William and Mary's Board of Visitors raises in-state tuition

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Tuition will rise again for freshmen entering the College of William and Mary next fall.

Incoming in-state freshmen will pay $17,434 per year in tuition, up 6.5 percent from what current freshmen pay, according to a unanimous vote Friday by the college’s Board of Visitors.

Notifying the public of the decision now is meant to help families who may be considering the College of William and Mary.

“There are students and families making their decisions,” said Sam Jones, the college’s senior vice president for finance and administration.

In November 2016, the board increased tuition for in-state students by 4.4 percent. Originally, it considered a 7.5 percent increase but backed off amid pressure from the state.

The college’s students pay tuition under a program called the William and Mary Promise, which allows in-state students to pay the same amount for tuition each year during their time at the school.

The board instituted the program in 2013 to help combat budgetary issues created by tightened state funding.

Such an arrangement distinguishes William and Mary from other state institutions.

James Madison University, for example, is considering a $1,000 increase in tuition in each of the next two fiscal years. The increases are contingent upon state support. If state support drops, the tuition increases could be more than $1,000.

“Inflation could gallop ahead, and we’re locked in,” W&M Rector Todd Stottlemyer said.



At its April 2018 meeting, the board will set tuition and fees for out-of-state students, as well as graduate and professional students.

In-state tution

Freshmen: $17,434

Sophomores: $16,370

Juniors: 15,674

Seniors: 13,978

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