Pro-Trump group marches down Monticello Avenue

A group of more than 40 people marched down the sidewalk on Monticello Avenue Saturday morning in support of President Donald Trump.

Wearing red, white and blue, protesters held signs with phrases including “I like ICE” and “Support our president.”

“I support Trump wanting to make the borders strong but fair,” said Dhebra Pennington, one of the participants. “I love immigrants, but I don’t just want anyone coming in.”

This was a chance for the the Williamsburg-James City County Republican Committee's flash mob to show its support for President Donald Trump and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on July 14.

“(The flash mob) is about our place in the world, and borders and protecting America,” said Chris Henderson, chairman of the W-JCC Republican Committee and an organizer of the march. “And it's not about immigration, it's about preventing illegal immigration.”

“My grandparents were immigrants,” said Pete Gushue, one of the protesters. “They jumped through all the hoops. It took them nine years but they did it. That’s all anybody is asking for.”

Pennington said her motivation to attend was Brittany Binger, who was a friend of her daughter.

“I knew her personally, she went trick or treating with my daughter,” Pennington said. “She was killed right here in James City County by someone who crossed the borders illegally, so it’s personal with me. She was just a child … its not just everywhere else its right here too.”

Oswaldo Martinez, a 48-year old deaf and mute illegal immigrant from El Salvador, charged with Binger’s rape and murder more than 13 years ago, has been ruled as unfit to stand trial multiple times.

“(Binger) probably won’t get justice,” Pennington said.

Heather Cordasco, another organizer of the event, said her main motivation for the assembly was to support the president. She said she’s agreed and disagreed with every president, but she has always supported whomever it was.

The group met at the Williamsburg-James City County Circuit Court and marched along Monticello Avenue. They also stood at the intersection of Monticello Avenue and Ironbound Road, and at the stoplight in front of the courthouse. Many cars driving by honked at the group or gave a thumbs up in support.

“Most of the cars passing us at this intersection are supportive of us and the statements we are making,” Henderson said.

There were negative reactions as well from passers by.

Cordasco said she talked to some people who said they had wanted to join the group but were afraid of the way people would treat them.

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