Football for furballs: Center Street Grill hosts Superbowl event to help Heritage Humane Society

Superbowl Sunday is this weekend which for many means football, friends and food; why not throw charity into the mix?

The Heritage Humane Society will hold its annual Superbowl Night at Center Street Grill from 5:30-10 p.m. Michael Joe, co-owner of Center Street Grill, said they’ve hosted the charity for three years.

“We are all pet lovers here and the Humane Society does good for pet owners and animals,” Joe said. “It also maybe gets people to do something good with their money during the Superbowl.”

Kimberly Laska, executive director of the Heritage Humane Society, said the money raised from this event will be put in the McDuff Fund, which was established to ensure the long-term security of the Humane Society.

“50 years from now, (if) the program is really struggling, (the McDuff Fund) could help the program run,” Laska said.

The night’s activities include games, a football pool, raffles and happy hour specials. All proceeds from raffle tickets and 20 percent of the money raised from the football pool will go to the McDuff Fund.

“It’s people coming together and wanting to make a long-term contribution to a group that makes an impact every day,” Laska said. “No matter who wins the Superbowl I think we all leave feeling like winners.”

Want to go?

The Superbowl Benefit Night will be from 5:30-10 p.m. at Center Street Grill, 5101 Center St.

For information about the Heritage Humane Society and future events, visit

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