Young filmmakers exhibit at William & Mary festival

Young filmmakers responsible for nearly a score of films to be judged in a competition as part of the College of William & Mary's Global Film Festival strolled the red carpet at the Kimball Theatre on Merchant's Square Saturday.

The films tackled subject as diverse as guns in America and Williamsburg Farmer's Market fixture Amy's Organic Garden.

James Madison University Media Arts major Erin Rizzo knows that guns in America was a big topic to tackle in her 21-minute documentary, "Home On The Range."

"It all started in a the little town of McLean in Northern Virginia where a gun store opened right next to an elementary school. So it covers the local reaction to that and then expands to try to tell the broader issue in an  unbiased manner," she said after a screening Saturday. "It covers President Obama's executive orders and it ends with a call to action to tell your legislators to pass whatever laws you support, pro gun control or against it."

Rizzo said she became interested in documentaries after taking a class on them at JMU and that she's like to do more work in the field in the future.

Three local high school students found their inspiration a little closer to home.

How did they get interested in film making?

"Well, I bought a camera..well, actually my mom bought a camera and I started messing around with it," said Tim Felbinger, a 17-year-old student at Jamestown High School. "I got together with some friend and we decided to make films."

One of those friends, Michael Lemley, an 18-year-old who is home schooled said they found an interesting topic in Amy's Organic Garden, which has booth in Merchant's Square for the Farmer's Market nearly every week.

"We wanted to do a film about this, and we knew somebody who was doing it, " Felbinger said.

According to Catherine Korizno, one of the co-coordinators of the festival, the young filmmakers were competing in a juried competition, with two juries.

"There is a jury made up of our international filmmakers," she said. "And every audience member gets a ballot, so there will be an audience favorite as well."


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