New restaurant brings snow cones to Williamsburg


WILLIAMSBURG — In six months, you'll have the chance to battle for some of the brutal springtime heat with some old-fashioned snow cones.

Chesapeake natives Skip and Sarah Harrison plan to open Pelican's SnoBalls on Merrimac Trail where Queen Anne's Dari-Snak was previously. The company has locations in eight states, including 10 stores in Virginia. Its newest location, which is slated to open on March 1 of this year, fits the profile of every other Pelican's.

"We do not place them in strip malls, malls, kiosks, etc. It must be a stand-alone building with parking and room for seating and games," said Skip Harrison. "Those types of locations are getting harder and harder to find."

As its name would suggest, Pelican's SnoBalls prides itself on the many flavors they offer.

"Some of our most popular flavors are blue raspberry, cherry, cotton candy, tigers blood, and pretty much anything off our Kids SnoBalls menu," said Sarah Harrison. "We also have flavors that customers from Louisiana and Maryland recognize such as skylite, egg custard, and wedding cake."

Heading into this market was an easy decision, Harrison said. He and wife spend time in Williamsburg often, and when Skip Harrison retires from the Navy in about three years, he'll be in Williamsburg.

"Whether to shop at the outlets, go to the theme parks, or just hang out in Colonial Williamsburg for the day, we've always loved the area," he said. "Additionally, we feel that a Williamsburg location would draw tourists when they visit. In fact, I see a lot of out-of-state plates at our neighbors, Emily's Doughnuts."

Though Pelican's has dozens of locations, one aspect that may set it apart from others of its ilk is that each location is family owned. Two locations — one in Virginia Beach and now one in Williamsburg — belong to the Harrison family.

"There are no big corporations or groups who start these, and then you never see the owner again," Harrison said. "All owners are active in their stands."

Pelican's SnoBalls will be open from March to October of each year. Harrison says patrons can should expect a great time for their families.

"I feel the success of our stands comes from a great SnoBall, the owners and employees loving our customers, and creating an atmosphere where the community can gather to relax and just hang out," he said. "We have over 100 flavors with many toppings, specialty kids SnoBalls, superior customer service, and games for everyone to enjoy. Bottom line: Pelican's SnoBalls is a fun place to go."

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