Williamsburg Christian Academy says goodbye to seniors at commencement


Students in caps and gowns walked down a red carpet toward the school stage for Williamsburg Christian Academy’s commencement ceremony Saturday.

While each student added their own flair getting to the stage, the destination was the same — graduation.

WCA’s Class of 2018 earned $1.7 million in scholarship offers.

“Class of 2018, you are all wonderful and I’ve loved being at WCA with you all,” said valedictorian Damiana Mathes, who attended the academy for 13 years.

“The quiet ones, the loud ones, the dancey ones, the studious ones, those who have been here for 10 years and those who have been here for 10 months. I wish you all the best through the rest of your lives.”

WCA teacher, Diana Lindsay, passed on a family tradition to the students of WCA. For three generations Lindsay’s family has passed down a stuffed doll that resembles an old man, Socrates, to whoever was going off to college next. Socrates has traveled from Oxford University to the College of William and Mary.

Lindsay gave Socrates to the graduates of WCA, since there were no longer any college heirs in her family to which to pass the doll.

“I only ask that you return here with him next year so that someone from the class of 2019 may have him for a year, and thus we start a new tradition at WCA and we send Socrates onto many new places,” Lindsay said.

A name was chosen out of a hat to determine Socrates’ first recipient. Amy McLean received the doll with a smile and a hug.

Before the ceremony ended, Lindsay gave the students with some parting advice.

“Never give up, work hard, be kind, brush your teeth, floss and wear sunscreen,” Lindsay said.

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Total enrollment: 170.

Class of 2018: 31.

Top honors: Valedictorian Damiana Mathes, salutatorian Robert Carter.

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