Fourth middle school discussion, budget talks fill JCC Board of Supervisors meeting

The Virginia Gazette

A potential fourth middle school weighed heavily during a public hearing hosted by the Board of Supervisors on pre-budget discussions.

Several speakers addressed the proposed fourth middle school and whether it would be the wisest choice for taxpayer dollars.

Stormwater management also was addressed by several speakers.

" This is a major expenditure we’re looking for or looking at, looking at the numbers, I hope we can have a better take on realistic enrollment numbers," Joe Swanenburg, who attended the budget hearing, said about the fourth middle school.

Two members of the Board of Supervisors, Kevin Onizuk and Sue Sadler have already called for a joint meeting with the School Board to discuss the middle school proposal.

The budget will be passed this spring. During the meeting, Supervisor John McGlennon asked if Cox Communications could attend a Board of Supervisors hearing, to discuss the recent digital box upgrade required for continued service. The issue has drawn a number of complaints from citizens.

" It would be helpful for us to talk to Cox about this additional expense, our authority or lack thereof in this area and where folks ought to direct their concern," McGlennon said.

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