Police: Credit cards skimmers not a problem in Williamsburg area


Police in the Historic Triangle say they haven't received reports of credit card skimmers, although credit card theft and fraud continue to be an issue on the Peninsula.

Skimmers are devices that steal credit card information when the card is swiped at an ATM.

"We have credit card theft that occurs regularly and credit card fraud, but not usually by way of skimmers," James City County Deputy Police Chief Stephen Rubino said.

A Williamsburg Police spokesman also said they have not received reports of credit card skimmers being found in the city.

In Newport News, police are urging ATM users to be on the lookout for card skimmers after reports of the devices on machines in the city and surrounding jurisdictions.

There have been recent reports of the devices found on machines at 7-Eleven stores, according to a crime alert posted on the Newport News department's official social media pages.

Machines that are safe to use will have a green circular card slot where the ATM card is inserted, according to the alert. Machines with skimmers have a piece placed over the slot that can be removed.

"As a reminder, no parts should easily pull off the front of the ATM or be loose," the alert states.

Detectives have asked store employees to be aware of anyone who spends an unusual amount of time at the ATM or attempts to conceal their identity.

Anyone who suspects a skimming device on an ATM should contact police.

"If you find a skimming device, please do not touch or attempt to remove the device. Please call 911 to file a report immediately," the alert states.

Adrienne Mayfield contributed to this report.

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