Stylish and local: Three Sisters Boutique

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It’s 10:30 a.m. and Kelly Terracina is making sure her boutique on the corner of Prince George Street is ready to open. She points to the clothes hangers that have been evenly spaced by whomever was closing the store last night.

“We’re not like (big retailers) — if you look around everything is impeccable. We want every time you walk into the store for it to be an experience.”

Terracina is the owner and founder of Three Sisters Boutique in Merchants Square.

While Terracina has lived in Williamsburg for 15 years, she has only run the store two and a half years. Before opening her business, Terracina said she was a bank auditor.

“When I went to write my business plan, oh my gosh it was so much fun because I was doing it for myself — nobody else,” Terracina said.

Terracina said she opened the store because she found herself driving up to Richmond all the time to find stylish everyday wear.

“There were a few shops (in Williamsburg), but nothing just fit the bill,” Terracina said. So she decided to fill the hole in the market and open her own store. This decision was also partly inspired by her grandfather.

“My grandfather had a department store when I was growing up and I remember how fun it was, and he named it Wickers Department Store, that was my last maiden name,” Terracina said. “When I was trying to think of names I was thinking, you know, I would kind of like to keep it a family name, so we named it Three Sisters.”

Terracina named the Three Sisters Boutique after her three daughters: Marie, Abby and Anna. The boutique was started and is help run by her family, much like her grandfather’s department store.

“All the way from my husband, to my three daughters to my mother — even my sister,” Terracina said.

One of the things her daughters, ages 16, 20 and 21, help with is buying clothing on the market. Terracina said she likes to keep her store’s stock on trend, but not too trendy so that it can’t be worn next year.

“People are dressing down these days, they’re not dressing up like they used to,” Terracina said.

She said finds inspiration for what she stocks from traveling to places like Los Angeles, New York and France.

“It's everywhere, inspiration,” Terracina said. “I’ll see someone on the street like I was in Nashville and I said ‘Oh I like how that looks, let’s do that in our store.’”

This winter she said what has been the most popular with customers have been distressed jeans, platform sneakers, cardigans and wide legged pants.

One thing different than your average shop is Three Sisters Boutique does not have salespeople, it has stylists.

“To me that is a huge part of what we do,” Terracina said. “We want people to come in and get the full package. We don’t want them to just get a top, we want them to come in and get a top that maybe goes with that pair of jeans they have at home.”

Want to visit the boutique?

The boutique is at 525 Prince George St. and is open 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Saturday, and is closed on Sunday.

You can also shop online at

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