City to change payment system at Prince George Parking Garage Monday

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Drivers who park in the Prince George Parking Garage on North Henry Street will only need to use a pay station once each time they park beginning Monday.

Currently, drivers who use the pay stations have to enter their license plate information after parking, and are required to visit the station again before leaving to pay for their stay in the garage. City spokeswoman Lee Ann Hartmann said the decision to change the payment system was made after drivers who parked in the garage complained about the check-out process after the Scrumptious Festival in downtown Williamsburg.

“We fielded many justified complaints and it caused us to revisit our process,” Williamsburg IT Director Mark Barham said in a city news release.

Starting Monday, drivers can park, visit the pay station, enter their license plate number, enter how long they plan to stay in the garage, swipe their credit card and finally, check whether they want a text or email receipt.

Unlike the numbered parking lots scattered throughout downtown Williamsburg that are owned by Colonial Williamsburg, the three-level Prince George Parking Garage is owned and operated by the city.

Drivers who stay parked in the lot longer than they estimated will be mailed a bill for the balance by the city, according to the release. If a driver leaves the Prince George Parking Garage before their time is up, the money won’t be refunded. Those who park in the garage without checking in or without an online account may receive a warning citation on their car, the release states.

Those looking to avoid using the pay stations are encouraged to make an online NuPark account.

By creating a NuPark account through the city’s website, garage users can register their vehicles and link their account to a credit or debit card. After creating an account, drivers can pull into the garage, spend time downtown and leave, and the cost of their stay will be taken out of their credit or debit card automatically.

One thing that won’t change at the garage is the rate schedule. The first half hour is still free, and drivers will be charged $1 for each additional hour after that, at a maximum of $12 a day.

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