improve on the situation he was left, and our economy and our foreign policy is a mess. Try to think rationally and not follow the Democratic talking points.

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