Willamsburg women's march brings hundreds downtown

Hundreds gathered on Duke of Gloucester street Saturday in a demonstration against the newest president of the United States and his administration.

People young and old alike chanted about wanting equal treatment under the law for all people, against what they describe as incendiary rhetoric from Donald Trump, and more.

Sue Dickler said the march started off as a small operation. As it became more popular on Facebook, she and other organizers shifted gears.

"It was originally something we thought the women from our book club would do or something," she said. "Then suddenly, we were expecting hundreds."

Kayla Belillie and her husband moved to Williamsburg from Richmond recently. They wanted to go to the nation's capital Saturday, but their schedules did not allow.

"We weren't able to get up there," she said. " I went on Google and searched some sister marches around the area, and this one popped right up. What better time and place if I can't get to D.C.?"

Marching in Williamsburg, Belillie said, was every bit as powerful and symbolic as it would have been in D.C.

Protestors marched all the way down to the street and back. Some of them were responding to the first political cycle that they have ever participated in.

Students from the College of William and Mary came out to support the cause. They were joined by at least one professor.

"It's quite a turnout," said Dr. Anne Charity Hudley, a linguistics, English and education professor at the College of William and Mary. "Especially for them to have put this together in just a few days."

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