Food for Thought goes Beyond the Burger

Vegans and vegetarians in the region can rejoice knowing there’s a burger option for you that isn’t just a reheated Boca burger on a piece of lettuce.

A local favorite, Food for Thought now serves the Beyond Burger, a plant-based patty that tastes and looks more like beef than other meat substitutes.

The restaurant serves up this burger on a kaiser roll with avocado, grilled mushrooms and your choice of vegan cheddar or vegan provolone cheese.

With a slightly smoky aftertaste and the pink interior, the patty feels more like a traditional beef burger, making it a good option for the recently converted omnivore. The avocado paired with the vegan cheese also gives an extra creaminess to the burger that normally comes from mayo.

With the combination of textures and attention to the flavor, you’ll walk away from this meal without feeling resentment towards the meat-eating members of your party for taking you to another restaurant that grills a carrot and calls it the vegetarian option.

The burger and fries will set you back $14.50, but it’s a great treat for when you’re craving a burger.

In addition to the Beyond Burger, Food for Thought also has other vegan and vegetarian options, such as eggplant parmigiana. It will even offer to bake you vegan bread instead of the normal cheddar roll and sweet potato bread they serve most guests.

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