NWS: Rain and chance of snow in Williamsburg this weekend

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As forecasters predict a coast to coast winter storm, central and western Virginia could receive some snow, while the Williamsburg area should expect rain through the weekend.

National Weather Service at Wakefield medium range forecasts predict a brisk weekend with high temperatures in the high 30s or low 40s and low temperatures below freezing in Williamsburg, according to the forecasts.

Combined with a chance of precipitation higher than 50 percent, the National Weather Service calls for rain or snow across a broad swath of the south from Virginia to Arkansas and Florida.

“This is not really a freezing rain set up,” National Weather Service at Wakefield meteorologist-in-charge Jeff Orrock said in an email. “Best guess is a rain and snow mix with more rain at times and then maybe ending as snow sometime late Sunday into Monday.”

That could make any rainfall into a potential danger for motorists as roadways could freeze and create slick road conditions.

“(The) Williamsburg area will be tricky,” Orrock said. “Hopefully the picture becomes clearer later this week.”

Driving in poor weather conditions safety tips

  • Slow down, but don’t drive so slowly that you endanger other drivers.
  • If you feel your tires slipping, ease off the gas pedal but don’t hit the brakes. Sudden changes in momentum can make it more difficult for you to be able to stop the vehicle.
  • Pack a winter survival kit in your car — sand to put under your tires for extra grip, water and a snack, a cloth to dry foggy windows, a flashlight, jumper cables and a tow rope if you have one.
  • Wear warm clothes — you might be comfortable inside your car while it’s on, but if you crash you might not be able to rely on your car’s heater.

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